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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <utility>
#include <vector>
#include "base/files/scoped_temp_dir.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/memory/ref_counted.h"
#include "build/build_config.h"
#include "chrome/browser/profiles/profile.h"
#include "components/domain_reliability/clear_mode.h"
#include "components/keyed_service/content/browser_context_keyed_service_factory.h"
#include "extensions/features/features.h"
class BrowserContextDependencyManager;
class ExtensionSpecialStoragePolicy;
class HostContentSettingsMap;
namespace content {
class MockResourceContext;
class SSLHostStateDelegate;
class ZoomLevelDelegate;
namespace net {
class CookieStore;
class URLRequestContextGetter;
namespace policy {
class PolicyService;
class ProfilePolicyConnector;
class SchemaRegistryService;
namespace storage {
class SpecialStoragePolicy;
namespace sync_preferences {
class PrefServiceSyncable;
class TestingPrefServiceSyncable;
class TestingProfile : public Profile {
// Profile directory name for the test user. This is "Default" on most
// platforms but must be different on ChromeOS because a logged-in user cannot
// use "Default" as profile directory.
// Browser- and UI tests should always use this to get to the user's profile
// directory. Unit-tests, though, should use |kInitialProfile|, which is
// always "Default", because they are runnining without logged-in user.
static const char kTestUserProfileDir[];
// Default constructor that cannot be used with multi-profiles.
typedef std::vector<std::pair<
BrowserContextKeyedServiceFactory::TestingFactoryFunction> >
// Helper class for building an instance of TestingProfile (allows injecting
// mocks for various services prior to profile initialization).
// TODO(atwilson): Remove non-default constructors and various setters in
// favor of using the Builder API.
class Builder {
// Sets a Delegate to be called back during profile init. This causes the
// final initialization to be performed via a task so the caller must run
// a MessageLoop. Caller maintains ownership of the Delegate
// and must manage its lifetime so it continues to exist until profile
// initialization is complete.
void SetDelegate(Delegate* delegate);
// Adds a testing factory to the TestingProfile. These testing factories
// are applied before the ProfileKeyedServices are created.
void AddTestingFactory(
BrowserContextKeyedServiceFactory* service_factory,
BrowserContextKeyedServiceFactory::TestingFactoryFunction callback);
// Sets the ExtensionSpecialStoragePolicy to be returned by
// GetExtensionSpecialStoragePolicy().
void SetExtensionSpecialStoragePolicy(
scoped_refptr<ExtensionSpecialStoragePolicy> policy);
// Sets the path to the directory to be used to hold profile data.
void SetPath(const base::FilePath& path);
// Sets the PrefService to be used by this profile.
void SetPrefService(
std::unique_ptr<sync_preferences::PrefServiceSyncable> prefs);
// Makes the Profile being built a guest profile.
void SetGuestSession();
// Sets the supervised user ID (which is empty by default). If it is set to
// a non-empty string, the profile is supervised.
void SetSupervisedUserId(const std::string& supervised_user_id);
// Sets the PolicyService to be used by this profile.
void SetPolicyService(
std::unique_ptr<policy::PolicyService> policy_service);
// Sets the UserProfileName to be used by this profile.
void SetProfileName(const std::string& profile_name);
// Creates the TestingProfile using previously-set settings.
std::unique_ptr<TestingProfile> Build();
// Build an incognito profile, owned by |original_profile|. Note: unless you
// need to customize the Builder, or access TestingProfile member functions,
// you can use original_profile->GetOffTheRecordProfile().
TestingProfile* BuildIncognito(TestingProfile* original_profile);
// If true, Build() has already been called.
bool build_called_;
// Various staging variables where values are held until Build() is invoked.
std::unique_ptr<sync_preferences::PrefServiceSyncable> pref_service_;
scoped_refptr<ExtensionSpecialStoragePolicy> extension_policy_;
base::FilePath path_;
Delegate* delegate_;
bool guest_session_;
std::string supervised_user_id_;
std::unique_ptr<policy::PolicyService> policy_service_;
TestingFactories testing_factories_;
std::string profile_name_;
// Multi-profile aware constructor that takes the path to a directory managed
// for this profile. This constructor is meant to be used by
// TestingProfileManager::CreateTestingProfile. If you need to create multi-
// profile profiles, use that factory method instead of this directly.
// Exception: if you need to create multi-profile profiles for testing the
// ProfileManager, then use the constructor below instead.
explicit TestingProfile(const base::FilePath& path);
// Multi-profile aware constructor that takes the path to a directory managed
// for this profile and a delegate. This constructor is meant to be used
// for unittesting the ProfileManager.
TestingProfile(const base::FilePath& path, Delegate* delegate);
// Full constructor allowing the setting of all possible instance data.
// Callers should use Builder::Build() instead of invoking this constructor.
TestingProfile(const base::FilePath& path,
Delegate* delegate,
scoped_refptr<ExtensionSpecialStoragePolicy> extension_policy,
std::unique_ptr<sync_preferences::PrefServiceSyncable> prefs,
TestingProfile* parent,
bool guest_session,
const std::string& supervised_user_id,
std::unique_ptr<policy::PolicyService> policy_service,
const TestingFactories& factories,
const std::string& profile_name);
~TestingProfile() override;
// Creates the favicon service. Consequent calls would recreate the service.
void CreateFaviconService();
// Creates the history service. If |delete_file| is true, the history file is
// deleted first, then the HistoryService is created. As TestingProfile
// deletes the directory containing the files used by HistoryService, this
// only matters if you're recreating the HistoryService. If |no_db| is true,
// the history backend will fail to initialize its database; this is useful
// for testing error conditions. Returns true on success.
bool CreateHistoryService(bool delete_file, bool no_db) WARN_UNUSED_RESULT;
// Shuts down and nulls out the reference to HistoryService.
void DestroyHistoryService();
// Creates the BookmarkBarModel. If not invoked the bookmark bar model is
// NULL. If |delete_file| is true, the bookmarks file is deleted first, then
// the model is created. As TestingProfile deletes the directory containing
// the files used by HistoryService, the boolean only matters if you're
// recreating the BookmarkModel.
// NOTE: this does not block until the bookmarks are loaded. For that use
// WaitForBookmarkModelToLoad().
void CreateBookmarkModel(bool delete_file);
// Creates a WebDataService. If not invoked, the web data service is NULL.
void CreateWebDataService();
// Blocks until the HistoryService finishes restoring its in-memory cache.
// This is NOT invoked from CreateHistoryService.
void BlockUntilHistoryIndexIsRefreshed();
// Allow setting a profile as Guest after-the-fact to simplify some tests.
void SetGuestSession(bool guest);
sync_preferences::TestingPrefServiceSyncable* GetTestingPrefService();
// Called on the parent of an incognito |profile|. Usually called from the
// constructor of an incognito TestingProfile, but can also be used by tests
// to provide an OffTheRecordProfileImpl instance.
void SetOffTheRecordProfile(std::unique_ptr<Profile> profile);
void SetSupervisedUserId(const std::string& id);
// content::BrowserContext
base::FilePath GetPath() const override;
std::unique_ptr<content::ZoomLevelDelegate> CreateZoomLevelDelegate(
const base::FilePath& partition_path) override;
scoped_refptr<base::SequencedTaskRunner> GetIOTaskRunner() override;
bool IsOffTheRecord() const override;
content::DownloadManagerDelegate* GetDownloadManagerDelegate() override;
content::ResourceContext* GetResourceContext() override;
content::BrowserPluginGuestManager* GetGuestManager() override;
storage::SpecialStoragePolicy* GetSpecialStoragePolicy() override;
content::PushMessagingService* GetPushMessagingService() override;
content::SSLHostStateDelegate* GetSSLHostStateDelegate() override;
content::PermissionManager* GetPermissionManager() override;
content::BackgroundSyncController* GetBackgroundSyncController() override;
net::URLRequestContextGetter* CreateRequestContext(
content::ProtocolHandlerMap* protocol_handlers,
content::URLRequestInterceptorScopedVector request_interceptors) override;
net::URLRequestContextGetter* CreateRequestContextForStoragePartition(
const base::FilePath& partition_path,
bool in_memory,
content::ProtocolHandlerMap* protocol_handlers,
content::URLRequestInterceptorScopedVector request_interceptors) override;
net::URLRequestContextGetter* CreateMediaRequestContext() override;
net::URLRequestContextGetter* CreateMediaRequestContextForStoragePartition(
const base::FilePath& partition_path,
bool in_memory) override;
TestingProfile* AsTestingProfile() override;
// Profile
std::string GetProfileUserName() const override;
ProfileType GetProfileType() const override;
// DEPRECATED, because it's fragile to change a profile from non-incognito
// to incognito after the ProfileKeyedServices have been created (some
// ProfileKeyedServices either should not exist in incognito mode, or will
// crash when they try to get references to other services they depend on,
// but do not exist in incognito mode).
// TODO(atwilson): Remove this API (
// Changes a profile's to/from incognito mode temporarily - profile will be
// returned to non-incognito before destruction to allow services to
// properly shutdown. This is only supported for legacy tests - new tests
// should create a true incognito profile using Builder::SetIncognito() or
// by using the TestingProfile constructor that allows setting the incognito
// flag.
void ForceIncognito(bool force_incognito) {
force_incognito_ = force_incognito;
Profile* GetOffTheRecordProfile() override;
void DestroyOffTheRecordProfile() override {}
bool HasOffTheRecordProfile() override;
Profile* GetOriginalProfile() override;
bool IsSupervised() const override;
bool IsChild() const override;
bool IsLegacySupervised() const override;
void SetExtensionSpecialStoragePolicy(
ExtensionSpecialStoragePolicy* extension_special_storage_policy);
ExtensionSpecialStoragePolicy* GetExtensionSpecialStoragePolicy() override;
// TODO(ajwong): Remove this API in favor of directly retrieving the
// CookieStore from the StoragePartition after ExtensionURLRequestContext
// has been removed.
net::CookieStore* GetCookieStore();
PrefService* GetPrefs() override;
const PrefService* GetPrefs() const override;
ChromeZoomLevelPrefs* GetZoomLevelPrefs() override;
net::URLRequestContextGetter* GetRequestContext() override;
net::URLRequestContextGetter* GetRequestContextForExtensions() override;
net::SSLConfigService* GetSSLConfigService() override;
void set_last_session_exited_cleanly(bool value) {
last_session_exited_cleanly_ = value;
bool IsSameProfile(Profile* profile) override;
base::Time GetStartTime() const override;
base::FilePath last_selected_directory() override;
void set_last_selected_directory(const base::FilePath& path) override;
bool WasCreatedByVersionOrLater(const std::string& version) override;
bool IsGuestSession() const override;
void SetExitType(ExitType exit_type) override {}
ExitType GetLastSessionExitType() override;
#if defined(OS_CHROMEOS)
void ChangeAppLocale(const std::string&, AppLocaleChangedVia) override {}
void OnLogin() override {}
void InitChromeOSPreferences() override {}
#endif // defined(OS_CHROMEOS)
PrefProxyConfigTracker* GetProxyConfigTracker() override;
// Schedules a task on the history backend and runs a nested loop until the
// task is processed. This has the effect of blocking the caller until the
// history service processes all pending requests.
void BlockUntilHistoryProcessesPendingRequests();
chrome_browser_net::Predictor* GetNetworkPredictor() override;
DevToolsNetworkControllerHandle* GetDevToolsNetworkControllerHandle()
void ClearNetworkingHistorySince(base::Time time,
const base::Closure& completion) override;
GURL GetHomePage() override;
PrefService* GetOffTheRecordPrefs() override;
void set_profile_name(const std::string& profile_name) {
profile_name_ = profile_name;
// We use a temporary directory to store testing profile data. This
// must be declared before anything that may make use of the
// directory so as to ensure files are closed before cleanup. In a
// multi-profile environment, this is invalid and the directory is
// managed by the TestingProfileManager.
base::ScopedTempDir temp_dir_;
base::Time start_time_;
std::unique_ptr<sync_preferences::PrefServiceSyncable> prefs_;
// ref only for right type, lifecycle is managed by prefs_
sync_preferences::TestingPrefServiceSyncable* testing_prefs_;
// Creates a temporary directory for use by this profile.
void CreateTempProfileDir();
// Common initialization between the two constructors.
void Init();
// Finishes initialization when a profile is created asynchronously.
void FinishInit();
// Creates a TestingPrefService and associates it with the TestingProfile.
void CreateTestingPrefService();
// Creates a pref service that uses SupervisedUserPrefStore and associates
// it with the TestingProfile.
void CreatePrefServiceForSupervisedUser();
// Initializes |prefs_| for an incognito profile, derived from
// |original_profile_|.
void CreateIncognitoPrefService();
// Creates a ProfilePolicyConnector that the ProfilePolicyConnectorFactory
// maps to this profile.
void CreateProfilePolicyConnector();
// Internally, this is a TestURLRequestContextGetter that creates a dummy
// request context. Currently, only the CookieMonster is hooked up.
scoped_refptr<net::URLRequestContextGetter> extensions_request_context_;
bool force_incognito_;
std::unique_ptr<Profile> incognito_profile_;
TestingProfile* original_profile_;
bool guest_session_;
std::string supervised_user_id_;
// Did the last session exit cleanly? Default is true.
bool last_session_exited_cleanly_;
scoped_refptr<HostContentSettingsMap> host_content_settings_map_;
base::FilePath last_selected_directory_;
// The proxy prefs tracker.
std::unique_ptr<PrefProxyConfigTracker> pref_proxy_config_tracker_;
// The path to this profile. This will be valid in either of the two above
// cases.
base::FilePath profile_path_;
base::FilePath extensions_path_;
// We keep a weak pointer to the dependency manager we want to notify on our
// death. Defaults to the Singleton implementation but overridable for
// testing.
BrowserContextDependencyManager* browser_context_dependency_manager_;
// Owned, but must be deleted on the IO thread so not placing in a
// std::unique_ptr<>.
content::MockResourceContext* resource_context_;
std::unique_ptr<policy::SchemaRegistryService> schema_registry_service_;
std::unique_ptr<policy::ProfilePolicyConnector> profile_policy_connector_;
// Weak pointer to a delegate for indicating that a profile was created.
Delegate* delegate_;
std::string profile_name_;
std::unique_ptr<policy::PolicyService> policy_service_;