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// Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stdint.h>
#include "ppapi/c/pp_bool.h"
#include "ppapi/c/pp_instance.h"
#include "ppapi/c/pp_point.h"
#include "ppapi/c/pp_rect.h"
#include "ppapi/c/pp_resource.h"
#include "ppapi/c/pp_var.h"
#include "ppapi/c/private/pp_private_font_charset.h"
typedef enum {
} PP_PDFFeature;
struct PP_PrivateFontFileDescription {
const char* face;
uint32_t weight;
bool italic;
struct PP_PrivateFindResult {
int start_index;
int length;
struct PP_PrivateAccessibilityViewportInfo {
double zoom;
struct PP_Point scroll;
struct PP_Point offset;
uint32_t selection_start_page_index;
uint32_t selection_start_char_index;
uint32_t selection_end_page_index;
uint32_t selection_end_char_index;
struct PP_PrivateAccessibilityDocInfo {
uint32_t page_count;
PP_Bool text_accessible;
PP_Bool text_copyable;
typedef enum {
} PP_PrivateDirection;
struct PP_PrivateAccessibilityPageInfo {
uint32_t page_index;
struct PP_Rect bounds;
uint32_t text_run_count;
uint32_t char_count;
struct PP_PrivateAccessibilityTextRunInfo {
uint32_t len;
double font_size;
struct PP_FloatRect bounds;
PP_PrivateDirection direction;
struct PP_PrivateAccessibilityCharInfo {
uint32_t unicode_character;
double char_width;
struct PPB_PDF {
// Returns a resource identifying a font file corresponding to the given font
// request after applying the browser-specific fallback.
// Currently Linux-only.
PP_Resource (*GetFontFileWithFallback)(
PP_Instance instance,
const struct PP_BrowserFont_Trusted_Description* description,
PP_PrivateFontCharset charset);
// Given a resource previously returned by GetFontFileWithFallback, returns
// a pointer to the requested font table. Linux only.
bool (*GetFontTableForPrivateFontFile)(PP_Resource font_file,
uint32_t table,
void* output,
uint32_t* output_length);
// Search the given string using ICU. Use PPB_Core's MemFree on results when
// done.
void (*SearchString)(PP_Instance instance,
const unsigned short* string,
const unsigned short* term,
bool case_sensitive,
struct PP_PrivateFindResult** results,
uint32_t* count);
// Since WebFrame doesn't know about PPAPI requests, it'll think the page has
// finished loading even if there are outstanding requests by the plugin.
// Take this out once WebFrame knows about requests by PPAPI plugins.
void (*DidStartLoading)(PP_Instance instance);
void (*DidStopLoading)(PP_Instance instance);
// Sets content restriction for a full-page plugin (i.e. can't copy/print).
// The value is a bitfield of ContentRestriction enums.
void (*SetContentRestriction)(PP_Instance instance, int restrictions);
// Notifies the browser that the given action has been performed.
void (*UserMetricsRecordAction)(PP_Instance instance, struct PP_Var action);
// Notifies the browser that the PDF has an unsupported feature.
void (*HasUnsupportedFeature)(PP_Instance instance);
// Invoke SaveAs... dialog, similar to the right-click or wrench menu.
void (*SaveAs)(PP_Instance instance);
// Invoke Print dialog for plugin.
void (*Print)(PP_Instance instance);
PP_Bool(*IsFeatureEnabled)(PP_Instance instance, PP_PDFFeature feature);
// Sets the selected text of the plugin.
void(*SetSelectedText)(PP_Instance instance, const char* selected_text);
// Sets the link currently under the cursor.
void (*SetLinkUnderCursor)(PP_Instance instance, const char* url);
// Gets pointers to both the mmap'd V8 snapshot files and their sizes.
// This is needed when loading V8's initial snapshot from external files.
void (*GetV8ExternalSnapshotData)(PP_Instance instance,
const char** natives_data_out,
int* natives_size_out,
const char** snapshot_data_out,
int* snapshot_size_out);
// Sends information about the viewport to the renderer for accessibility
// support.
void (*SetAccessibilityViewportInfo)(
PP_Instance instance,
struct PP_PrivateAccessibilityViewportInfo* viewport_info);
// Sends information about the PDF document to the renderer for accessibility
// support.
void (*SetAccessibilityDocInfo)(
PP_Instance instance,
struct PP_PrivateAccessibilityDocInfo* doc_info);
// Sends information about one page in a PDF document to the renderer for
// accessibility support.
void (*SetAccessibilityPageInfo)(
PP_Instance instance,
struct PP_PrivateAccessibilityPageInfo* page_info,
struct PP_PrivateAccessibilityTextRunInfo text_runs[],
struct PP_PrivateAccessibilityCharInfo chars[]);
// Sends information about the PDF's URL and the embedder's URL.
void (*SetCrashData)(PP_Instance instance,
const char* pdf_url,
const char* top_level_url);
// Sets the current selection bounding edges.
void (*SelectionChanged)(PP_Instance instance,
const struct PP_FloatPoint* left,
int32_t left_height,
const struct PP_FloatPoint* right,
int32_t right_height);
// Displays an alert dialog.
void (*ShowAlertDialog)(PP_Instance instance, const char* message);
// Displays a confirmation dialog. This method is synchronous.
bool (*ShowConfirmDialog)(PP_Instance instance, const char* message);
// Displays a prompt dialog. This method is synchronous.
struct PP_Var (*ShowPromptDialog)(PP_Instance instance,
const char* message,
const char* default_answer);