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// Copyright (c) 2010 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#pragma once
#include <string>
#include "base/ref_counted.h"
#include "views/focus/focus_manager.h"
#include "views/focus/focus_search.h"
#include "views/view.h"
#if defined(OS_LINUX)
typedef struct _GdkEventExpose GdkEventExpose;
namespace views {
class PaintTask;
class Widget;
// RootView class
// The RootView is the root of a View hierarchy. A RootView is always the
// first and only child of a Widget.
// The RootView manages the View hierarchy's interface with the Widget
// and also maintains the current invalid rect - the region that needs
// repainting.
class RootView : public View,
public FocusTraversable {
static const char kViewClassName[];
explicit RootView(Widget* widget);
virtual ~RootView();
// Sets the "contents view" of the RootView. This is the single child view
// that is responsible for laying out the contents of the widget.
void SetContentsView(View* contents_view);
// Layout and Painting functions
// Overridden from View to implement paint scheduling.
virtual void SchedulePaint(const gfx::Rect& r, bool urgent);
// Convenience to schedule the whole view
virtual void SchedulePaint();
// Paint this RootView and its child Views.
virtual void ProcessPaint(gfx::Canvas* canvas);
// If the invalid rect is non-empty and there is a pending paint the RootView
// is painted immediately. This is internally invoked as the result of
// invoking SchedulePaint.
virtual void PaintNow();
// Whether or not this View needs repainting. If |urgent| is true, this method
// returns whether this root view needs to paint as soon as possible.
virtual bool NeedsPainting(bool urgent);
// Invoked by the Widget to discover what rectangle should be painted.
const gfx::Rect& GetScheduledPaintRect();
// Returns the region scheduled to paint clipped to the RootViews bounds.
gfx::Rect GetScheduledPaintRectConstrainedToSize();
// Tree functions
// Get the Widget that hosts this View.
virtual Widget* GetWidget() const;
// Public API for broadcasting theme change notifications to this View
// hierarchy.
void NotifyThemeChanged();
// Public API for broadcasting locale change notifications to this View
// hierarchy.
void NotifyLocaleChanged();
// The following event methods are overridden to propagate event to the
// control tree
virtual bool OnMousePressed(const MouseEvent& e);
virtual bool OnMouseDragged(const MouseEvent& e);
virtual void OnMouseReleased(const MouseEvent& e, bool canceled);
virtual void OnMouseMoved(const MouseEvent& e);
virtual void SetMouseHandler(View* new_mouse_handler);
// Invoked By the Widget if the mouse drag is interrupted by
// the system. Invokes OnMouseReleased with a value of true for canceled.
void ProcessMouseDragCanceled();
// Invoked by the Widget instance when the mouse moves outside of the Widget
// bounds.
virtual void ProcessOnMouseExited();
// Make the provided view focused. Also make sure that our Widget is focused.
void FocusView(View* view);
// Returns the View in this RootView hierarchy that has the focus, or NULL if
// no View currently has the focus.
View* GetFocusedView();
// Process a key event. Send the event to the focused view and up the focus
// path, and finally to the default keyboard handler, until someone consumes
// it. Returns whether anyone consumed the event.
bool ProcessKeyEvent(const KeyEvent& event);
// Set the default keyboard handler. The default keyboard handler is
// a view that will get an opportunity to process key events when all
// views in the focus path did not process an event.
// Note: this is a single view at this point. We may want to make
// this a list if needed.
void SetDefaultKeyboardHandler(View* v);
// Set whether this root view should focus the corresponding hwnd
// when an unprocessed mouse event occurs.
void SetFocusOnMousePressed(bool f);
// Process a mousewheel event. Return true if the event was processed
// and false otherwise.
// MouseWheel events are sent on the focus path.
virtual bool ProcessMouseWheelEvent(const MouseWheelEvent& e);
// Overridden to handle special root view case.
virtual bool IsVisibleInRootView() const;
// FocusTraversable implementation.
virtual FocusSearch* GetFocusSearch();
virtual FocusTraversable* GetFocusTraversableParent();
virtual View* GetFocusTraversableParentView();
// Used to set the FocusTraversable parent after the view has been created
// (typically when the hierarchy changes and this RootView is added/removed).
virtual void SetFocusTraversableParent(FocusTraversable* focus_traversable);
// Used to set the View parent after the view has been created.
virtual void SetFocusTraversableParentView(View* view);
// Called when parent of the host changed.
void NotifyNativeViewHierarchyChanged(bool attached,
gfx::NativeView native_view);
// Returns the name of this class: views/RootView
virtual std::string GetClassName() const;
// Clears the region that is schedule to be painted. You nearly never need
// to invoke this. This is primarily intended for Widgets.
void ClearPaintRect();
#if defined(OS_WIN)
// Invoked from the Widget to service a WM_PAINT call.
void OnPaint(HWND hwnd);
#elif defined(OS_LINUX)
void OnPaint(GdkEventExpose* event);
// Starts a drag operation for the specified view. This blocks until done.
// If the view has not been deleted during the drag, OnDragDone is invoked
// on the view.
// NOTE: |view| may be null.
void StartDragForViewFromMouseEvent(View* view,
const OSExchangeData& data,
int operation);
// Accessibility accessors/mutators, overridden from View.
virtual bool GetAccessibleRole(AccessibilityTypes::Role* role);
// Overridden to properly reset our event propagation member
// variables when a child is removed
virtual void ViewHierarchyChanged(bool is_add, View *parent, View *child);
#ifndef NDEBUG
virtual bool IsProcessingPaint() const { return is_processing_paint_; }
friend class View;
friend class PaintTask;
// Convert a point to our current mouse handler. Returns false if the
// mouse handler is not connected to a Widget. In that case, the
// conversion cannot take place and *p is unchanged
bool ConvertPointToMouseHandler(const gfx::Point& l, gfx::Point *p);
// Update the cursor given a mouse event. This is called by non mouse_move
// event handlers to honor the cursor desired by views located under the
// cursor during drag operations.
void UpdateCursor(const MouseEvent& e);
// Notification that size and/or position of a view has changed. This
// notifies the appropriate views.
void ViewBoundsChanged(View* view, bool size_changed, bool position_changed);
// Registers a view for notification when the visible bounds relative to the
// root of a view changes.
void RegisterViewForVisibleBoundsNotification(View* view);
void UnregisterViewForVisibleBoundsNotification(View* view);
// Returns the next focusable view or view containing a FocusTraversable (NULL
// if none was found), starting at the starting_view.
// check_starting_view, can_go_up and can_go_down controls the traversal of
// the views hierarchy.
// skip_group_id specifies a group_id, -1 means no group. All views from a
// group are traversed in one pass.
View* FindNextFocusableViewImpl(View* starting_view,
bool check_starting_view,
bool can_go_up,
bool can_go_down,
int skip_group_id,
FocusTraversable** focus_traversable,
View** focus_traversable_view);
// Same as FindNextFocusableViewImpl but returns the previous focusable view.
View* FindPreviousFocusableViewImpl(View* starting_view,
bool check_starting_view,
bool can_go_up,
bool can_go_down,
int skip_group_id,
FocusTraversable** focus_traversable,
View** focus_traversable_view);
// Convenience method that returns true if a view is focusable and does not
// belong to the specified group.
bool IsViewFocusableCandidate(View* v, int skip_group_id);
// Returns the view selected for the group of the selected view. If the view
// does not belong to a group or if no view is selected in the group, the
// specified view is returned.
static View* FindSelectedViewForGroup(View* view);
// Updates the last_mouse_* fields from e.
void SetMouseLocationAndFlags(const MouseEvent& e);
// If a view is dragging, this returns it. Otherwise returns NULL.
View* GetDragView();
// Sets the current cursor, or resets it to the last one if NULL is provided.
void SetActiveCursor(gfx::NativeCursor cursor);
// The view currently handing down - drag - up
View* mouse_pressed_handler_;
// The view currently handling enter / exit
View* mouse_move_handler_;
// The last view to handle a mouse click, so that we can determine if
// a double-click lands on the same view as its single-click part.
View* last_click_handler_;
// The host Widget
Widget* widget_;
// The focus search algorithm.
FocusSearch focus_search_;
// The rectangle that should be painted
gfx::Rect invalid_rect_;
// Whether the current invalid rect should be painted urgently.
bool invalid_rect_urgent_;
// The task that we are using to trigger some non urgent painting or NULL
// if no painting has been scheduled yet.
PaintTask* pending_paint_task_;
// Indicate if, when the pending_paint_task_ is run, actual painting is still
// required.
bool paint_task_needed_;
// true if mouse_handler_ has been explicitly set
bool explicit_mouse_handler_;
// Previous cursor
gfx::NativeCursor previous_cursor_;
// Default keyboard handler
View* default_keyboard_handler_;
// Whether this root view should make our hwnd focused
// when an unprocessed mouse press event occurs
bool focus_on_mouse_pressed_;
// Flag used to ignore focus events when we focus the native window associated
// with a view.
bool ignore_set_focus_calls_;
// Whether this root view belongs to the current active window.
// bool activated_;
// Last position/flag of a mouse press/drag. Used if capture stops and we need
// to synthesize a release.
int last_mouse_event_flags_;
int last_mouse_event_x_;
int last_mouse_event_y_;
// The parent FocusTraversable, used for focus traversal.
FocusTraversable* focus_traversable_parent_;
// The View that contains this RootView. This is used when we have RootView
// wrapped inside native components, and is used for the focus traversal.
View* focus_traversable_parent_view_;
// Tracks drag state for a view.
View::DragInfo drag_info;
// Valid for the lifetime of StartDragForViewFromMouseEvent, indicates the
// view the drag started from.
View* drag_view_;
#ifndef NDEBUG
// True if we're currently processing paint.
bool is_processing_paint_;
} // namespace views