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// Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <jni.h>
#include "media/base/android/media_decoder_job.h"
namespace media {
class VideoCodecBridge;
// Class for managing video decoding jobs.
class VideoDecoderJob : public MediaDecoderJob {
// Create a new VideoDecoderJob instance.
// |request_data_cb| - Callback used to request more data for the decoder.
// |request_resources_cb| - Callback used to request resources.
// |on_demuxer_config_changed_cb| - Callback used to inform the caller that
// demuxer config has changed.
const base::Closure& request_data_cb,
const base::Closure& request_resources_cb,
const base::Closure& on_demuxer_config_changed_cb);
virtual ~VideoDecoderJob();
// Passes a java surface object to the codec. Returns true if the surface
// can be used by the decoder, or false otherwise.
bool SetVideoSurface(gfx::ScopedJavaSurface surface);
// MediaDecoderJob implementation.
virtual bool HasStream() const override;
virtual void Flush() override;
virtual void ReleaseDecoderResources() override;
virtual void SetDemuxerConfigs(const DemuxerConfigs& configs) override;
bool next_video_data_is_iframe() {
return next_video_data_is_iframe_;
int output_width() const { return output_width_; }
int output_height() const { return output_height_; }
// MediaDecoderJob implementation.
virtual void ReleaseOutputBuffer(
int output_buffer_index,
size_t size,
bool render_output,
base::TimeDelta current_presentation_timestamp,
const ReleaseOutputCompletionCallback& callback) override;
virtual bool ComputeTimeToRender() const override;
virtual bool IsCodecReconfigureNeeded(
const DemuxerConfigs& configs) const override;
virtual bool AreDemuxerConfigsChanged(
const DemuxerConfigs& configs) const override;
virtual bool CreateMediaCodecBridgeInternal() override;
virtual void CurrentDataConsumed(bool is_config_change) override;
virtual bool UpdateOutputFormat() override;
// Returns true if a protected surface is required for video playback.
bool IsProtectedSurfaceRequired();
// Video configs from the demuxer.
VideoCodec video_codec_;
int config_width_;
int config_height_;
// Video output format.
int output_width_;
int output_height_;
// The surface object currently owned by the player.
gfx::ScopedJavaSurface surface_;
// Callbacks to inform the caller about decoder resources change.
base::Closure request_resources_cb_;
base::Closure release_resources_cb_;
// Track whether the next access unit is an I-frame. The first access
// unit after Flush() and CurrentDataConsumed(true) is guaranteed to be an
// I-frame.
bool next_video_data_is_iframe_;
} // namespace media