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******************************Resource Sizes Diff******************************
       -73,760 bytes main lib size
      -204,832 bytes main dex size
      -505,564 bytes secondary dex size
    -1,130,023 bytes normalized apk size
      -422,590 bytes APK size
    -1,253,754 bytes Estimated installed size (Android Go)
    -3,292,590 bytes Estimated installed size
InstallBreakdown (-3,291,971 bytes):
        -4,010 bytes Native resources (no l10n) size
        -2,682 bytes unwind_cfi (dev and canary only) size
        -2,742 bytes Non-compiled Android resources size
       -73,760 bytes Native code size
          -782 bytes Package metadata size
    -3,179,883 bytes Java code size
       -28,112 bytes Compiled Android resources size
        -4,861 entries fields
        -6,873 entries methods (4,185 according to the SST, including Chrome)
        -2,331 entries types
        -5,027 entries strings

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