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  1. account_manager/
  2. arc/
  3. attestation/
  4. audio/
  5. cryptohome/
  6. device_activity/
  7. disks/
  8. drivefs/
  9. enhanced_network_tts/
  10. fwupd/
  11. geolocation/
  12. hid_detection/
  13. login/
  14. multidevice/
  15. peripheral_notification/
  16. phonehub/
  17. policy/
  18. power/
  19. proximity_auth/
  20. settings/
  21. smbfs/
  22. test/
  23. tether/
  24. timezone/
  25. tpm/
  26. trial_group/
  28. DEPS
  29. OWNERS

DEPRECATED. If you're about adding new component for ash-chrome only, consider using //chromeos/ash/components.

About //ash/components

This directory contains components that are used by //ash system UI and window manager code. It sits “below” //ash in the dependency graph. For C++ code, think of //ash/components like top-level //components, but for code that is only used on Chrome OS, and only for system UI / window manager support.

For example, //ash/components/account_manager manages the user's GAIA accounts, but only on behalf of Chrome OS code. //components/account_manager_core contains cross-platform support for accounts.

Some subdirectories contain low-level utility code. For example, //ash/components/disks has utilities for mounting and unmounting disk volumes.

Much of this code used to live in //chromeos/components. The Lacros project is extracting browser functionality into a separate binary. As part of this migration, code used only by the ash-chrome system UI binary moved into “ash” directories. See the Chrome OS source directory migration design doc for details.