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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "base/basictypes.h"
#include "base/time/time.h"
#include "media/base/channel_layout.h"
#include "media/base/media_export.h"
#include "media/base/sample_format.h"
namespace media {
enum AudioCodec {
// These values are histogrammed over time; do not change their ordinal
// values. When deleting a codec replace it with a dummy value; when adding a
// codec, do so at the bottom before kAudioCodecMax, and update the value of
// kAudioCodecMax to equal the new codec.
kUnknownAudioCodec = 0,
kCodecAAC = 1,
kCodecMP3 = 2,
kCodecPCM = 3,
kCodecVorbis = 4,
kCodecFLAC = 5,
kCodecAMR_NB = 6,
kCodecAMR_WB = 7,
kCodecPCM_MULAW = 8,
kCodecGSM_MS = 9,
kCodecPCM_S16BE = 10,
kCodecPCM_S24BE = 11,
kCodecOpus = 12,
// kCodecEAC3 = 13,
kCodecPCM_ALAW = 14,
// The only acceptable time to add a new codec is if there is production code
// that uses said codec in the same CL.
// Must always be equal to the largest entry ever logged.
kAudioCodecMax = kCodecPCM_ALAW,
// TODO(dalecurtis): FFmpeg API uses |bytes_per_channel| instead of
// |bits_per_channel|, we should switch over since bits are generally confusing
// to work with.
class MEDIA_EXPORT AudioDecoderConfig {
// Constructs an uninitialized object. Clients should call Initialize() with
// appropriate values before using.
// Constructs an initialized object. It is acceptable to pass in NULL for
// |extra_data|, otherwise the memory is copied.
AudioDecoderConfig(AudioCodec codec, SampleFormat sample_format,
ChannelLayout channel_layout, int samples_per_second,
const uint8* extra_data, size_t extra_data_size,
bool is_encrypted);
// Resets the internal state of this object. |codec_delay| is in frames.
void Initialize(AudioCodec codec, SampleFormat sample_format,
ChannelLayout channel_layout, int samples_per_second,
const uint8* extra_data, size_t extra_data_size,
bool is_encrypted, bool record_stats,
base::TimeDelta seek_preroll,
int codec_delay);
// Returns true if this object has appropriate configuration values, false
// otherwise.
bool IsValidConfig() const;
// Returns true if all fields in |config| match this config.
// Note: The contents of |extra_data_| are compared not the raw pointers.
bool Matches(const AudioDecoderConfig& config) const;
// Returns a human-readable string describing |*this|. For debugging & test
// output only.
std::string AsHumanReadableString() const;
std::string GetHumanReadableCodecName() const;
AudioCodec codec() const { return codec_; }
int bits_per_channel() const { return bytes_per_channel_ * 8; }
int bytes_per_channel() const { return bytes_per_channel_; }
ChannelLayout channel_layout() const { return channel_layout_; }
int samples_per_second() const { return samples_per_second_; }
SampleFormat sample_format() const { return sample_format_; }
int bytes_per_frame() const { return bytes_per_frame_; }
base::TimeDelta seek_preroll() const { return seek_preroll_; }
int codec_delay() const { return codec_delay_; }
// Optional byte data required to initialize audio decoders such as Vorbis
// codebooks.
const uint8* extra_data() const {
return extra_data_.empty() ? NULL : &extra_data_[0];
size_t extra_data_size() const { return extra_data_.size(); }
// Whether the audio stream is potentially encrypted.
// Note that in a potentially encrypted audio stream, individual buffers
// can be encrypted or not encrypted.
bool is_encrypted() const { return is_encrypted_; }
AudioCodec codec_;
SampleFormat sample_format_;
int bytes_per_channel_;
ChannelLayout channel_layout_;
int samples_per_second_;
int bytes_per_frame_;
std::vector<uint8> extra_data_;
bool is_encrypted_;
// |seek_preroll_| is the duration of the data that the decoder must decode
// before the decoded data is valid.
base::TimeDelta seek_preroll_;
// |codec_delay_| is the number of frames the decoder should discard before
// returning decoded data. This value can include both decoder delay as well
// as padding added during encoding.
int codec_delay_;
// Not using DISALLOW_COPY_AND_ASSIGN here intentionally to allow the compiler
// generated copy constructor and assignment operator. Since the extra data is
// typically small, the performance impact is minimal.
} // namespace media