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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "ash/components/arc/arc_features.h"
namespace arc {
// Controls ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED broadcast for third party applications on ARC.
// When disabled, third party apps will not receive this broadcast.
const base::Feature kBootCompletedBroadcastFeature{
"ArcBootCompletedBroadcast", base::FEATURE_ENABLED_BY_DEFAULT};
// Controls experimental Compat snap feature for ARC.
const base::Feature kCompatSnapFeature{"ArcCompatSnapFeature",
// Controls experimental Custom Tabs feature for ARC.
const base::Feature kCustomTabsExperimentFeature{
"ArcCustomTabsExperiment", base::FEATURE_DISABLED_BY_DEFAULT};
// Controls whether to handle files with unknown size.
const base::Feature kDocumentsProviderUnknownSizeFeature{
"ArcDocumentsProviderUnknownSize", base::FEATURE_DISABLED_BY_DEFAULT};
// Controls ARC Nearby Share support.
// When enabled, Android apps will show the Nearby Share as a share target in
// its sharesheet.
const base::Feature kEnableArcNearbyShare{"ArcNearbySharing",
// Controls whether crosvm for ARCVM does per-VM core scheduling on devices with
// MDS/L1TF vulnerabilities. When this feature is disabled, crosvm does per-vCPU
// core scheduling which is more secure.
// How to safely disable this feature for security (or other) reasons:
// 1) Visit go/stainless and verify arc.Boot.vm_with_per_vcpu_core_scheduling is
// green (it should always be because arc.Boot is a critical test.)
// 2) Change the default value of this feature to FEATURE_DISABLED_BY_DEFAULT.
// 3) Monitor arc.Boot.vm at go/stainless after Chrome is rolled.
// 4) Ask ARC team (//ash/components/arc/OWNERS) to update arc.CPUSet.vm test
// so the Tast test uses the updated ArcEnablePerVmCoreScheduling setting.
const base::Feature kEnablePerVmCoreScheduling{
"ArcEnablePerVmCoreScheduling", base::FEATURE_ENABLED_BY_DEFAULT};
// Controls whether to use ARC TTS caching to optimize ARC boot.
const base::Feature kEnableTTSCaching{"ArcEnableTTSCaching",
// Controls whether to use pregenerated ARC TTS cache to optimize ARC boot and
// also whether or not TTS cache is used.
const base::Feature kEnableTTSCacheSetup{"ArcEnableTTSCacheSetup",
// Controls whether we should delegate audio focus requests from ARC to Chrome.
const base::Feature kEnableUnifiedAudioFocusFeature{
"ArcEnableUnifiedAudioFocus", base::FEATURE_ENABLED_BY_DEFAULT};
// Controls whether ARC handles unmanaged->managed account transition.
const base::Feature kEnableUnmanagedToManagedTransitionFeature{
// Controls ARC Unspecialized Application Processes.
// When enabled, Android creates a pool of processes
// that will start applications so that zygote doesn't have to wake.
const base::Feature kEnableUsap{"ArcEnableUsap",
// Controls whether ARCVM uses virtio-blk for /data in Android storage.
const base::Feature kEnableVirtioBlkForData{"ArcEnableVirtioBlkForData",
// Controls experimental file picker feature for ARC.
const base::Feature kFilePickerExperimentFeature{
"ArcFilePickerExperiment", base::FEATURE_ENABLED_BY_DEFAULT};
// Controls whether the guest zram is enabled. This is only for ARCVM.
const base::Feature kGuestZram{"ArcGuestZram",
// Controls the size of the guest zram.
const base::FeatureParam<int> kGuestZramSize{&kGuestZram, "size", 0};
// Control properties of Logd at boot time. This is only for ARCVM.
const base::Feature kLogdConfig{"ArcGuestLogdConfig",
// Controls the size in KB of logd. Only a few sizes are supported,
// see kLogdConfigSize* private constants in
// The default set here means "do not override the build setting",
// which is the same behavior as disabling the feature. Doing it so,
// we don't need to keep this code up-to-date with the build default.
const base::FeatureParam<int> kLogdConfigSize{&kLogdConfig, "size", 0};
// Controls keyboard shortcut helper integration feature in ARC.
const base::Feature kKeyboardShortcutHelperIntegrationFeature{
"ArcKeyboardShortcutHelperIntegration", base::FEATURE_DISABLED_BY_DEFAULT};
// Toggles between native bridge implementations for ARC.
// Note, that we keep the original feature name to preserve
// corresponding metrics.
const base::Feature kNativeBridgeToggleFeature{
"ArcNativeBridgeExperiment", base::FEATURE_DISABLED_BY_DEFAULT};
// When enabled, utility processes are spawned to perform hardware decode
// acceleration on behalf of ARC++/ARCVM instead of using the GPU process.
const base::Feature kOutOfProcessVideoDecoding{
"OutOfProcessVideoDecoding", base::FEATURE_DISABLED_BY_DEFAULT};
// Controls ARC picture-in-picture feature. If this is enabled, then Android
// will control which apps can enter PIP. If this is disabled, then ARC PIP
// will be disabled.
const base::Feature kPictureInPictureFeature{"ArcPictureInPicture",
// Controls ARC right click long press compatibility feature.
const base::Feature kRightClickLongPress{"ArcRightClickLongPress",
// Controls ARCVM real time vcpu feature on a device with 2 logical cores
// online.
// When you change the default, you also need to change the chromeExtraAgas
// in tast-tests/src/chromiumos/tast/local/bundles/cros/arc/cpu_set.go to
// match it to the new default.
const base::Feature kRtVcpuDualCore{"ArcRtVcpuDualCore",
// Controls ARCVM real time vcpu feature on a device with 3+ logical cores
// online.
// When you change the default, you also need to modify the chromeExtraAgas
// in tast-tests/src/chromiumos/tast/local/bundles/cros/arc/cpu_set.go to
// add ArcRtVcpuQuadCore there. Otherwise, the test will start failing.
const base::Feature kRtVcpuQuadCore{"ArcRtVcpuQuadCore",
// When enabled, tracing raw files are saved in order to help debug failures.
const base::Feature kSaveRawFilesOnTracing{"ArcSaveRawFilesOnTracing",
// When enabled, unclaimed USB device will be attached to ARCVM by default.
const base::Feature kUsbDeviceDefaultAttachToArcVm{
"UsbDeviceDefaultAttachToArcVm", base::FEATURE_ENABLED_BY_DEFAULT};
// Controls ARC USB Storage UI feature.
// When enabled, chrome://settings and will ask if the user wants
// to expose USB storage devices to ARC.
const base::Feature kUsbStorageUIFeature{"ArcUsbStorageUI",
// Controls ARC dalvik memory profile in ARCVM.
// When enabled, Android tries to use dalvik memory profile tuned based on the
// device memory size.
const base::Feature kUseDalvikMemoryProfile{"ArcUseDalvikMemoryProfile",
// Controls whether the system/vendor images are mounted without specifying a
// block size.
const base::Feature kUseDefaultBlockSize{"ArcVmUseDefaultBlockSize",
// Controls whether ARC uses VideoDecoder-backed video decoding.
// When enabled, GpuArcVideoDecodeAccelerator will use VdVideoDecodeAccelerator
// to delegate decoding tasks to VideoDecoder implementations, instead of using
// VDA implementations created by GpuVideoDecodeAcceleratorFactory.
const base::Feature kVideoDecoder{"ArcVideoDecoder",
// Feature to continuously log PSI memory pressure data to Chrome.
const base::Feature kVmMemoryPSIReports{"ArcVmMemoryPSIReports",
// Controls how frequently memory pressure data is logged
const base::FeatureParam<int> kVmMemoryPSIReportsPeriod{&kVmMemoryPSIReports,
"period", 10};
// Controls whether a custom memory size is used when creating ARCVM. When
// enabled, ARCVM is sized with the following formula:
// min(max_mib, RAM + shift_mib)
// If disabled, memory is sized by concierge which, at the time of writing, uses
// RAM - 1024 MiB.
const base::Feature kVmMemorySize{"ArcVmMemorySize",
// Controls the amount to "shift" system RAM when sizing ARCVM. The default
// value of 0 means that ARCVM's memory will be thr same as the system.
const base::FeatureParam<int> kVmMemorySizeShiftMiB{&kVmMemorySize, "shift_mib",
// Controls the maximum amount of memory to give ARCVM. The default value of
// INT32_MAX means that ARCVM's memory is not capped.
const base::FeatureParam<int> kVmMemorySizeMaxMiB{&kVmMemorySize, "max_mib",
// Controls whether to use the new limit cache balloon policy. If disabled the
// old balance available balloon policy is used. If enabled, ChromeOS's Resource
// Manager (resourced) is able to kill ARCVM apps by sending a memory pressure
// signal.
// The limit cache balloon policy inflates the balloon to limit the kernel page
// cache inside ARCVM if memory in the host is low. See FeatureParams below for
// the conditions that limit cache. See mOomMinFreeHigh and mOomAdj in
// frameworks/base/services/core/java/com/android/server/am/
// to see how LMKD maps kernel page cache to a priority level of app to kill.
// To ensure fairness between tab manager discards and ARCVM low memory kills,
// we want to stop LMKD killing things out of turn. We do this by making sure
// ARCVM never has it's kernel page cache drop below the level that LMKD will
// start killing.
const base::Feature kVmBalloonPolicy{"ArcVmBalloonPolicy",
// The maximum amount of kernel page cache ARCVM can have when ChromeOS is under
// moderate memory pressure. 0 for no limit.
const base::FeatureParam<int> kVmBalloonPolicyModerateKiB{&kVmBalloonPolicy,
"moderate_kib", 0};
// The maximum amount of kernel page cache ARCVM can have when ChromeOS is under
// critical memory pressure. 0 for no limit. The default value of 322560KiB
// corresponds to the level LMKD will start to kill the lowest priority cached
// app.
const base::FeatureParam<int> kVmBalloonPolicyCriticalKiB{
&kVmBalloonPolicy, "critical_kib", 322560};
// The maximum amount of kernel page cache ARCVM can have when ChromeOS is
// reclaiming. 0 for no limit. The default value of 322560KiB corresponds to the
// level LMKD will start to kill the lowest priority cached app.
const base::FeatureParam<int> kVmBalloonPolicyReclaimKiB{&kVmBalloonPolicy,
"reclaim_kib", 322560};
// Controls experimental key GMS Core and related services protection against to
// be killed by low memory killer in ARCVM.
const base::Feature kVmGmsCoreLowMemoryKillerProtection{
"ArcVmGmsCoreLowMemoryKillerProtection", base::FEATURE_ENABLED_BY_DEFAULT};
// Controls experimental key to enable pre-ANR handling for BroadcastQueue in
const base::Feature kVmBroadcastPreNotifyANR{"ArcVmBroadcastPreAnrHandling",
} // namespace arc