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// Copyright 2019 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
module video_capture.mojom;
import "media/capture/mojom/image_capture.mojom";
import "media/capture/mojom/video_capture_types.mojom";
import "services/video_capture/public/mojom/receiver.mojom";
enum CreatePushSubscriptionResultCode {
// In a PushVideoStreamSubscription, the provider pushes frames to the
// subscriber at a rate determined by the provider. Using this interface, the
// subscriber can make adjustments/modification to the subscription.
interface PushVideoStreamSubscription {
// For newly created subscriptions, the provider waits for this activation
// call before starting to push frames to |subscriber|. This allows the
// creator of the subscription to close or discard it before any frames are
// pushed to |subscriber| in case the obtained settings are unacceptable.
// When suspended, the subscriber will no longer receive any calls to
// OnFrameReadyInBuffer() and OnFrameDropped(), but will still receive any
// other calls, e.g. OnNewBuffer() and OnBufferRetired().
// Callers may wait for the empty callback event to get notified when it is
// guaranteed that no more frames will be pushed.
Suspend() => ();
=> (media.mojom.PhotoState? capabilities);
// Sets controls such as focus/zoom/white balance etc.
// Note, depending on the implementation, some of these settings may or may
// not affect the live video stream while others may only take effect during
// TakePhoto().
// Note, these settings affect the device globally, i.e. they may affect
// other subscribers if there are any.
SetPhotoOptions(media.mojom.PhotoSettings settings)
=> (bool success);
=> (media.mojom.Blob? blob);
// Closes the subscription. The callback indicates when the closing is
// complete. After closing is complete, the subscriber will no longer receive
// any calls from the subscription.
// Note, that creating a new subscription for the same video source before
// waiting for closing of existing subscriptions to complete may lead to the
// source still being considered in-use. When that happens, any new settings
// requested for the new subscription will be ignored unless
// |force_reopen_with_new_settings| is set to true.
Close() => ();
// Provides shared access to a specific video source to potentially multiple
// subscribers.
interface VideoSource {
// Creates a subscription to the video source that will push video frames to
// |subscriber| once it is activated. If this is the first subscriber, or if
// |force_reopen_with_new_settings| is set to true, the service will attempt
// to open the source such that it delivers frame in a format close to
// |requested_settings|, but it does not give any guarantee that
// |requested_settings| will actually be matched. The actual format of each
// frame being delivered to |subscriber| is specified in the parameter
// |frame_info| for each invocation of method OnFrameReadyInBuffer(). The
// service does not guarantee that this format stays the same throughout the
// lifetime of a subscription.
// If the VideoSource is already in use by other subscribers and
// |force_reopen_with_new_settings| is set to false, the underlying video
// source will not be reopened, and |settings_source_was_opened_with| will
// indicate what settings were requested by the subscriber that last caused
// the underlying source to be opened or reopened.
// If |force_reopen_with_new_settings| is set to true and |requested_settings|
// is different from the settings that have been used to open the source, the
// source will be reopened trying to match |requested_settings|. This will
// potentially briefly interrupt the video stream received by other
// subscribers.
CreatePushSubscription(Receiver subscriber,
media.mojom.VideoCaptureParams requested_settings,
bool force_reopen_with_new_settings,
PushVideoStreamSubscription& subscription)
=> (CreatePushSubscriptionResultCode result_code,
media.mojom.VideoCaptureParams settings_source_was_opened_with);