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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
namespace mini_installer {
// A simple container of the mini_installer's configuration, as dictated by the
// command line used to invoke it.
class Configuration {
enum Operation {
// Initializes this instance on the basis of the process's command line.
bool Initialize();
// Returns the desired operation dictated by the command line options.
Operation operation() const { return operation_; }
// Returns the program portion of the command line, or NULL if it cannot be
// determined (e.g., by misuse).
const wchar_t* program() const;
// Returns the number of arguments specified on the command line, including
// the program itself.
int argument_count() const { return argument_count_; }
// Returns the original command line.
const wchar_t* command_line() const { return command_line_; }
// Returns the app guid to be used for Chrome. --chrome-sxs on the command
// line makes this the canary's app guid.
const wchar_t* chrome_app_guid() const { return chrome_app_guid_; }
// Returns true if --chrome is explicitly or implicitly on the command line.
bool has_chrome() const { return has_chrome_; }
// Returns true if --chrome-frame is on the command line.
bool has_chrome_frame() const { return has_chrome_frame_; }
// Returns true if --app-host is on the command line.
bool has_app_host() const { return has_app_host_; }
// Returns true if --multi-install is on the command line.
bool is_multi_install() const { return is_multi_install_; }
// Returns true if --system-level is on the command line.
bool is_system_level() const { return is_system_level_; }
// Returns true if --query-component-build is on the command line.
// This will cause mini_installer to exit and return 1 if this is
// a component install or 0 otherwise.
bool query_component_build() const { return query_component_build_; }
void Clear();
bool InitializeFromCommandLine(const wchar_t* command_line);
wchar_t** args_;
const wchar_t* chrome_app_guid_;
const wchar_t* command_line_;
int argument_count_;
Operation operation_;
bool has_chrome_;
bool has_chrome_frame_;
bool has_app_host_;
bool is_multi_install_;
bool is_system_level_;
bool query_component_build_;
Configuration(const Configuration&);
Configuration& operator=(const Configuration&);
} // namespace mini_installer