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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "base/basictypes.h"
#include "storage/browser/storage_browser_export.h"
// TODO(kinuko): Split this file into per-observer multiple files.
namespace storage {
class FileSystemURL;
// An abstract interface to observe update operations.
// OnStartUpdate and OnEndUpdate are called once for each target url
// before and after following operations regardless of whether the operation
// is made recursively or not (i.e. StartUpdate() will be called only once
// for destination url regardless of whether it is recursive copy or not):
// CreateFile(), CreateDirectory(),
// Copy() (destination only),
// Move() (both for source and destination),
// Remove(), Write(), Truncate(), TouchFile()
// OnUpdate() is called each time the |url| is updated but works only for
// sandboxed files (where usage is tracked).
class STORAGE_EXPORT FileUpdateObserver {
FileUpdateObserver() {}
virtual ~FileUpdateObserver() {}
virtual void OnStartUpdate(const FileSystemURL& url) = 0;
virtual void OnUpdate(const FileSystemURL& url, int64 delta) = 0;
virtual void OnEndUpdate(const FileSystemURL& url) = 0;
// An abstract interface to observe file access.
// OnAccess is called whenever an operation reads file contents or metadata.
// (It is called only once per operation regardless of whether the operation
// is recursive or not)
class STORAGE_EXPORT FileAccessObserver {
FileAccessObserver() {}
virtual ~FileAccessObserver() {}
virtual void OnAccess(const FileSystemURL& url) = 0;
// An abstract interface to observe file changes.
// Each method of this class is called once per file/directory is created,
// removed or modified. For recursive operations each method is called for
// each subdirectory/subfile. Currently ChangeObserver is only supported
// by the local sandbox file system.
class STORAGE_EXPORT FileChangeObserver {
FileChangeObserver() {}
virtual ~FileChangeObserver() {}
virtual void OnCreateFile(const FileSystemURL& url) = 0;
virtual void OnCreateFileFrom(const FileSystemURL& url,
const FileSystemURL& src) = 0;
virtual void OnRemoveFile(const FileSystemURL& url) = 0;
virtual void OnModifyFile(const FileSystemURL& url) = 0;
virtual void OnCreateDirectory(const FileSystemURL& url) = 0;
virtual void OnRemoveDirectory(const FileSystemURL& url) = 0;
} // namespace storage