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Name Strings
Last Modifed Date: February 16, 2016
OpenGL ES 2.0 is required.
Allows clients to set the value of a 4x4 uniform to the current texture
matrix of a stream texture.
Allows shader access to the texture matrix for the current front buffer
of a stream texture. Intended for use with Android SurfaceTexture, which
doesn't provide the value until the front buffer is latched.
New Procedures and Functions
The command
void UniformMatrix4fvStreamTextureMatrixCHROMIUM(
GLintUniformLocation location,
GLbooleanFalseOnly transpose,
const GLfloat* transform)
Updates a uniform to match the current stream texture's texture matrix
multiplied by transform. The stream texture must be bound to the
GL_TEXTURE_EXTERNAL_OES target on the active texture unit.
If the bound texture is not a stream texture, then the identity matrix is
used instead.
<location> Specifies the 4x4f uniform location to be modified.
<transpose> Specifies whether the matrix should be transposed.
<transform> Provides an additional transform matrix that is applied
prior to the the stream texture transformation matrix.
New State
Revision History
02/16/2016 Documented the extension
03/21/2016 Amended the interpretation of the matrix argument.