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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/memory/singleton.h"
#include "url/gurl.h"
// A signleton that provides all the URLs that are used for connecting to GAIA.
class GaiaUrls {
static GaiaUrls* GetInstance();
// The URLs for different calls in the Google Accounts programmatic login API.
const GURL& google_url() const;
const GURL& gaia_url() const;
const GURL& captcha_base_url() const;
const GURL& client_login_url() const;
const GURL& service_login_url() const;
const GURL& embedded_setup_chromeos_url(unsigned version) const;
const GURL& embedded_setup_windows_url() const;
const GURL& signin_chrome_sync_dice() const;
const GURL& service_login_auth_url() const;
const GURL& service_logout_url() const;
const GURL& get_user_info_url() const;
const GURL& token_auth_url() const;
const GURL& merge_session_url() const;
const GURL& get_oauth_token_url() const;
const GURL& oauth_get_access_token_url() const;
const GURL& oauth_multilogin_url() const;
const GURL& oauth_wrap_bridge_url() const;
const GURL& oauth_user_info_url() const;
const GURL& oauth_revoke_token_url() const;
const GURL& oauth1_login_url() const;
const GURL& embedded_signin_url() const;
const GURL& add_account_url() const;
const std::string& oauth2_chrome_client_id() const;
const std::string& oauth2_chrome_client_secret() const;
const GURL& oauth2_auth_url() const;
const GURL& oauth2_token_url() const;
const GURL& oauth2_issue_token_url() const;
const GURL& oauth2_token_info_url() const;
const GURL& oauth2_revoke_url() const;
const GURL& gaia_login_form_realm() const;
GURL ListAccountsURLWithSource(const std::string& source);
GURL LogOutURLWithSource(const std::string& source);
GURL GetCheckConnectionInfoURLWithSource(const std::string& source);
// Continue URL used to signal the completion of the signin flow.
GURL signin_completed_continue_url() const;
friend struct base::DefaultSingletonTraits<GaiaUrls>;
GURL google_url_;
GURL gaia_url_;
GURL captcha_base_url_;
GURL client_login_url_;
GURL service_login_url_;
GURL embedded_setup_chromeos_url_v1_;
GURL embedded_setup_chromeos_url_v2_;
GURL embedded_setup_windows_url_;
GURL signin_chrome_sync_dice_;
GURL service_login_auth_url_;
GURL service_logout_url_;
GURL get_user_info_url_;
GURL token_auth_url_;
GURL merge_session_url_;
GURL get_oauth_token_url_;
GURL oauth_get_access_token_url_;
GURL oauth_wrap_bridge_url_;
GURL oauth_multilogin_url_;
GURL oauth_user_info_url_;
GURL oauth_revoke_token_url_;
GURL oauth1_login_url_;
GURL list_accounts_url_;
GURL embedded_signin_url_;
GURL add_account_url_;
GURL get_check_connection_info_url_;
std::string oauth2_chrome_client_id_;
std::string oauth2_chrome_client_secret_;
GURL oauth2_auth_url_;
GURL oauth2_token_url_;
GURL oauth2_issue_token_url_;
GURL oauth2_token_info_url_;
GURL oauth2_revoke_url_;
GURL gaia_login_form_realm_;