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// Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "ppapi/c/ppb_audio_config.h"
#include "ppapi/c/pp_stdint.h"
#include "ppapi/cpp/resource.h"
/// @file
/// This file defines the interface for establishing an
/// audio configuration resource within the browser.
namespace pp {
class Instance;
/// A 16 bit stereo AudioConfig resource. Refer to the
/// <a href="/chrome/nativeclient/docs/audio.html">Pepper
/// Audio API Code Walkthrough</a> for information on using this interface.
/// A single sample frame on a stereo device means one value for the left
/// channel and one value for the right channel.
/// Buffer layout for a stereo int16 configuration:
/// <code>int16_t *buffer16;</code>
/// <code>buffer16[0]</code> is the first left channel sample.
/// <code>buffer16[1]</code> is the first right channel sample.
/// <code>buffer16[2]</code> is the second left channel sample.
/// <code>buffer16[3]</code> is the second right channel sample.
/// <code>...</code>
/// <code>buffer16[2 * (sample_frame_count - 1)]</code> is the last left
/// channel sample.
/// <code>buffer16[2 * (sample_frame_count - 1) + 1]</code> is the last right
/// channel sample.
/// Data will always be in the native endian format of the platform.
/// <strong>Example:</strong>
/// <code>
/// // Create an audio config with a supported frame count.
/// uint32_t sample_frame_count = AudioConfig::RecommendSampleFrameCount(
/// PP_AUDIOSAMPLERATE_44100, 4096);
/// AudioConfig config(PP_AUDIOSAMPLERATE_44100, sample_frame_count);
/// if (config.is_null())
/// return false; // Couldn't configure audio.
/// // Then use the config to create your audio resource.
/// Audio audio(instance, config, callback, user_data);
/// if (audio.is_null())
/// return false; // Couldn't create audio.
/// </code>
class AudioConfig : public Resource {
/// An empty constructor for an <code>AudioConfig</code> resource.
/// A constructor that creates an audio config based on the given sample rate
/// and frame count. If the rate and frame count aren't supported, the
/// resulting resource will be is_null(). You can pass the result of
/// RecommendSampleFrameCount() as the sample frame count.
/// @param[in] instance A pointer to an <code>Instance</code> identifying
/// one instance of a module.
/// @param[in] sample_rate A <code>PP_AudioSampleRate</code> which is either
/// <code>PP_AUDIOSAMPLERATE_44100</code> or
/// <code>PP_AUDIOSAMPLERATE_48000</code>.
/// @param[in] sample_frame_count A uint32_t frame count returned from the
/// <code>RecommendSampleFrameCount</code> function.
AudioConfig(Instance* instance,
PP_AudioSampleRate sample_rate,
uint32_t sample_frame_count);
/// RecommendSampleFrameCount() returns a supported frame count closest to
/// the requested count. The sample frame count determines the overall
/// latency of audio. Smaller frame counts will yield lower latency, but
/// higher CPU utilization. Supported sample frame counts will vary by
/// hardware and system (consider that the local system might be anywhere
/// from a cell phone or a high-end audio workstation). Sample counts less
/// than <code>PP_AUDIOMINSAMPLEFRAMECOUNT</code> and greater than
/// <code>PP_AUDIOMAXSAMPLEFRAMECOUNT</code> are never supported on any
/// system, but values in between aren't necessarily valid. This function
/// will return a supported count closest to the requested value for use in
/// the constructor.
/// @param[in] sample_rate A <code>PP_AudioSampleRate</code> which is either
/// <code>PP_AUDIOSAMPLERATE_44100</code> or
/// <code>PP_AUDIOSAMPLERATE_48000</code>.
/// @param[in] requested_sample_frame_count A uint_32t requested frame count.
/// @return A uint32_t containing the recommended sample frame count if
/// successful. If the sample frame count or bit rate is not supported,
/// this function will fail and return 0.
static uint32_t RecommendSampleFrameCount(
PP_AudioSampleRate sample_rate,
uint32_t requested_sample_frame_count);
/// Getter function for returning the internal
/// <code>PP_AudioSampleRate</code> enum.
/// @return The <code>PP_AudioSampleRate</code> enum.
PP_AudioSampleRate sample_rate() const { return sample_rate_; }
/// Getter function for returning the internal sample frame count.
/// @return A uint32_t containing the sample frame count.
uint32_t sample_frame_count() { return sample_frame_count_; }
PP_AudioSampleRate sample_rate_;
uint32_t sample_frame_count_;
} // namespace pp