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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "chrome/browser/flag_descriptions.h"
#include "build/build_config.h"
#include "build/chromeos_buildflags.h"
#include "pdf/buildflags.h"
// Keep in identical order as the header file, see the comment at the top
// for formatting rules.
namespace flag_descriptions {
const char kAccelerated2dCanvasName[] = "Accelerated 2D canvas";
const char kAccelerated2dCanvasDescription[] =
"Enables the use of the GPU to perform 2d canvas rendering instead of "
"using software rendering.";
const char kCanvasOopRasterizationName[] =
"Out-of-process 2D canvas rasterization.";
const char kCanvasOopRasterizationDescription[] =
"The rasterization of 2d canvas contents is performed in the GPU process. "
"Requires that out-of-process rasterization be enabled.";
const char kAcceleratedVideoDecodeName[] = "Hardware-accelerated video decode";
const char kAcceleratedVideoDecodeDescription[] =
"Hardware-accelerated video decode where available.";
const char kAcceleratedVideoEncodeName[] = "Hardware-accelerated video encode";
const char kAcceleratedVideoEncodeDescription[] =
"Hardware-accelerated video encode where available.";
const char kEnableMediaInternalsName[] = "Media-internals page";
const char kEnableMediaInternalsDescription[] =
"Enables the chrome://media-internals debug page.";
extern const char kAccessCodeCastDeviceDurationName[] =
"Saves devices for Access Code Casting.";
extern const char kAccessCodeCastDeviceDurationDescription[] =
"This feature enables saved devices when using Access Code Casting. Policy "
"must be set to "
"specify a duration for the device to be saved.";
const char kAccessiblePDFFormName[] = "Accessible PDF Forms";
const char kAccessiblePDFFormDescription[] =
"Enables accessibility support for PDF forms.";
const char kAccountIdMigrationName[] = "Account ID migration";
const char kAccountIdMigrationDescription[] =
"Migrate to use Gaia ID instead of the email as the account identifer for "
"the Identity Manager.";
const char kAddPasswordsInSettingsName[] = "Add passwords in settings";
const char kAddPasswordsInSettingsDescription[] =
"Enables manual password adding in settings.";
const char kLauncherAppSortName[] = "Productivity experiment: Reorder Apps";
const char kLauncherAppSortDescription[] =
"To evaluate an enhanced Launcher experience that enables users to reorder "
"their apps in order to find them more easily.";
const char kLeakDetectionUnauthenticated[] =
"Leak detection for signed out users.";
const char kLeakDetectionUnauthenticatedDescription[] =
"Enables leak detection feature for signed out users.";
const char kAllowInsecureLocalhostName[] =
"Allow invalid certificates for resources loaded from localhost.";
const char kAllowInsecureLocalhostDescription[] =
"Allows requests to localhost over HTTPS even when an invalid certificate "
"is presented.";
const char kAndroidPWAsDefaultOfflinePageName[] =
"Android PWAs default offline page";
const char kAndroidPWAsDefaultOfflinePageDescription[] =
"Shows customised default offline page when web app is offline.";
const char kWindowsFollowCursorName[] =
"Windows open on the display with the cursor";
const char kWindowsFollowCursorDescription[] =
"When there are multiple displays, windows open on the display where "
"cursor is located.";
const char kAnimatedImageResumeName[] = "Use animated image resume behavior";
const char kAnimatedImageResumeDescription[] =
"Resumes animated images from the last frame drawn rather than attempt "
"to catch up to the frame that should be drawn based on current time.";
const char kAriaElementReflectionName[] = "Enable ARIA element reflection";
const char kAriaElementReflectionDescription[] =
"Enable setting ARIA relationship attributes that reference other elements "
"directly without an IDREF";
const char kBrokerFileOperationsOnDiskCacheInNetworkServiceName[] =
"Broker file operations on disk cache in the Network Service";
const char kBrokerFileOperationsOnDiskCacheInNetworkServiceDescription[] =
"Broker file operations on disk cache running in the Network Service. This "
"is no-op when the Network Service is running in the browser process.";
const char kCSSContainerQueriesName[] = "Enable CSS Container Queries";
const char kCSSContainerQueriesDescription[] =
"Enables support for @container, inline-size and block-size values for the "
"contain property, and the LayoutNG Grid implementation.";
const char kConditionalTabStripAndroidName[] = "Conditional Tab Strip";
const char kConditionalTabStripAndroidDescription[] =
"Allows users to access conditional tab strip.";
const char kContentLanguagesInLanguagePickerName[] =
"Content languages in language picker";
const char kContentLanguagesInLanguagePickerDescription[] =
"Enables bringing user's content languages that are translatable to the "
"top of the list with all languages shown in the translate menu";
const char kConversionMeasurementDebugModeName[] =
"Conversion Measurement Debug Mode";
const char kConversionMeasurementDebugModeDescription[] =
"Enables debug mode for the Conversion Measurement API. This removes all "
"reporting delays and noise. Only works if the Conversion Measurement API "
"is already enabled.";
const char kForceStartupSigninPromoName[] = "Force Start-up Signin Promo";
const char kForceStartupSigninPromoDescription[] =
"If enabled, the full screen signin promo will be forced to show up at "
"Chrome start-up.";
const char kTangibleSyncName[] = "Tangible Sync";
const char kTangibleSyncDescription[] =
"Enables the tangible sync when a user starts the sync consent flow";
const char kDebugHistoryInterventionNoUserActivationName[] =
"Debug flag for history intervention on no user activation";
const char kDebugHistoryInterventionNoUserActivationDescription[] =
"This flag when enabled, will be used to debug an issue where a page that "
"did not get user activation "
"is able to work around the history intervention which is not the expected "
extern const char kDefaultChromeAppsMigrationName[] =
"Default Chrome apps policy migration";
extern const char kDefaultChromeAppsMigrationDescription[] =
"Enable replacing policies to force install Chrome apps with policies to "
"force install PWAs";
const char kDeferredFontShapingName[] = "Deferred Font Shaping";
const char kDeferredFontShapingDescription[] =
"Defer text rendering in invisible CSS boxes until the boxes become "
const char kEditPasswordsInSettingsName[] = "Edit passwords in settings";
const char kEditPasswordsInSettingsDescription[] =
"Enables password editing in settings.";
const char kPasswordNotesName[] = "Password notes in settings";
const char kPasswordNotesDescription[] =
"Enables a note section for each password in the settings page.";
const char kPasswordViewPageInSettingsName[] = "Password view page in settings";
const char kPasswordViewPageInSettingsDescription[] =
"Enables a new password details subpage in the settings password "
"management UI.";
const char kEnableBluetoothSerialPortProfileInSerialApiName[] =
"Enable Bluetooth Serial Port Profile in Serial API";
const char kEnableBluetoothSerialPortProfileInSerialApiDescription[] =
"When enabled, Bluetooth Serial Port Profile devices will be enumerated "
"for use with the Serial API.";
const char kEnableDrDcName[] =
"Enables Display Compositor to use a new gpu thread.";
const char kEnableDrDcDescription[] =
"When enabled, chrome uses 2 gpu threads instead of 1. "
" Display compositor uses new dr-dc gpu thread and all other clients "
"(raster, webgl, video) "
" continues using the gpu main thread.";
const char kEnableDrDcVulkanName[] =
" Use this flag along with flag enable-drdc to enable DrDc on Vulkan. "
" Note that this flag will be a no-op if enable-drdc is disabled. ";
const char kForceGpuMainThreadToNormalPriorityDrDcName[] =
"Force GPU main thread priority to normal for DrDc.";
const char kForceGpuMainThreadToNormalPriorityDrDcDescription[] =
"When enabled, force GPU main thread priority to be normal for DrDc mode. "
"In that case DrDc thread continues to use DISPLAY thread priority and "
"hence have higher thread priority than GPU main. Note that this flag will "
"be a no-op when DrDc is disabled.";
const char kU2FPermissionPromptName[] =
"Enable a permission prompt for the U2F Security Key API";
const char kU2FPermissionPromptDescription[] =
"Show a permission prompt when making requests to the legacy U2F Security "
"Key API (CryptoToken). The U2F Security "
"Key API has been deprecated and will be removed soon. For more "
"information, refer to the deprecation announcement at "
const char kWebFilterInterstitialRefreshName[] =
"Web filter interstitial refresh.";
const char kWebFilterInterstitialRefreshDescription[] =
"Enable web filter interstitial refresh for Family Link users on Chrome "
const char kU2FSecurityKeyAPIName[] = "Enable the U2F Security Key API";
const char kU2FSecurityKeyAPIDescription[] =
"Enable the legacy U2F Security Key API (CryptoToken). The U2F Security "
"Key API has been deprecated and will be removed soon. For more "
"information, refer to the deprecation announcement at "
const char kUpcomingSharingFeaturesName[] = "Enable upcoming sharing features.";
const char kUpcomingSharingFeaturesDescription[] =
"This flag enables all upcoming sharing features, in the experiment "
"arms that are most likely to be shipped. This is a meta-flag so which "
"features are upcoming at any given time may change.";
const char kUseStorkSmdsServerAddressName[] = "Use Stork SM-DS address";
const char kUseStorkSmdsServerAddressDescription[] =
"Use the Stork SM-DS address to fetch pending eSIM profiles managed by the "
"Stork prod server. Note that Stork profiles can be created with an EID at "
"go/stork-profile, and managed at go/stork-batch > View Profiles. Also "
"note that an test EUICC card is required to use this feature, usually "
"that requires the kCellularUseSecond flag to be enabled. Go to "
"go/cros-connectivity > Dev Tips for more instructions.";
const char kUseWallpaperStagingUrlName[] = "Use Wallpaper staging URL";
const char kUseWallpaperStagingUrlDescription[] =
"Use the staging server as part of the Wallpaper App to verify "
"additions/removals of wallpapers.";
const char kSemanticColorsDebugOverrideName[] =
"Use semantic color debug override";
const char kSemanticColorsDebugOverrideDescription[] =
"Use debug override colors to find system components that are not using "
"semantic colors.";
const char kUseMessagesStagingUrlName[] = "Use Messages staging URL";
const char kUseMessagesStagingUrlDescription[] =
"Use the staging server as part of the \"Messages\" feature under "
"\"Connected Devices\" settings.";
const char kUseCustomMessagesDomainName[] = "Use custom Messages domain";
const char kUseCustomMessagesDomainDescription[] =
"Use a custom URL as part of the \"Messages\" feature under "
"\"Connected Devices\" settings.";
const char kAndroidPictureInPictureAPIName[] =
"Picture-in-Picture Web API for Android";
const char kAndroidPictureInPictureAPIDescription[] =
"Enable Picture-in-Picture Web API for Android";
const char kDnsHttpsSvcbName[] = "Support for HTTPS records in DNS";
const char kDnsHttpsSvcbDescription[] =
"When enabled, Chrome may query for HTTPS records in DNS. If any are "
"found, Chrome may upgrade the URL to HTTPS or enable Encrypted "
"ClientHello, depending on server support and whether those features are "
const char kEnableFirstPartySetsName[] = "Enable First-Party Sets";
const char kEnableFirstPartySetsDescription[] =
"When enabled, Chrome will apply First-Party Sets to features such as the "
"SameParty cookie attribute.";
extern const char kEncryptedClientHelloName[] = "Encrypted ClientHello";
extern const char kEncryptedClientHelloDescription[] =
"When enabled, Chrome will enable Encrypted ClientHello support. This will "
"encrypt TLS ClientHello if the server enables the extension via the HTTPS "
"DNS record.";
extern const char kIsolatedSandboxedIframesName[] =
"Isolated sandboxed iframes";
extern const char kIsolatedSandboxedIframesDescription[] =
"When enabled, applies process isolation to iframes with the 'sandbox' "
"attribute and without the 'allow-same-origin' permission set on that "
"attribute. This also applies to documents with a similar CSP sandbox "
"header, even in the main frame. The affected sandboxed documents can be "
"grouped into processes based on their URL's site or origin. The default "
"grouping when enabled is per-site.";
const char kAssistantConsentModalName[] = "AssistantConsentModal";
const char kAssistantConsentModalDescription[] =
"Enables the modal version of the Assistant voice search consent dialog.";
const char kAssistantConsentSimplifiedTextName[] =
const char kAssistantConsentSimplifiedTextDescription[] =
"Enables simplified consent copy in the Assistant voice search consent "
const char kAssistantConsentV2Name[] = "AssistanConsentV2";
const char kAssistantConsentV2Description[] =
"Enables different strategies for handling backing off from the consent "
"screen without explicitly clicking yes/no buttons, i.e. when a user taps "
"outside of the sheet.";
const char kAutofillAlwaysReturnCloudTokenizedCardName[] =
"Return cloud token details for server credit cards when possible";
const char kAutofillAlwaysReturnCloudTokenizedCardDescription[] =
"When enabled and where available, forms filled using Google Payments "
"server cards are populated with cloud token details, including CPAN "
"(cloud tokenized version of the Primary Account Number) and dCVV (dynamic "
const char kAutofillAutoTriggerManualFallbackForCardsName[] =
"Auto trigger manual fallback for credit card form-filling failure cases";
const char kAutofillAutoTriggerManualFallbackForCardsDescription[] =
"When enabled, manual fallback will be auto-triggered on form interaction "
"in the case where autofill failed to fill a credit card form accurately.";
const char kAutofillCenterAligngedSuggestionsName[] =
"Center-aligned Autofill suggestions.";
const char kAutofillCenterAligngedSuggestionsDescription[] =
"When enabled, the Autofill suggestion popup will be aligned to the center "
"of the initiating field and not to its border.";
const char kAutofillVisualImprovementsForSuggestionUiName[] =
"Visual improvements for the Autofill and Password Manager suggestion UI.";
const char kAutofillVisualImprovementsForSuggestionUiDescription[] =
"Non function changes that visually improve the suggestion UI used for "
"addresses, passswords and credit cards.";
const char kAutofillTypeSpecificPopupWidthName[] =
"Type-specific width limits for the Autofill popup";
const char kAutofillTypeSpecificPopupWidthDescription[] =
"Controls if different width limits are used for the popup that provides "
"Autofill suggestions, depending on the type of data that is filled.";
const char kAutofillEnableGetDetailsForEnrollParsingInUploadCardResponseName[] =
"Enable parsing of the GetDetailsForEnrollResponseDetails in the "
const char
kAutofillEnableGetDetailsForEnrollParsingInUploadCardResponseDescription[] =
"When enabled, the GetDetailsForEnrollResponseDetails in the "
"UploadCardResponseDetails will be parsed, which will allow the "
"Virtual Card Enrollment flow to skip making a new GetDetailsForEnroll "
"request. This is an optimization to improve the latency of the "
"Virtual Card Enrollment flow.";
const char kAutofillEnableManualFallbackForVirtualCardsName[] =
"Show manual fallback for virtual cards";
const char kAutofillEnableManualFallbackForVirtualCardsDescription[] =
"When enabled, manual fallback will be enabled for virtual cards on "
const char kAutofillEnableOfferNotificationForPromoCodesName[] =
"Extend Autofill offers and rewards notification to promo code offers";
const char kAutofillEnableOfferNotificationForPromoCodesDescription[] =
"When enabled, a notification will be displayed on page navigation if the "
"domain has an eligible merchant promo code offer or reward.";
const char kAutofillEnableOffersInClankKeyboardAccessoryName[] =
"Enable Autofill offers in keyboard accessory";
const char kAutofillEnableOffersInClankKeyboardAccessoryDescription[] =
"When enabled, offers will be displayed in the keyboard accessory when "
const char kAutofillEnableRankingFormulaName[] =
"Enable new Autofill suggestion ranking formula";
const char kAutofillEnableRankingFormulaDescription[] =
"When enabled, Autofill will use a new ranking formula to rank Autofill "
"data model suggestions such as credit cards or profiles.";
const char kAutofillEnableSendingBcnInGetUploadDetailsName[] =
"Enable sending billing customer number in GetUploadDetails";
const char kAutofillEnableSendingBcnInGetUploadDetailsDescription[] =
"When enabled the billing customer number will be sent in the "
"GetUploadDetails preflight calls.";
const char kAutofillEnableStickyManualFallbackForCardsName[] =
"Make manual fallback sticky for credit cards";
const char kAutofillEnableStickyManualFallbackForCardsDescription[] =
"When enabled, if the user interacts with the manual fallback bottom "
"sheet, it'll remain sticky until the user dismisses it.";
const char kAutofillEnableToolbarStatusChipName[] =
"Move Autofill omnibox icons next to the profile avatar icon";
const char kAutofillEnableToolbarStatusChipDescription[] =
"When enabled, Autofill data related icon will be shown in the status "
"chip next to the profile avatar icon in the toolbar.";
const char kAutofillEnableUnmaskCardRequestSetInstrumentIdName[] =
"When enabled, sets non-legacy instrument ID in UnmaskCardRequest";
const char kAutofillEnableUnmaskCardRequestSetInstrumentIdDescription[] =
"When enabled, UnmaskCardRequest will set the card's non-legacy ID when "
const char kAutofillEnableUpdateVirtualCardEnrollmentName[] =
"Enable Update Virtual Card Enrollment";
const char kAutofillEnableUpdateVirtualCardEnrollmentDescription[] =
"When enabled, the user will have the ability to update the virtual card "
"enrollment of a credit card through their chrome browser after certain "
"autofill flows (for example, downstream and upstream), and from the "
"settings page.";
const char kAutofillEnableVirtualCardFidoEnrollmentName[] =
"Enable FIDO enrollment for virtual cards";
const char kAutofillEnableVirtualCardFidoEnrollmentDescription[] =
"When enabled, after a successful authentication to autofill a virtual "
"card, the user will be prompted to opt-in to FIDO if the user is not "
"currently opted-in, and if the user is opted-in already and the virtual "
"card is FIDO eligible the user will be prompted to register the virtual "
"card into FIDO.";
const char kAutofillEnableVirtualCardName[] =
"Offer to use cloud token virtual card in Autofill";
const char kAutofillEnableVirtualCardDescription[] =
"When enabled, if all requirements are met, Autofill will offer to use "
"virtual credit cards in form filling.";
const char kAutofillEnableVirtualCardManagementInDesktopSettingsPageName[] =
"Enable virtual card enrollment management in desktop payments settings "
const char
kAutofillEnableVirtualCardManagementInDesktopSettingsPageDescription[] =
"When enabled, chrome://settings/payments will offer the option to "
"enroll in virtual card if the card is eligible and to unenroll if the "
"card has been enrolled.";
const char kAutofillEnableVirtualCardMetadataName[] =
"Enable showing metadata for virtual cards";
const char kAutofillEnableVirtualCardMetadataDescription[] =
"When enabled, Chrome will show metadata together with other card "
"information when the virtual card is presented to users.";
const char kAutofillEnforceDelaysInStrikeDatabaseName[] =
"Enforce delay between offering Autofill opportunities in the strike "
const char kAutofillEnforceDelaysInStrikeDatabaseDescription[] =
"When enabled, if previous Autofill feature offer was declined, "
"Chrome will wait for some time before showing the offer again.";
const char kAutofillFillMerchantPromoCodeFieldsName[] =
"Enable Autofill of promo code fields in forms";
const char kAutofillFillMerchantPromoCodeFieldsDescription[] =
"When enabled, Autofill will attempt to fill merchant promo/coupon/gift "
"code fields when data is available.";
const char kAutofillRemoveCardExpiryFromDownstreamSuggestionName[] =
"Remove card expiration date from the Autofill card suggestions";
const char kAutofillRemoveCardExpiryFromDownstreamSuggestionDescription[] =
"When enabled, card expiration date will no longer be displayed in "
"a card suggestion.";
const char kAutofillHighlightOnlyChangedValuesInPreviewModeName[] =
"Highlight only changed values in preview mode.";
const char kAutofillHighlightOnlyChangedValuesInPreviewModeDescription[] =
"When Autofill is previewing filling a form, already autofilled values "
"and other values that are not changed by accepting the preview should "
"not be highlighted.";
const char kAutofillParseMerchantPromoCodeFieldsName[] =
"Parse promo code fields in forms";
const char kAutofillParseMerchantPromoCodeFieldsDescription[] =
"When enabled, Autofill will attempt to find merchant promo/coupon/gift "
"code fields when parsing forms.";
const char kAutofillPreventOverridingPrefilledValuesName[] =
"Prevent Autofill from overriding prefilled field values";
const char kAutofillPreventOverridingPrefilledValuesDescription[] =
"When enabled, Autofill won't override any field values that have not been "
"filled by Autofill";
const char kAutofillUseConsistentPopupSettingsIconsName[] =
"Consistent Autofill settings icon";
const char kAutofillUseConsistentPopupSettingsIconsDescription[] =
"If enabled, all Autofill data types including addresses, credit cards and "
"passwords will use a consistent icon in the popup settings footer.";
const char kAutofillSaveAndFillVPAName[] =
"Offer save and autofill of UPI/VPA values";
const char kAutofillSaveAndFillVPADescription[] =
"If enabled, when autofill recognizes a UPI/VPA value in a payment form, "
"it will offer to save it. If saved, it will be offered for filling in "
"fields which expect a VPA.";
const char kAutofillSaveCardUiExperimentName[] =
"Enable different UI variants for the upload credit card save bubble";
const char kAutofillSaveCardUiExperimentDescription[] =
"When enabled, it will trigger slightly different UI variants along with "
"notification texts, when the upload credit card save bubble is shown.";
const char kAutofillSaveCardUiExperimentFasterAndProtected[] =
"Faster and Protected";
const char kAutofillSaveCardUiExperimentEncryptedAndSecure[] =
"Encrypted and Secure";
const char kAutofillShowManualFallbackInContextMenuName[] =
"Show Autofill options in Context Menu";
const char kAutofillShowManualFallbackInContextMenuDescription[] =
"When enabled, users would get address/credit cards/passwords autofilling "
"options in the context menu if the context menu is opened on a text field";
const char kAutofillSuggestVirtualCardsOnIncompleteFormName[] =
"Autofill suggests virtual cards on incomplete forms";
const char kAutofillSuggestVirtualCardsOnIncompleteFormDescription[] =
"When enabled, merchant bound virtual cards will be suggested even if not "
"all "
"of the card number, exp date and CVC fields are detected in a payment "
const char kAutofillUpstreamAllowAdditionalEmailDomainsName[] =
"Allow Autofill credit card upload save for select non-Google-based "
const char kAutofillUpstreamAllowAdditionalEmailDomainsDescription[] =
"When enabled, credit card upload is offered if the user's logged-in "
"account's domain is from a common email provider.";
const char kAutofillUpstreamAllowAllEmailDomainsName[] =
"Allow Autofill credit card upload save for all non-Google-based accounts";
const char kAutofillUpstreamAllowAllEmailDomainsDescription[] =
"When enabled, credit card upload is offered without regard to the user's "
"logged-in account's domain.";
const char kAutofillUseImprovedLabelDisambiguationName[] =
"Autofill Uses Improved Label Disambiguation";
const char kAutofillUseImprovedLabelDisambiguationDescription[] =
"When enabled, the Autofill dropdown's suggestions' labels are displayed "
"using the improved disambiguation format.";
const char kAutoScreenBrightnessName[] = "Auto Screen Brightness model";
const char kAutoScreenBrightnessDescription[] =
"Uses Auto Screen Brightness ML model (if it exists) to adjust screen "
"brightness based on ambient light. If disabled, screen brightness "
"will be controlled by the heuristic model provided by powerd (and only "
"on devices that have ambient light sensors).";
const char kBackForwardCacheName[] = "Back-forward cache";
const char kBackForwardCacheDescription[] =
"If enabled, caches eligible pages after cross-site navigations."
"To enable caching pages on same-site navigations too, choose 'enabled "
"same-site support'.";
const char kEnableBackForwardCacheForScreenReaderName[] =
"Enable Back-forward cache for screen readers";
const char kEnableBackForwardCacheForScreenReaderDescription[] =
"If enabled, allow pages to enter back/forward cache even if a screen "
"reader is in use. The page might still not be cached for other reasons.";
const char kBentoBarName[] = "Persistent desks bar";
const char kBentoBarDescription[] =
"Showing a persistent desks bar at the top of the screen in clamshell mode "
"when there are more than one desk.";
const char kDragWindowToNewDeskName[] = "Drag window to new desk";
const char kDragWindowToNewDeskDescription[] =
"Enable dragging and dropping a window to the new desk button in overview "
"when there are less than the maximum number of desks.";
const char kBiometricReauthForPasswordFillingName[] =
"Biometric reauth for password filling";
const char kBiometricReauthForPasswordFillingDescription[] =
"Enables biometric"
"re-authentication before password filling";
const char kTouchToFillPasswordSubmissionName[] =
"Form submission in Touch-To-Fill";
const char kTouchToFillPasswordSubmissionDescription[] =
"Enables automatic form submission after filling credentials with "
const char kFastCheckoutName[] = "Fast Checkout";
const char kFastCheckoutDescription[] =
"Enables Fast Checkout experiences in Chrome.";
const char kBorealisBigGlName[] = "Borealis Big GL";
const char kBorealisBigGlDescription[] = "Enable Big GL when running Borealis.";
const char kBorealisDiskManagementName[] = "Borealis Disk management";
const char kBorealisDiskManagementDescription[] =
"Enable experimental disk management settings.";
const char kBorealisForceBetaClientName[] = "Borealis Force Beta Client";
const char kBorealisForceBetaClientDescription[] =
"Force the client to run its beta version.";
const char kBorealisLinuxModeName[] = "Borealis Linux Mode";
const char kBorealisLinuxModeDescription[] =
"Do not run ChromeOS-specific code in the client.";
// For UX reasons we prefer "enabled", but that is used internally to refer to
// whether borealis is installed or not, so the name of the variable is a bit
// different to the user-facing name.
const char kBorealisPermittedName[] = "Borealis Enabled";
const char kBorealisPermittedDescription[] =
"Allows Borealis to run on your device. Borealis may still be blocked for "
"other reasons, including: administrator settings, device hardware "
"capabilities, or other security measures.";
const char kBypassAppBannerEngagementChecksName[] =
"Bypass user engagement checks";
const char kBypassAppBannerEngagementChecksDescription[] =
"Bypasses user engagement checks for displaying app banners, such as "
"requiring that users have visited the site before and that the banner "
"hasn't been shown recently. This allows developers to test that other "
"eligibility requirements for showing app banners, such as having a "
"manifest, are met.";
const char kCheckOfflineCapabilityName[] = "Check offline capability for PWAs";
const char kCheckOfflineCapabilityDescription[] =
"Use advanced offline capability check to decide whether the browser "
"displays install prompts for PWAs.";
const char kChromeLabsName[] = "Chrome Labs";
const char kChromeLabsDescription[] =
"Access Chrome Labs through the toolbar menu to see featured user-facing "
"experimental features.";
const char kClosedTabCacheName[] = "Closed Tab Cache";
const char kClosedTabCacheDescription[] =
"Enables closed tab cache to instantaneously restore recently closed tabs. "
"NOTE: This feature is higly experimental and will lead to various "
"breakages, enable at your own risk.";
const char kCommerceHintAndroidName[] = "Commerce Hint Android";
const char kCommerceHintAndroidDescription[] =
"Enables commerce hint detection on Android.";
const char kConsolidatedSiteStorageControlsName[] =
"Consolidated Site Storage Controls";
const char kConsolidatedSiteStorageControlsDescription[] =
"Enables the consolidated version of Site Storage controls in settings";
const char kConsumerAutoUpdateToggleAllowedName[] =
"Allow Consumer Auto Update Toggle";
const char kConsumerAutoUpdateToggleAllowedDescription[] =
"Allow enabling the consumer auto update toggle in settings";
const char kContextMenuGoogleLensChipName[] =
"Google Lens powered image search for surfaced as a chip below the context "
const char kContextMenuGoogleLensChipDescription[] =
"Enable a chip for a Shopping intent into Google Lens when supported. ";
const char kContextMenuSearchWithGoogleLensName[] =
"Google Lens powered image search in the context menu.";
const char kContextMenuSearchWithGoogleLensDescription[] =
"Replaces default image search with an intent to Google Lens when "
const char kContextMenuShopWithGoogleLensName[] =
"Google Lens powered image search for shoppable images in the context "
const char kContextMenuShopWithGoogleLensDescription[] =
"Enable a menu item for a Shopping intent into Google Lens when supported. "
"By default replaces the Search with Google Lens option.";
const char kContextMenuSearchAndShopWithGoogleLensName[] =
"Additional menu item for Google Lens image search for shoppable images in "
"the context menu.";
const char kContextMenuSearchAndShopWithGoogleLensDescription[] =
"Display an additional menu item for a Shopping intent to Google Lens "
"below Search with Google Lens when Lens shopping feature is enabled";
const char kClientStorageAccessContextAuditingName[] =
"Access contexts for client-side storage";
const char kClientStorageAccessContextAuditingDescription[] =
"Record the first-party contexts in which client-side storage was accessed";
const char kClearCrossSiteCrossBrowsingContextGroupWindowNameName[] =
"Clear window name in top-level cross-site cross-browsing-context-group "
const char kClearCrossSiteCrossBrowsingContextGroupWindowNameDescription[] =
"Clear the preserved property when it's a top-level cross-site "
"navigation that swaps BrowsingContextGroup.";
const char kChromeTipsInMainMenuName[] =
"Show 'Tips for Chrome' in Help portion of main menu.";
const char kChromeTipsInMainMenuDescription[] =
"Enables 'Tips for Chrome' in main menu; the menu item will take users to "
"an official Google site with information about the latest and most "
"popular Chrome features.";
const char kChromeTipsInMainMenuNewBadgeName[] =
"Show 'New' promo badge on 'Tips for Chrome' in Help portion of main menu.";
const char kChromeTipsInMainMenuNewBadgeDescription[] =
"Enables 'New' promo badge on 'Tips for Chrome' in main menu; experiment to"
" test the value of this user education feature.";
const char kChromeWhatsNewUIName[] =
"Show Chrome What's New page at chrome://whats-new";
const char kChromeWhatsNewUIDescription[] =
"Enables Chrome What's New page at chrome://whats-new.";
const char kChromeWhatsNewInMainMenuNewBadgeName[] =
"Show 'New' badge on 'What's New' menu item.";
const char kChromeWhatsNewInMainMenuNewBadgeDescription[] =
"Enables 'New' promo badge on 'What's New' in the Help portion of the main "
const char kDarkLightTestName[] = "Dark/light mode of system UI";
const char kDarkLightTestDescription[] =
"Enables the dark/light mode of system UI, which includes shelf, launcher, "
"system tray etc.";
extern const char kDeviceForceScheduledRebootName[] =
"Enable DeviceScheduledReboot policy for all sessions.";
extern const char kDeviceForceScheduledRebootDescription[] =
"Schedule recurring reboot for the device. Reboots are always executed at "
"a scheduled time. If the session is active, user will be notified about "
"the reboot, but the reboot will not be delayed.";
const char kDevicePostureName[] = "Device Posture API";
const char kDevicePostureDescription[] =
"Enables Device Posture API (foldable devices)";
const char kDiscountConsentV2Name[] = "Discount Consent V2";
const char kDiscountConsentV2Description[] = "Enables Discount Consent V2";
const char kIsolatedAppOriginsName[] = "Isolated App Origins";
const char kIsolatedAppOriginsDescription[] =
"Enables Isolated App policy enforcement and related APIs (e.g. Direct "
"Sockets API) for development purposes for a set of origins, specified as "
"a comma-separated list.";
const char kDoubleBufferCompositingName[] = "Double buffered compositing";
const char kDoubleBufferCompositingDescription[] =
"Use double buffer for compositing (instead of triple-buffering). "
"Latency should be reduced in some cases. On the other hand, more skipped "
"frames are expected.";
const char kFontAccessAPIName[] = "Font Access APIs";
const char kFontAccessAPIDescription[] =
"Enables the experimental Font Access APIs, giving websites access "
"to enumerate local fonts and access their table data.";
const char kForceColorProfileSRGB[] = "sRGB";
const char kForceColorProfileP3[] = "Display P3 D65";
const char kForceColorProfileColorSpin[] = "Color spin with gamma 2.4";
const char kForceColorProfileSCRGBLinear[] =
"scRGB linear (HDR where available)";
const char kForceColorProfileHDR10[] = "HDR10 (HDR where available)";
const char kForceColorProfileName[] = "Force color profile";
const char kForceColorProfileDescription[] =
"Forces Chrome to use a specific color profile instead of the color "
"of the window's current monitor, as specified by the operating system.";
const char kDynamicColorGamutName[] = "Dynamic color gamut";
const char kDynamicColorGamutDescription[] =
"Displays in wide color when the content is wide. When the content is "
"not wide, displays sRGB";
const char kCooperativeSchedulingName[] = "Cooperative Scheduling";
const char kCooperativeSchedulingDescription[] =
"Enables cooperative scheduling in Blink.";
const char kDarkenWebsitesCheckboxInThemesSettingName[] =
"Darken websites checkbox in themes setting";
const char kDarkenWebsitesCheckboxInThemesSettingDescription[] =
"Show a darken websites checkbox in themes settings when system default or "
"dark is selected. The checkbox can toggle the auto-darkening web contents "
const char kDebugPackedAppName[] = "Debugging for packed apps";
const char kDebugPackedAppDescription[] =
"Enables debugging context menu options such as Inspect Element for packed "
const char kDebugShortcutsName[] = "Debugging keyboard shortcuts";
const char kDebugShortcutsDescription[] =
"Enables additional keyboard shortcuts that are useful for debugging Ash.";
const char kDisableProcessReuse[] = "Disable subframe process reuse";
const char kDisableProcessReuseDescription[] =
"Prevents out-of-process iframes from reusing compatible processes from "
"unrelated tabs. This is an experimental mode that will result in more "
"processes being created.";
const char kDisallowDocWrittenScriptsUiName[] =
"Block scripts loaded via document.write";
const char kDisallowDocWrittenScriptsUiDescription[] =
"Disallows fetches for third-party parser-blocking scripts inserted into "
"the main frame via document.write.";
const char kDocumentTransitionName[] = "documentTransition API";
const char kDocumentTransitionDescription[] =
"Controls the availability of the documentTransition JavaScript API.";
const char kEnableAutoDisableAccessibilityName[] = "Auto-disable Accessibility";
const char kEnableAutoDisableAccessibilityDescription[] =
"When accessibility APIs are no longer being requested, automatically "
"disables accessibility. This might happen if an assistive technology is "
"turned off or if an extension which uses accessibility APIs no longer "
"needs them.";
const char kEnableAutofillAddressSavePromptName[] =
"Autofill Address Save Prompts";
const char kEnableAutofillAddressSavePromptDescription[] =
"Enable the Autofill address save prompts.";
const char kEnableAutofillCreditCardAuthenticationName[] =
"Allow using platform authenticators to retrieve server cards";
const char kEnableAutofillCreditCardAuthenticationDescription[] =
"When enabled, users will be given the option to use a platform "
"authenticator (if available) to verify card ownership when retrieving "
"credit cards from Google Payments.";
const char
kEnableAutofillInfoBarAccountIndicationFooterForSingleAccountUsersName[] =
"Display InfoBar footers with account indication information for "
"single account users";
const char
[] = "When enabled and user has single account, a footer indicating "
"user's e-mail address will appear at the bottom of InfoBars "
"which has corresponding account indication footer flags on.";
const char kEnableAutofillInfoBarAccountIndicationFooterForSyncUsersName[] =
"Display InfoBar footers with account indication information for "
"sync users";
const char
kEnableAutofillInfoBarAccountIndicationFooterForSyncUsersDescription[] =
"When enabled and user is signed in, a footer indicating user's e-mail "
"address will appear at the bottom of InfoBars which has "
"corresponding account indication footer flags on.";
const char kEnableAutofillSaveCardInfoBarAccountIndicationFooterName[] =
"Display SaveCardInfoBar footer with account indication information";
const char kEnableAutofillSaveCardInfoBarAccountIndicationFooterDescription[] =
"When enabled, a footer indicating user's e-mail address will appear at "
"the bottom of SaveCardInfoBar.";
const char kEnableAutofillCreditCardUploadFeedbackName[] =
"Enable feedback for credit card upload flow";
const char kEnableAutofillCreditCardUploadFeedbackDescription[] =
"When enabled, if credit card upload succeeds, the avatar button will "
"show a highlight, otherwise the icon will be updated and if it is "
"clicked, the save card failure bubble will be shown.";
const char kEnableExperimentalCookieFeaturesName[] =
"Enable experimental cookie features";
const char kEnableExperimentalCookieFeaturesDescription[] =
"Enable new features that affect setting, sending, and managing cookies. "
"The enabled features are subject to change at any time.";
const char kEnableRawDrawName[] = "Enable raw draw";
const char kEnableRawDrawDescription[] =
"When enabled, web content will be rastered on output surface directly.";
const char kEnableDelegatedCompositingName[] = "Enable delegated compositing";
const char kEnableDelegatedCompositingDescription[] =
"When enabled and applicable, the act of compositing is delegated to Ash.";
const char kEnableRemovingAllThirdPartyCookiesName[] =
"Enable removing SameSite=None cookies";
const char kEnableRemovingAllThirdPartyCookiesDescription[] =
"Enables UI on chrome://settings/siteData to remove all third-party "
"cookies and site data.";
const char kEnableBrowsingDataLifetimeManagerName[] =
"Enables the BrowsingDataLifetimeManager service to run.";
const char kEnableBrowsingDataLifetimeManagerDescription[] =
"Enables the BrowsingDataLifetimeManager service to run and periodically "
"delete browsing data as specified by the BrowsingDataLifetime policy.";
const char kColorProviderRedirectionForThemeProviderName[] =
"Color Provider Redirection For Theme Provider";
const char kColorProviderRedirectionForThemeProviderDescription[] =
"Redirects color requests from the ThemeProvider to the ColorProvider "
"where possible.";
const char kDesktopPWAsAdditionalWindowingControlsName[] =
"Desktop PWA Window Minimize/maximize/restore";
const char kDesktopPWAsAdditionalWindowingControlsDescription[] =
"Enable PWAs to manually recreate the minimize, maximize and restore "
"window functionalities with respective APIs.";
const char kDesktopPWAsPrefixAppNameInWindowTitleName[] =
"Desktop PWAs prefix window title with app name.";
const char kDesktopPWAsPrefixAppNameInWindowTitleDescription[] =
"Prefix the window title of installed PWAs with the name of the PWA. On "
"ChromeOS this is visible only in the window/activity switcher.";
const char kDesktopPWAsRemoveStatusBarName[] = "Desktop PWAs remove status bar";
const char kDesktopPWAsRemoveStatusBarDescription[] =
"Hides the status bar popup in Desktop PWA app windows.";
const char kDesktopPWAsDefaultOfflinePageName[] =
"Desktop PWAs default offline page";
const char kDesktopPWAsDefaultOfflinePageDescription[] =
"Shows customised default offline page when web app is offline.";
const char kDesktopPWAsElidedExtensionsMenuName[] =
"Desktop PWAs elided extensions menu";
const char kDesktopPWAsElidedExtensionsMenuDescription[] =
"Moves the Extensions \"puzzle piece\" icon from the title bar into the "
"app menu for web app windows.";
const char kDesktopPWAsLaunchHandlerName[] = "Desktop PWA launch handler";
const char kDesktopPWAsLaunchHandlerDescription[] =
"Enable web app manifests to declare app launch behavior. Prototype "
"implementation of: "
const char kDesktopPWAsManifestIdName[] = "Desktop PWA manifest id";
const char kDesktopPWAsManifestIdDescription[] =
"Enable web app manifests to declare id. Prototype "
"implementation of: "
const char kDesktopPWAsTabStripName[] = "Desktop PWA tab strips";
const char kDesktopPWAsTabStripDescription[] =
"Experimental UI for exploring what PWA windows would look like with a tab "
const char kDesktopPWAsTabStripSettingsName[] =
"Desktop PWA tab strips settings";
const char kDesktopPWAsTabStripSettingsDescription[] =
"Experimental UI for selecting whether a PWA should open in tabbed mode.";
const char kDesktopPWAsSubAppsName[] = "Desktop PWA Sub Apps";
const char kDesktopPWAsSubAppsDescription[] =
"Enable installed PWAs to create shortcuts by installing their sub apps. "
"Prototype implementation of: "
const char kDesktopPWAsUrlHandlingName[] = "Desktop PWA URL handling";
const char kDesktopPWAsUrlHandlingDescription[] =
"Enable web app manifests to declare URL handling behavior. Prototype "
"implementation of: "
const char kDesktopPWAsWindowControlsOverlayName[] =
"Desktop PWA Window Controls Overlay";
const char kDesktopPWAsWindowControlsOverlayDescription[] =
"Enable web app manifests to declare Window Controls Overlay as a display "
"override. Prototype implementation of: "
const char kDesktopPWAsBorderlessName[] = "Desktop PWA Borderless";
const char kDesktopPWAsBorderlessDescription[] =
"Enable web app manifests to declare borderless mode as a display "
"override. Prototype implementation of: go/borderless-mode.";
const char kDesktopPWAsWebBundlesName[] = "Desktop PWAs Web Bundles";
const char kDesktopPWAsWebBundlesDescription[] =
"Adds support for web bundles, making web apps able to be launched "
const char kEnableMigrateDefaultChromeAppToWebAppsGSuiteName[] =
"Migrate default G Suite Chrome apps to web apps";
const char kEnableMigrateDefaultChromeAppToWebAppsGSuiteDescription[] =
"Enable the migration of default installed G Suite Chrome apps over to "
"their corresponding web apps.";
const char kEnableMigrateDefaultChromeAppToWebAppsNonGSuiteName[] =
"Migrate default non-G Suite Chrome apps to web apps";
const char kEnableMigrateDefaultChromeAppToWebAppsNonGSuiteDescription[] =
"Enable the migration of default installed non-G Suite Chrome apps over to "
"their corresponding web apps.";
const char kEnablePreinstalledWebAppDuplicationFixerName[] =
"Enable the app deduplication fix for migrated preinstalled web apps";
const char kEnablePreinstalledWebAppDuplicationFixerDescription[] =
"The preinstalled web app migration encountered app duplication issues "
"when it rolled out. This code path will attempt to re-migrate instances "
"of app duplication where the old app failed to stay removed. See "
const char kEnableTLS13EarlyDataName[] = "TLS 1.3 Early Data";
const char kEnableTLS13EarlyDataDescription[] =
"This option enables TLS 1.3 Early Data, allowing GET requests to be sent "
"during the handshake when resuming a connection to a compatible TLS 1.3 "
const char kEnhancedNetworkVoicesName[] = "Enhanced network voices";
const char kEnhancedNetworkVoicesDescription[] =
"This option enables high-quality, network-based voices in "
const char kAccessibilityOSSettingsVisibilityName[] =
"Accessibility OS Settings Visibility";
const char kAccessibilityOSSettingsVisibilityDescription[] =
"This option enables improvements in Accessibility OS Settings visibility.";
const char kPostQuantumCECPQ2Name[] = "TLS Post-Quantum Confidentiality";
const char kPostQuantumCECPQ2Description[] =
"This option enables a post-quantum (i.e. resistent to quantum computers) "
"key exchange algorithm in TLS (CECPQ2).";
const char kMacCoreLocationBackendName[] = "Core Location Backend";
const char kMacCoreLocationBackendDescription[] =
"Enables usage of the Core Location APIs as the backend for Geolocation "
const char kNewMacNotificationAPIName[] =
"Determines which notification API to use on macOS devices";
const char kNewMacNotificationAPIDescription[] =
"Enables the usage of Apple's new notification API which will run on macOS "
const char kWinrtGeolocationImplementationName[] =
"WinRT Geolocation Implementation";
const char kWinrtGeolocationImplementationDescription[] =
"Enables usage of the Windows.Devices.Geolocation WinRT APIs on Windows "
"for geolocation";
const char kEnableFencedFramesName[] = "Enable the <fencedframe> element.";
const char kEnableFencedFramesDescription[] =
"Fenced frames are an experimental web platform feature that allows "
"embedding an isolated top-level page. This requires "
"#privacy-sandbox-ads-apis to also be enabled. See "
const char kEnableFirmwareUpdaterAppName[] = "Enable firmware updater app";
const char kEnableFirmwareUpdaterAppDescription[] =
"Enable the firmware updater SWA, allowing users to update firmware "
"on supported peripherals.";
const char kEnableGamepadButtonAxisEventsName[] =
"Gamepad Button and Axis Events";
const char kEnableGamepadButtonAxisEventsDescription[] =
"Enables the ability to subscribe to changes in buttons and/or axes "
"on the gamepad object.";
const char kEnableGenericSensorExtraClassesName[] =
"Generic Sensor Extra Classes";
const char kEnableGenericSensorExtraClassesDescription[] =
"Enables an extra set of sensor classes based on Generic Sensor API, which "
"expose previously unavailable platform features, i.e. AmbientLightSensor "
"and Magnetometer interfaces.";
const char kEnableGpuServiceLoggingName[] = "Enable gpu service logging";
const char kEnableGpuServiceLoggingDescription[] =
"Enable printing the actual GL driver calls.";
const char kEnableIphName[] = "Enable IPH";
const char kEnableIphDescription[] =
"Enables the ability to show IPH. When disabled, IPHs are disabled system "
const char kEnableIsolatedWebAppsName[] = "Enable Isolated Web Apps";
const char kEnableIsolatedWebAppsDescription[] =
"Enables experimental support for isolated web apps. "
"See for more information.";
const char kEnablePrivatePrefetchProxyName[] =
"Enables prefetching using the prefetch proxy";
const char kEnablePrivatePrefetchProxyDescription[] =
"Enables for prefetches to be made using the prefetch proxy when specified "
"via the speculation rules API. When enabled, will allow prefetches from "
"all domains without any limit on the number of prefetches.";
const char kEnableRgbKeyboardName[] = "Enable RGB Keyboard Support";
const char kEnableRgbKeyboardDescription[] =
"Enable RGB Keyboard support on supported devices.";
const char kEnableShortcutCustomizationAppName[] =
"Enable shortcut customization app";
const char kEnableShortcutCustomizationAppDescription[] =
"Enable the shortcut customization SWA, allowing users to customize system "
const char kExperimentalRgbKeyboardPatternsName[] =
"Enable experimental RGB Keyboard patterns support";
const char kExperimentalRgbKeyboardPatternsDescription[] =
"Enable experimental RGB Keyboard patterns support on supported devices.";
const char kDownloadAutoResumptionNativeName[] =
"Enable download auto-resumption in native";
const char kDownloadAutoResumptionNativeDescription[] =
"Enables download auto-resumption in native";
const char kDownloadBubbleName[] = "Enable download bubble";
const char kDownloadBubbleDescription[] =
"Enables the download bubble instead of the download shelf.";
const char kDownloadBubbleV2Name[] = "Enable download bubble V2";
const char kDownloadBubbleV2Description[] =
"Adds features to the download bubble not available on the download shelf. "
"Only works if the base download bubble flag download-bubble is also "
const char kDownloadLaterName[] = "Enable download later";
const char kDownloadLaterDescription[] = "Enables download later feature.";
const char kDownloadLaterDebugOnWifiName[] =
"Show download later dialog on WIFI.";
const char kDownloadLaterDebugOnWifiNameDescription[] =
"Show download later dialog on WIFI.";
const char kDownloadRangeName[] = "Enable download range support";
const char kDownloadRangeDescription[] =
"Enables arbitrary download range request support.";
const char kEnableNetworkLoggingToFileName[] = "Enable network logging to file";
const char kEnableNetworkLoggingToFileDescription[] =
"Enables network logging to a file named netlog.json in the user data "
"directory. The file can be imported into chrome://net-internals.";
const char kEnableNewDownloadBackendName[] = "Enable new download backend";
const char kEnableNewDownloadBackendDescription[] =
"Enables the new download backend that uses offline content provider";
const char kEnablePortalsName[] = "Enable Portals.";
const char kEnablePortalsDescription[] =
"Portals are an experimental web platform feature that allows embedding"
" and seamless transitions between pages."
" See and";
const char kEnablePortalsCrossOriginName[] = "Enable cross-origin Portals.";
const char kEnablePortalsCrossOriginDescription[] =
"Allows portals to load cross-origin URLs in addition to same-origin ones."
" Has no effect if Portals are not enabled.";
const char kEnableTranslateSubFramesName[] = "Translate sub frames";
const char kEnableTranslateSubFramesDescription[] =
"Enable the translation of sub frames (as well as the main frame)";
const char kEnableWindowsGamingInputDataFetcherName[] =
"Enable Windows.Gaming.Input";
const char kEnableWindowsGamingInputDataFetcherDescription[] =
"Enable Windows.Gaming.Input by default to provide game controller "
"support on Windows 10 desktop.";
const char kBlockInsecurePrivateNetworkRequestsName[] =
"Block insecure private network requests.";
const char kBlockInsecurePrivateNetworkRequestsDescription[] =
"Prevents non-secure contexts from making subresource requests to "
"more-private IP addresses. See also: "
const char kPrivateNetworkAccessSendPreflightsName[] =
"Send Private Network Access preflights";
const char kPrivateNetworkAccessSendPreflightsDescription[] =
"Enables sending Private Network Access preflights ahead of requests to "
"more-private IP addresses. Failed preflights display warnings in DevTools "
"without failing entire request. See also: "
const char kPrivateNetworkAccessRespectPreflightResultsName[] =
"Respect the result of Private Network Access preflights";
const char kPrivateNetworkAccessRespectPreflightResultsDescription[] =
"Enables sending Private Network Access preflights ahead of requests to "
"more-private IP addresses. These preflight requests must succeed in order "
"for the request to proceed. See also: "
const char kDeprecateAltClickName[] =
"Enable Alt+Click deprecation notifications";
const char kDeprecateAltClickDescription[] =
"Start providing notifications about Alt+Click deprecation and enable "
"Search+Click as an alternative.";
const char kDeprecateAltBasedSixPackName[] =
"Deprecate Alt based six-pack (PgUp, PgDn, Home, End, Delete, Insert)";
const char kDeprecateAltBasedSixPackDescription[] =
"Show deprecation notifications and disable functionality for Alt based "
"six pack deprecations. The Search based versions continue to work.";
const char kExperimentalAccessibilityLanguageDetectionName[] =
"Experimental accessibility language detection";
const char kExperimentalAccessibilityLanguageDetectionDescription[] =
"Enable language detection for in-page content which is then exposed to "
"assistive technologies such as screen readers.";
const char kExperimentalAccessibilityLanguageDetectionDynamicName[] =
"Experimental accessibility language detection for dynamic content";
const char kExperimentalAccessibilityLanguageDetectionDynamicDescription[] =
"Enable language detection for dynamic content which is then exposed to "
"assistive technologies such as screen readers.";
const char kCompositorThreadedScrollbarScrollingName[] =
"Compositor threaded scrollbar scrolling";
const char kCompositorThreadedScrollbarScrollingDescription[] =
"Enables pointer-based scrollbar scrolling on the compositor thread "
"instead of the main thread";
const char kMemlogName[] = "Chrome heap profiler start mode.";
const char kMemlogDescription[] =
"Starts heap profiling service that records sampled memory allocation "
"profile having each sample attributed with a callstack. "
"The sampling resolution is controlled with --memlog-sampling-rate flag. "
"Recorded heap dumps can be obtained at chrome://tracing "
"[category:memory-infra] and chrome://memory-internals. This setting "
"controls which processes will be profiled since their start. To profile "
"any given process at a later time use chrome://memory-internals page.";
const char kMemlogModeMinimal[] = "Browser and GPU";
const char kMemlogModeAll[] = "All processes";
const char kMemlogModeAllRenderers[] = "All renderers";
const char kMemlogModeRendererSampling[] = "Single renderer";
const char kMemlogModeBrowser[] = "Browser only";
const char kMemlogModeGpu[] = "GPU only";
const char kMemlogSamplingRateName[] =
"Heap profiling sampling interval (in bytes).";
const char kMemlogSamplingRateDescription[] =
"Heap profiling service uses Poisson process to sample allocations. "
"Default value for the interval between samples is 1000000 (1MB). "
"This results in low noise for large and/or frequent allocations "
"[size * frequency >> 1MB]. This means that aggregate numbers [e.g. "
"total size of malloc-ed objects] and large and/or frequent allocations "
"can be trusted with high fidelity. "
"Lower intervals produce higher samples resolution, but come at a cost of "
"higher performance overhead.";
const char kMemlogSamplingRate10KB[] = "10KB";
const char kMemlogSamplingRate50KB[] = "50KB";
const char kMemlogSamplingRate100KB[] = "100KB";
const char kMemlogSamplingRate500KB[] = "500KB";
const char kMemlogSamplingRate1MB[] = "1MB";
const char kMemlogSamplingRate5MB[] = "5MB";
const char kMemlogStackModeName[] = "Heap profiling stack traces type.";
const char kMemlogStackModeDescription[] =
"By default heap profiling service records native stacks. "
"A post-processing step is required to symbolize the stacks. "
"'Native with thread names' adds the thread name as the first frame of "
"each native stack. It's also possible to record a pseudo stack using "
"trace events as identifiers. It's also possible to do a mix of both.";
const char kMemlogStackModeNative[] = "Native";
const char kMemlogStackModeNativeWithThreadNames[] = "Native with thread names";
const char kEditContextName[] = "EditContext API";
const char kEditContextDescription[] =
"Allows web pages to use the experimental EditContext API to better "
"control text input.";
const char kEnableAutomaticSnoozeName[] = "Enable Automatic Snooze";
const char kEnableAutomaticSnoozeDescription[] =
"Enables automatic snoozing on In-Product Help with no snooze button.";
const char kEnableLensFullscreenSearchFlagId[] =
const char kEnableLensFullscreenSearchName[] =
"Enable Lens fullscreen search features.";
const char kEnableLensFullscreenSearchDescription[] =
"Enables Lens fullscreen search features.";
const char kEnableLensStandaloneFlagId[] = "enable-lens-standalone";
const char kEnableLensStandaloneName[] = "Enable Lens features in Chrome.";
const char kEnableLensStandaloneDescription[] =
"Enables Lens image and region search to learn about the visual content "
"you see while you browse and shop on the web.";
const char kEnableManagedConfigurationWebApiName[] =
"Enable Managed Configuration Web API";
const char kEnableManagedConfigurationWebApiDescription[] =
"Allows website to access a managed configuration provided by the device "
"administrator for the origin.";
const char kEnablePenetratingImageSelectionName[] =
"Penetrating Image Selection";
const char kEnablePenetratingImageSelectionDescription[] =
"Enables image options to be surfaced in the context menu for nodes "
"covered by transparent overlays.";
const char kEnablePixelCanvasRecordingName[] = "Enable pixel canvas recording";
const char kEnablePixelCanvasRecordingDescription[] =
"Pixel canvas recording allows the compositor to raster contents aligned "
"with the pixel and improves text rendering. This should be enabled when a "
"device is using fractional scale factor.";
const char kReduceHorizontalFlingVelocityName[] =
"Reduce horizontal fling velocity";
const char kReduceHorizontalFlingVelocityDescription[] =
"Reduces the velocity of horizontal flings to 20% of their original"
const char kEnableCssSelectorFragmentAnchorName[] =
"Enables CSS selector fragment anchors";
const char kEnableCssSelectorFragmentAnchorDescription[] =
"Similar to text directives, CSS selector directives can be specified "
"in a url which is to be scrolled into view and highlighted.";
const char kRetailCouponsName[] = "Enable to fetch for retail coupons";
const char kRetailCouponsDescription[] =
"Allow to fetch retail coupons for consented users";
const char kEnableResamplingInputEventsName[] =
"Enable resampling input events";
const char kEnableResamplingInputEventsDescription[] =
"Predicts mouse and touch inputs position at rAF time based on previous "
const char kEnableResamplingScrollEventsName[] =
"Enable resampling scroll events";
const char kEnableResamplingScrollEventsDescription[] =
"Predicts the scroll amount at vsync time based on previous input";
const char kEnableResamplingScrollEventsExperimentalPredictionName[] =
"Enable experimental prediction for scroll events";
const char kEnableResamplingScrollEventsExperimentalPredictionDescription[] =
"Predicts the scroll amount after the vsync time to more closely match "
"when the frame is visible.";
const char kEnableRestrictedWebApisName[] =
"Enable the restriced web APIs for high-trusted apps.";
const char kEnableRestrictedWebApisDescription[] =
"Enable the restricted web APIs for dev trial. This will be replaced with "
"permission policies to control the capabilities afterwards.";
const char kEnableUseZoomForDsfName[] =
"Use Blink's zoom for device scale factor.";
const char kEnableUseZoomForDsfDescription[] =
"If enabled, Blink uses its zooming mechanism to scale content for device "
"scale factor.";
const char kEnableUseZoomForDsfChoiceDefault[] = "Default";
const char kEnableUseZoomForDsfChoiceEnabled[] = "Enabled";
const char kEnableUseZoomForDsfChoiceDisabled[] = "Disabled";
const char kEnableWebAuthenticationCableDiscoCredsName[] =
"Discoverable credentials over caBLEv2";
const char kEnableWebAuthenticationCableDiscoCredsDescription[] =
"Enable the creation and use of Web Authentication discoverable "
"credentials over the caBLEv2 transport";
const char kEnableWebAuthenticationChromeOSAuthenticatorName[] =
"ChromeOS platform Web Authentication support";
const char kEnableWebAuthenticationChromeOSAuthenticatorDescription[] =
"Enable the ChromeOS platform authenticator for the Web Authentication "
const char kEnableZeroCopyTabCaptureName[] = "Zero-copy tab capture";
const char kEnableZeroCopyTabCaptureDescription[] =
"Enable zero-copy content tab for getDisplayMedia() APIs.";
const char kExperimentalWebAssemblyFeaturesName[] = "Experimental WebAssembly";
const char kExperimentalWebAssemblyFeaturesDescription[] =
"Enable web pages to use experimental WebAssembly features.";
const char kExperimentalWebAssemblyStackSwitchingName[] =
"Experimental WebAssembly Stack Switching";
const char kExperimentalWebAssemblyStackSwitchingDescription[] =
"Enable web pages to use experimental WebAssembly stack switching "
const char kEnableWasmBaselineName[] = "WebAssembly baseline compiler";
const char kEnableWasmBaselineDescription[] =
"Enables WebAssembly baseline compilation and tier up.";
const char kEnableWasmLazyCompilationName[] = "WebAssembly lazy compilation";
const char kEnableWasmLazyCompilationDescription[] =
"Enables lazy (JIT on first call) compilation of WebAssembly modules.";
const char kEnableWasmTieringName[] = "WebAssembly tiering";
const char kEnableWasmTieringDescription[] =
"Enables tiered compilation of WebAssembly (will tier up to TurboFan if "
"#enable-webassembly-baseline is enabled).";
const char kEvDetailsInPageInfoName[] = "EV certificate details in Page Info.";
const char kEvDetailsInPageInfoDescription[] =
"Shows the EV certificate details in the Page Info bubble.";
const char kExperimentalWebPlatformFeaturesName[] =
"Experimental Web Platform features";
const char kExperimentalWebPlatformFeaturesDescription[] =
"Enables experimental Web Platform features that are in development.";
const char kExtensionContentVerificationName[] =
"Extension Content Verification";
const char kExtensionContentVerificationDescription[] =
"This flag can be used to turn on verification that the contents of the "
"files on disk for extensions from the webstore match what they're "
"expected to be. This can be used to turn on this feature if it would not "
"otherwise have been turned on, but cannot be used to turn it off (because "
"this setting can be tampered with by malware).";
const char kExtensionContentVerificationBootstrap[] =
"Bootstrap (get expected hashes, but do not enforce them)";
const char kExtensionContentVerificationEnforce[] =
"Enforce (try to get hashes, and enforce them if successful)";
const char kExtensionContentVerificationEnforceStrict[] =
"Enforce strict (hard fail if we can't get hashes)";
const char kExtensionsMenuAccessControlName[] =
"Extensions Menu Access Control";
const char kExtensionsMenuAccessControlDescription[] =
"Enables a redesigned extensions menu that allows the user to control "
"extensions site access.";
const char kExtensionsOnChromeUrlsName[] = "Extensions on chrome:// URLs";
const char kExtensionsOnChromeUrlsDescription[] =
"Enables running extensions on chrome:// URLs, where extensions explicitly "
"request this permission.";
const char kFilteringScrollPredictionName[] = "Filtering scroll prediction";
const char kFilteringScrollPredictionDescription[] =
"Enable filtering of predicted scroll events";
const char kFractionalScrollOffsetsName[] = "Fractional Scroll Offsets";
const char kFractionalScrollOffsetsDescription[] =
"Enables fractional scroll offsets inside Blink, exposing non-integer "
"offsets to web APIs.";
const char kFedCmName[] = "FedCM";
const char kFedCmDescription[] =
"Enables JavaScript API to intermediate federated identity requests.";
const char kFileHandlingAPIName[] = "File Handling API";
const char kFileHandlingAPIDescription[] =
"Enables the file handling API, allowing websites to register as file "
const char kFileHandlingIconsName[] = "File Handling Icons";
const char kFileHandlingIconsDescription[] =
"Allows websites using the file handling API to also register file type "
"icons. See "
"for more information.";
const char kFillingAcrossAffiliatedWebsitesName[] =
"Fill passwords across affiliated websites.";
const char kFillingAcrossAffiliatedWebsitesDescription[] =
"Enables filling password on a website when there is saved "
"password on affiliated website.";
const char kFillOnAccountSelectName[] = "Fill passwords on account selection";
const char kFillOnAccountSelectDescription[] =
"Filling of passwords when an account is explicitly selected by the user "
"rather than autofilling credentials on page load.";
const char kForceTextDirectionName[] = "Force text direction";
const char kForceTextDirectionDescription[] =
"Explicitly force the per-character directionality of UI text to "
"left-to-right (LTR) or right-to-left (RTL) mode, overriding the default "
"direction of the character language.";
const char kForceDirectionLtr[] = "Left-to-right";
const char kForceDirectionRtl[] = "Right-to-left";
const char kForceUiDirectionName[] = "Force UI direction";
const char kForceUiDirectionDescription[] =
"Explicitly force the UI to left-to-right (LTR) or right-to-left (RTL) "
"mode, overriding the default direction of the UI language.";
const char kFullUserAgentName[] = "Full User-Agent request header";
const char kFullUserAgentDescription[] =
"If set, use the full (non-reduced) user agent string for the User-Agent "
"request header and the JS APIs.";
const char kGlobalMediaControlsModernUIName[] =
"Global Media Controls Modern UI";
const char kGlobalMediaControlsModernUIDescription[] =
"Use a redesigned version of the Global Media Controls UI. Requires "
"#global-media-controls to also be enabled.";
const char kOpenscreenCastStreamingSessionName[] =
"Enable Open Screen Library (libcast) as the Mirroring Service's Cast "
"Streaming implementation";
const char kOpenscreenCastStreamingSessionDescription[] =
"Enables Open Screen Library's (libcast) Cast Streaming implementation to "
"be used for negotiating and executing mirroring and remoting sessions.";
const char kCastStreamingAv1Name[] =
"Enable AV1 codec video encoding in Cast mirroring sessions";
const char kCastStreamingAv1Description[] =
"Enables the inclusion of AV1 codec video encoding in Cast mirroring "
"session negotiations.";
const char kCastStreamingVp9Name[] =
"Enable VP9 codec video encoding in Cast mirroring sessions";
const char kCastStreamingVp9Description[] =
"Enables the inclusion of VP9 codec video encoding in Cast mirroring "
"session negotiations.";
const char kCastUseBlocklistForRemotingQueryName[] =
"Use blocklist for controlling remoting capabilities queries";
const char kCastUseBlocklistForRemotingQueryDescription[] =
"Enables the use of the hard-coded blocklist for controlling whether a "
"device should be queried for remoting capabilities when configuring a "
"mirroring session.";
const char kCastForceEnableRemotingQueryName[] =
"Force enable remoting capabilities queries";
const char kCastForceEnableRemotingQueryDescription[] =
"Enables querying for remoting capabilities for ALL devices, regardless of "
"the contents of the allowlist or blocklist.";
const char kGpuRasterizationName[] = "GPU rasterization";
const char kGpuRasterizationDescription[] = "Use GPU to rasterize web content.";
const char kContextualPageActionsWithPriceTrackingName[] =
"Contextual page actions with price tracking";
const char kContextualPageActionsWithPriceTrackingDescription[] =
"Enables price tracking as a contextual page action.";
const char kHandwritingGestureEditingName[] = "Handwriting Gestures Editing";
const char kHandwritingGestureEditingDescription[] =
"Enables editing with handwriting gestures within the virtual keyboard.";
const char kHandwritingLegacyRecognitionName[] =
"Handwriting Legacy Recognition";
const char kHandwritingLegacyRecognitionDescription[] =
"Enables new on-device recognition for handwriting legacy paths.";
const char kHandwritingLegacyRecognitionAllLangName[] =
"Handwriting Legacy Recognition All Languages";
const char kHandwritingLegacyRecognitionAllLangDescription[] =
"Enables new on-device recognition for handwriting legacy paths in all "
"supported languages.";
const char kHardwareMediaKeyHandling[] = "Hardware Media Key Handling";
const char kHardwareMediaKeyHandlingDescription[] =
"Enables using media keys to control the active media session. This "
"requires MediaSessionService to be enabled too";
const char kHeavyAdPrivacyMitigationsName[] = "Heavy ad privacy mitigations";
const char kHeavyAdPrivacyMitigationsDescription[] =
"Enables privacy mitigations for the heavy ad intervention. Disabling "
"this makes the intervention deterministic. Defaults to enabled.";
const char kHeavyAdInterventionName[] = "Heavy Ad Intervention";
const char kHeavyAdInterventionDescription[] =
"Unloads ads that use too many device resources.";
const char kHiddenNetworkMigrationName[] = "Hidden Network Migration";
const char kHiddenNetworkMigrationDescription[] =
"Enables a privacy improvement that removes wrongly configured hidden"
"networks and mitigates the creation of these networks.";
const char kHideShelfControlsInTabletModeName[] =
"Hide shelf control buttons in tablet mode.";
const char kHideShelfControlsInTabletModeDescription[] =
"Hides home, back, and overview button from the shelf while the device is "
"in tablet mode. Predicated on shelf-hotseat feature being enabled.";
const char kTabAudioMutingName[] = "Tab audio muting UI control";
const char kTabAudioMutingDescription[] =
"When enabled, the audio indicators in the tab strip double as tab audio "
"mute controls.";
const char kTabSearchMediaTabsId[] = "tab-search-media-tabs";
const char kTabSearchMediaTabsName[] = "Tab Search Media Tabs";
const char kTabSearchMediaTabsDescription[] =
"Enable indicators on media tabs in Tab Search.";
const char kTabSwitcherOnReturnName[] = "Tab switcher on return";
const char kTabSwitcherOnReturnDescription[] =
"Enable tab switcher on return after specified time has elapsed";
const char kHttpsOnlyModeName[] = "HTTPS-First Mode Setting";
const char kHttpsOnlyModeDescription[] =
"Adds a setting under chrome://settings/security to opt-in to HTTPS-First "
const char kIgnoreGpuBlocklistName[] = "Override software rendering list";
const char kIgnoreGpuBlocklistDescription[] =
"Overrides the built-in software rendering list and enables "
"GPU-acceleration on unsupported system configurations.";
const char kIgnoreSyncEncryptionKeysLongMissingName[] =
"Ignore Chrome Sync encryption keys long missing";
const char kIgnoreSyncEncryptionKeysLongMissingDescription[] =
"Drops pending encrypted updates if their key has been missing for a "
"(configurable) number of consecutive GetUpdates. Restarting the browser "
"resets the counter. The threshold is configurable via the "
"MinGuResponsesToIgnoreKey feature parameter.";
const char kImprovedDesksKeyboardShortcutsName[] =
"Enable improved desks keyboard shortcuts";
const char kImprovedDesksKeyboardShortcutsDescription[] =
"Enable keyboard shortcuts for activating desks at specific indices and "
"toggling whether a window is assigned to all desks. Must be used with "
"the #improved-keyboard-shortcuts flag.";
const char kImprovedKeyboardShortcutsName[] =
"Enable improved keyboard shortcuts";
const char kImprovedKeyboardShortcutsDescription[] =
"Ensure keyboard shortcuts work consistently with international keyboard "
"layouts and deprecate legacy shortcuts.";
const char kImpulseScrollAnimationsName[] = "Impulse-style scroll animations";
const char kImpulseScrollAnimationsDescription[] =
"Replaces the default scroll animation with Impulse-style scroll "
const char kIncognitoBrandConsistencyForAndroidName[] =
"Enable Incognito brand consistency in Android.";
const char kIncognitoBrandConsistencyForAndroidDescription[] =
"When enabled, keeps Incognito UI consistent regardless of any selected "
const char kIncognitoDownloadsWarningName[] =
"Enable Incognito downloads warning";
const char kIncognitoDownloadsWarningDescription[] =
"When enabled, users will be warned that downloaded files are saved on the "
"device and might be seen by other users even if they are in Incognito.";
const char kIncognitoReauthenticationForAndroidName[] =
"Enable device reauthentication for Incognito.";
const char kIncognitoReauthenticationForAndroidDescription[] =
"When enabled, a setting appears in Settings > Privacy and Security, to "
"enable reauthentication for accessing your existing Incognito tabs.";
const char kUpdateHistoryEntryPointsInIncognitoName[] =
"Update history entry points in Incognito.";
const char kUpdateHistoryEntryPointsInIncognitoDescription[] =
"When enabled, the entry points to history UI from Incognito mode will be "
"removed for iOS and Desktop. An educative placeholder will be shown for "
"Android history page.";
const char kIncognitoNtpRevampName[] = "Revamped Incognito New Tab Page";
const char kIncognitoNtpRevampDescription[] =
"When enabled, Incognito new tab page will have an updated UI";
const char kIncognitoScreenshotName[] = "Incognito Screenshot";
const char kIncognitoScreenshotDescription[] =
"Enables Incognito screenshots on Android. It will also make Incognito "
"thumbnails visible.";
const char kInitialNavigationEntryName[] = "Initial NavigationEntry";
const char kInitialNavigationEntryDescription[] =
"Enables creation of initial NavigationEntry on tab creation.";
const char kInProductHelpDemoModeChoiceName[] = "In-Product Help Demo Mode";
const char kInProductHelpDemoModeChoiceDescription[] =
"Selects the In-Product Help demo mode.";
const char kInProductHelpSnoozeName[] = "In-Product Help Snooze";
const char kInProductHelpSnoozeDescription[] =
"Enables the snooze button on In-Product Help.";
const char kInProductHelpUseClientConfigName[] = "IPH Use Client Config";
const char kInProductHelpUseClientConfigDescription[] =
"Enable In-Product Help to use client side configuration.";
const char kInstallIssolatedAppsAtStartup[] =
"Install Isolated Apps at Startup";
const char kInstallIssolatedAppsAtStartupDescription[] =
"Isolated application URLs that Chrome should install during startup, "
"specified as a comma-separated list";
const char kInstalledAppsInCbdName[] = "Installed Apps in Clear Browsing Data";
const char kInstalledAppsInCbdDescription[] =
"Adds the installed apps warning dialog to the clear browsing data flow "
"which allows users to protect installed apps' data from being deleted.";
const char kJavascriptHarmonyName[] = "Experimental JavaScript";
const char kJavascriptHarmonyDescription[] =
"Enable web pages to use experimental JavaScript features.";
const char kJavascriptHarmonyShippingName[] =
"Latest stable JavaScript features";
const char kJavascriptHarmonyShippingDescription[] =
"Some web pages use legacy or non-standard JavaScript extensions that may "
"conflict with the latest JavaScript features. This flag allows disabling "
"support of those features for compatibility with such pages.";
const char kJourneysName[] = "History Journeys";
const char kJourneysDescription[] = "Enables the History Journeys UI.";
const char kJourneysLabelsName[] = "History Journeys Labels";
const char kJourneysLabelsDescription[] =
"Enables labels for Journeys within the History Journeys UI.";
const char kJourneysOmniboxActionName[] = "History Journeys Omnibox Action";
const char kJourneysOmniboxActionDescription[] =
"Enables the History Journeys Omnibox Action.";
const char kJourneysOmniboxHistoryClusterProviderName[] =
"History Journeys Omnibox History Cluster Provider";
const char kJourneysOmniboxHistoryClusterProviderDescription[] =
"Enables the History Journeys Omnibox History Cluster Provider to surface "
"Journeys as a suggestion row instead of an action chip.";
const char kJourneysOnDeviceClusteringBackendName[] =
"History Journeys On-Device Clustering Backend";
const char kJourneysOnDeviceClusteringBackendDescription[] =
"Enables variations for the on-device clustering backend";
const char kJourneysOnDeviceClusteringKeywordFilteringName[] =
"History Journeys On-Device Clustering Keyword Filtering";
const char kJourneysOnDeviceClusteringKeywordFilteringDescription[] =
"Enables variations for the keywords output by the on-device clustering "
"for Journeys";
const char kLargeFaviconFromGoogleName[] = "Large favicons from Google";
const char kLargeFaviconFromGoogleDescription[] =
"Request large favicons from Google's favicon service";
const char kLensCameraAssistedSearchName[] =
"Google Lens in Omnibox and New Tab Page";
const char kLensCameraAssistedSearchDescription[] =
"Enable an entry point to Google Lens to allow users to search what they "
"see using their mobile camera.";
const char kLocationBarModelOptimizationsName[] =
"LocationBarModel optimizations";
const char kLocationBarModelOptimizationsDescription[] =
"Cache commonly used data in LocationBarModel to improve performance";
const char kLogJsConsoleMessagesName[] =
"Log JS console messages in system logs";
const char kLogJsConsoleMessagesDescription[] =
"Enable logging JS console messages in system logs, please note that they "
"may contain PII.";
const char kUnthrottledNestedTimeoutName[] =
"Increase the nesting threshold before which setTimeout(..., <4ms) start "
"being clamped.";
const char kUnthrottledNestedTimeoutDescription[] =
"setTimeout(..., 0) is commonly used to break down long Javascript tasks. "
"Under this flag, setTimeouts and setIntervals with an interval < 4ms are "
"not clamped as aggressively. This improves short horizon performance, but "
"websites abusing the API will still eventually have their setTimeouts "
const char kMediaRouterCastAllowAllIPsName[] =
"Connect to Cast devices on all IP addresses";
const char kMediaRouterCastAllowAllIPsDescription[] =
"Have the Media Router connect to Cast devices on all IP addresses, not "
"just RFC1918/RFC4193 private addresses.";
const char kMediaSessionWebRTCName[] = "Enable WebRTC actions in Media Session";
const char kMediaSessionWebRTCDescription[] =
"Adds new actions into Media Session for video conferencing.";
const char kMetricsSettingsAndroidName[] = "Metrics Settings on Android";
const char kMetricsSettingsAndroidDescription[] =
"Enables the new design of metrics settings.";
const char kMojoLinuxChannelSharedMemName[] =
"Enable Mojo Shared Memory Channel";
const char kMojoLinuxChannelSharedMemDescription[] =
"If enabled Mojo on Linux based platforms can use shared memory as an "
"alternate channel for most messages.";
const char kMouseSubframeNoImplicitCaptureName[] =
"Disable mouse implicit capture for iframe";
const char kMouseSubframeNoImplicitCaptureDescription[] =
"When enable, mouse down does not implicit capture for iframe.";
const char kCanvas2DLayersName[] =
"Enables canvas 2D methods BeginLayer and EndLayer";
const char kCanvas2DLayersDescription[] =
"Enables the canvas 2D methods BeginLayer and EndLayer.";
const char kEnableMachineLearningModelLoaderWebPlatformApiName[] =
"Enables Machine Learning Model Loader Web Platform API";
const char kEnableMachineLearningModelLoaderWebPlatformApiDescription[] =
"Enables the Machine Learning Model Loader Web Platform API.";
const char kSystemProxyForSystemServicesName[] =
"Enable system-proxy for selected system services";
const char kSystemProxyForSystemServicesDescription[] =
"Enabling this flag will allow ChromeOS system service which require "
"network connectivity to use the system-proxy daemon for authentication to "
"remote HTTP web proxies.";
const char kDestroyProfileOnBrowserCloseName[] =
"Destroy Profile on browser close";
const char kDestroyProfileOnBrowserCloseDescription[] =
"Release memory and other resources when a Profile's last browser window "
"is closed, rather than when Chrome closes completely.";
const char kDestroySystemProfilesName[] = "Destroy System Profile";
const char kDestroySystemProfilesDescription[] =
"After you close the Profile Picker, release memory and other resources "
"owned by the System Profile. This requires "
const char kNotificationsRevampName[] = "Notifications Revamp";
const char kNotificationsRevampDescription[] =
"Enable notification UI revamp and grouped web notifications.";
const char kNotificationSchedulerName[] = "Notification scheduler";
const char kNotificationSchedulerDescription[] =
"Enable notification scheduler feature.";
const char kNotificationSchedulerDebugOptionName[] =
"Notification scheduler debug options";
const char kNotificationSchedulerDebugOptionDescription[] =
"Enable debugging mode to override certain behavior of notification "
"scheduler system for easier manual testing.";
const char kNotificationSchedulerImmediateBackgroundTaskDescription[] =
"Show scheduled notification right away.";
const char kNotificationsSystemFlagName[] = "Enable system notifications.";
const char kNotificationsSystemFlagDescription[] =
"Enable support for using the system notification toasts and notification "
"center on platforms where these are available.";
const char kOmitCorsClientCertName[] =
"Omit TLS client certificates if credential mode disallows";
const char kOmitCorsClientCertDescription[] =
"Strictly conform the Fetch spec to omit TLS client certificates if "
"credential mode disallows. Without this flag enabled, Chrome will always "
"try sending client certificates regardless of the credential mode.";
const char kOmniboxActiveSearchEnginesName[] =
"Active Search Engines section on settings page";
const char kOmniboxActiveSearchEnginesDescription[] =
"Enables a 'Your Search Engines' section on "
const char kOmniboxAdaptiveSuggestionsCountName[] =
"Adaptive Omnibox Suggestions count";
const char kOmniboxAdaptiveSuggestionsCountDescription[] =
"Dynamically adjust number of presented Omnibox suggestions depending on "
"available space. When enabled, this feature will increase (or decrease) "
"amount of offered Omnibox suggestions to fill in the space between the "
"Omnibox and soft keyboard (if any). See also Max Autocomplete Matches "
"flag to adjust the limit of offered suggestions. The number of shown "
"suggestions will be no less than the platform default limit.";
const char kOmniboxAggregateShortcutsName[] = "Omnibox Aggregate Shortcuts";
const char kOmniboxAggregateShortcutsDescription[] =
"When enabled, duplicate shortcuts matching the user input will be given "
"an aggregate score; when disabled, they'll be scored independently";
const char kOmniboxAssistantVoiceSearchName[] =
"Omnibox Assistant Voice Search";
const char kOmniboxAssistantVoiceSearchDescription[] =
"When enabled, use Assistant for omnibox voice query recognition instead of"
" Android's built-in voice recognition service. Only works on Android.";
const char kOmniboxBlurWithEscapeName[] = "Omnibox Blur with Escape";
const char kOmniboxBlurWithEscapeDescription[] =
"When enabled, pressing escape when the omnibox is focused without user "
"input will blur the omnibox and focus the web page.";
const char kOmniboxBookmarkPathsName[] = "Omnibox Bookmark Paths";
const char kOmniboxBookmarkPathsDescription[] =
"Allows inputs to match with bookmark paths. E.g. 'planets jupiter' can "
"suggest a bookmark titled 'Jupiter' with URL "
"'' located in a path containing 'planet.'";
const char kOmniboxClosePopupWithEscapeName[] =
"Omnibox Close Popup with Escape";
const char kOmniboxClosePopupWithEscapeDescription[] =
"When enabled, pressing escape when the omnibox popup is open and the "
"default suggestion is selected will close the omnibox without removing "
"its focus or clearing user input.";
const char kOmniboxDisableCGIParamMatchingName[] =
"Disable CGI Param Name Matching";
const char kOmniboxDisableCGIParamMatchingDescription[] =
"Disables using matches in CGI parameter names while scoring suggestions.";
const char kOmniboxDocumentProviderAsoName[] = "Omnibox Document Provider ASO";
const char kOmniboxDocumentProviderAsoDescription[] =
"If document suggestions are enabled, swaps the backend from cloudsearch "
"to ASO (Apps Search Overlay) search.";
const char kOmniboxExperimentalSuggestScoringName[] =
"Omnibox Experimental Suggest Scoring";
const char kOmniboxExperimentalSuggestScoringDescription[] =
"Enables an experimental scoring mode for suggestions when Google is the "
"default search engine.";
const char kOmniboxFuzzyUrlSuggestionsName[] = "Omnibox Fuzzy URL Suggestions";
const char kOmniboxFuzzyUrlSuggestionsDescription[] =
"Enables URL suggestions for inputs that may contain typos.";
const char kOmniboxMostVisitedTilesName[] = "Omnibox Most Visited Tiles";
const char kOmniboxMostVisitedTilesDescription[] =
"Display a list of frequently visited pages from history as a single row "
"with a carousel instead of one URL per line.";
const char kOmniboxTrendingZeroPrefixSuggestionsOnNTPName[] =
"Omnibox Trending Zero Prefix Suggestions";
const char kOmniboxTrendingZeroPrefixSuggestionsOnNTPDescription[] =
"Enables trending zero prefix suggestions for users with no or "
"insufficient search history.";
const char kOmniboxZeroSuggestPrefetchingName[] =
"Omnibox Zero Prefix Suggestion Prefetching";
const char kOmniboxZeroSuggestPrefetchingDescription[] =
"Enables prefetching of the zero prefix suggestions for signed-in users. "
"The options indicate the duration for which the response will be stored "
"in the HTTP cache. If no or zero duration is provided, the existing "
"in-memory cache will used instead of HTTP cache.";
const char kOmniboxOnDeviceHeadSuggestionsName[] =
"Omnibox on device head suggestions (non-incognito only)";
const char kOmniboxOnDeviceHeadSuggestionsDescription[] =
"Google head non personalized search suggestions provided by a compact on "
"device model for non-incognito. Turn off this feature if you have other "
"apps running which affects local file access (e.g. anti-virus software) "
"and are experiencing searchbox typing lags.";
const char kOmniboxOnDeviceHeadSuggestionsIncognitoName[] =
"Omnibox on device head suggestions (incognito only)";
const char kOmniboxOnDeviceHeadSuggestionsIncognitoDescription[] =
"Google head non personalized search suggestions provided by a compact on "
"device model for incognito. Turn off this feature if you have other "
"apps running which affects local file access (e.g. anti-virus software) "
"and are experiencing searchbox typing lags.";
const char kOmniboxRichAutocompletionPromisingName[] =
"Omnibox Rich Autocompletion Promising Combinations";
const char kOmniboxRichAutocompletionPromisingDescription[] =
"Allow autocompletion for titles and non-prefixes. Suggestions whose "
"titles or URLs contain the user input as a continuous chunk, but not "
"necessarily a prefix, can be the default suggestion. Otherwise, only "
"suggestions whose URLs are prefixed by the user input can be.";
const char kOmniboxSiteSearchStarterPackName[] =
"Omnibox Site Search Starter Pack";
const char kOmniboxSiteSearchStarterPackDescription[] =
"Enables @history, @bookmarks, and @tabs scopes in Omnibox Site "
"Search/Keyword Mode";
const char kOmniboxOnFocusSuggestionsContextualWebAllowSRPName[] =
"Allow Omnibox contextual web on-focus suggestions on the SRP";
const char kOmniboxOnFocusSuggestionsContextualWebAllowSRPDescription[] =
"Enables on-focus suggestions on the Search Results page. "
"Requires on-focus suggestions for the contextual web to be enabled. "
"Will only work if user is signed-in and syncing.";
const char kOmniboxOnFocusSuggestionsContextualWebName[] =
"Omnibox on-focus suggestions for the contextual Web";
const char kOmniboxOnFocusSuggestionsContextualWebDescription[] =
"Enables on-focus suggestions on the Open Web, that are contextual to the "
"current URL. Will only work if user is signed-in and syncing, or is "
"otherwise eligible to send the current page URL to the suggest server.";
const char kOmniboxShortBookmarkSuggestionsName[] =
"Omnibox short bookmark suggestions";
const char kOmniboxShortBookmarkSuggestionsDescription[] =
"Match very short input words to beginning of words in bookmark "
const char kOmniboxShortcutExpandingName[] = "Omnibox shortcut expanding";
const char kOmniboxShortcutExpandingDescription[] =
"Expand the last word in the shortcut text to be a complete word from the "
"suggestion text.";
const char kOmniboxSpareRendererName[] =
"Start spare renderer on omnibox focus";
const char kOmniboxSpareRendererDescription[] =
"When the omnibox is focused, start an empty spare renderer. This can "
"speed up the load of the navigation from the omnibox.";
const char kOmniboxRetainSuggestionsWithHeadersName[] =
"Retain complete set of suggestions with headers";
const char kOmniboxRetainSuggestionsWithHeadersDescription[] =
"Given a list of suggestions, all suggestions for which a header metadata "
"is available will be retained as a whole and not be counted towards the "
const char kOmniboxMaxZeroSuggestMatchesName[] =
"Omnibox Max Zero Suggest Matches";
const char kOmniboxMaxZeroSuggestMatchesDescription[] =
"Changes the maximum number of autocomplete matches displayed when zero "
"suggest is active (i.e. displaying suggestions without input).";
const char kOmniboxUIMaxAutocompleteMatchesName[] =
"Omnibox UI Max Autocomplete Matches";
const char kOmniboxUIMaxAutocompleteMatchesDescription[] =
"Changes the maximum number of autocomplete matches displayed in the "
"Omnibox UI.";
const char kOmniboxUpdatedConnectionSecurityIndicatorsName[] =
"Omnibox Updated connection security indicators";
const char kOmniboxUpdatedConnectionSecurityIndicatorsDescription[] =
"Use new connection security indicators for https pages in the omnibox.";
const char kOmniboxMaxURLMatchesName[] = "Omnibox Max URL Matches";
const char kOmniboxMaxURLMatchesDescription[] =
"The maximum number of URL matches to show, unless there are no "
const char kOmniboxDynamicMaxAutocompleteName[] =
"Omnibox Dynamic Max Autocomplete";
const char kOmniboxDynamicMaxAutocompleteDescription[] =
"Configures the maximum number of autocomplete matches displayed in the "
"Omnibox UI dynamically based on the number of URL matches.";
const char kOptimizationGuideDebugLogsName[] =
"Enable optimization guide debug logs";
const char kOptimizationGuideDebugLogsDescription[] =
"Enables the optimization guide to log and save debug messages that can be "
"shown in the internals page.";
const char kOptimizationGuidePushNotificationName[] =
"Enable optimization guide push notifications";
const char kOptimizationGuidePushNotificationDescription[] =
"Enables the optimization guide to receive push notifications.";
const char kEnableDeJellyName[] = "Experimental de-jelly effect";
const char kEnableDeJellyDescription[] =
"Enables an experimental effect which attempts to mitigate "
"\"jelly-scrolling\". This is an experimental implementation with known "
"bugs, visual artifacts, and performance cost. This implementation may be "
"removed at any time.";
const char kOrganicRepeatableQueriesName[] =
"Organic repeatable queries in Most Visited tiles";
const char kOrganicRepeatableQueriesDescription[] =
"Enables showing the most repeated queries, from the device browsing "
"history, organically among the most visited sites in the MV tiles.";
const char kOriginAgentClusterDefaultName[] =
"Origin-keyed Agent Clusters by default";
const char kOriginAgentClusterDefaultDescription[] =
"Select the default behaviour for the Origin-Agent-Cluster http header. "
"If enabled, an absent header will cause pages to be assigned to an "
"origin-keyed agent cluster, and to a site-keyed agent cluster when "
"disabled. Documents whose agent clusters are origin-keyed cannot set "
"document.domain to relax the same-origin policy.";
const char kOsSettingsAppNotificationsPageName[] =
"CrOS Settings App Notifications Page";
const char kOsSettingsAppNotificationsPageDescription[] =
"If enabled, a new App Notifications subpage will appear in the "
"CrOS Settings Apps section.";
const char kOverlayScrollbarsName[] = "Overlay Scrollbars";
const char kOverlayScrollbarsDescription[] =
"Enable the experimental overlay scrollbars implementation. You must also "
"enable threaded compositing to have the scrollbars animate.";
const char kOverlayStrategiesName[] = "Select HW overlay strategies";
const char kOverlayStrategiesDescription[] =
"Select strategies used to promote quads to HW overlays.";
const char kOverlayStrategiesDefault[] = "Default";
const char kOverlayStrategiesNone[] = "None";
const char kOverlayStrategiesUnoccludedFullscreen[] =
"Unoccluded fullscreen buffers (single-fullscreen)";
const char kOverlayStrategiesUnoccluded[] =
"Unoccluded buffers (single-fullscreen,single-on-top)";
const char kOverlayStrategiesOccludedAndUnoccluded[] =
"Occluded and unoccluded buffers "
const char kOverrideLanguagePrefsForHrefTranslateName[] =
"Override user-blocklisted languages for hrefTranslate";
const char kOverrideLanguagePrefsForHrefTranslateDescription[] =
"When using hrefTranslate, ignore the user's blocklist of languages that "
"shouldn't be translated.";
const char kOverrideSitePrefsForHrefTranslateName[] =
"Override user-blocklisted sites for hrefTranslate";
const char kOverrideSitePrefsForHrefTranslateDescription[] =
"When using hrefTranslate, ignore the user's blocklist of websites that "
"shouldn't be translated.";
const char kOverrideUnsupportedPageLanguageForHrefTranslateName[] =
"Force translation on pages with unsupported languages for hrefTranslate";
const char kOverrideUnsupportedPageLanguageForHrefTranslateDescription[] =
"When using hrefTranslate, force translation on pages where the page's "
"language cannot be determined or is unsupported.";
const char kOverrideSimilarLanguagesForHrefTranslateName[] =
"Force translation on pages with a similar page language for hrefTranslate";
const char kOverrideSimilarLanguagesForHrefTranslateDescription[] =
"When using hrefTranslate, force translation on pages where the page's "
"language is similar to the target language specified via hrefTranslate.";
const char kOverscrollHistoryNavigationName[] = "Overscroll history navigation";
const char kOverscrollHistoryNavigationDescription[] =
"History navigation in response to horizontal overscroll.";
const char kOverviewButtonName[] = "Overview button at the status area";
const char kOverviewButtonDescription[] =
"If enabled, always show the overview button at the status area.";
const char kPageContentAnnotationsName[] = "Page content annotations";
const char kPageContentAnnotationsDescription[] =
"Enables page content to be annotated on-device.";
const char kPageEntitiesPageContentAnnotationsName[] =
"Page entities content annotations";
const char kPageEntitiesPageContentAnnotationsDescription[] =
"Enables annotating the page entities model for each page load on-device.";
const char kPageInfoAboutThisSiteName[] =
"'About this site' section in page info";
const char kPageInfoAboutThisSiteDescription[] =
"Enable the 'About this site' section in the page info.";
const char kPageInfoMoreAboutThisPageName[] =
"'More about this page' link in page info";
const char kPageInfoMoreAboutThisPageDescription[] =
"Enable the 'More about this page' link in the 'From the web' section of "
"page info.";
const char kPageInfoHistoryDesktopName[] = "Page info history";
const char kPageInfoHistoryDesktopDescription[] =
"Enable a history section in the page info.";
const char kPageVisibilityPageContentAnnotationsName[] =
"Page visibility content annotations";
const char kPageVisibilityPageContentAnnotationsDescription[] =
"Enables annotating the page visibility model for each page load "
const char kParallelDownloadingName[] = "Parallel downloading";
const char kParallelDownloadingDescription[] =
"Enable parallel downloading to accelerate download speed.";
const char kPasswordChangeInSettingsName[] =
"Rework password change flow from settings";
const char kPasswordChangeInSettingsDescription[] =
"Change password when bulk leak check detected an issue.";
const char kPasswordChangeName[] = "Rework password change flow";
const char kPasswordChangeDescription[] =
"Change password when password leak is detected.";
const char kPasswordImportName[] = "Password import";
const char kPasswordImportDescription[] =
"Import functionality in password settings.";
const char kPasswordsAccountStorageRevisedOptInFlowName[] =
"Revised opt-in flow for account-scoped passwore storage";
const char kPasswordsAccountStorageRevisedOptInFlowDescription[] =
"Enables the revised opt-in flow for the account-scoped passwords storage "
"during first-time save.";
const char kPasswordDomainCapabilitiesFetchingName[] =
"Fetch credentials' password change capabilities";
const char kPasswordDomainCapabilitiesFetchingDescription[] =
"Fetches credentials' password change capabilities from the server.";
const char kPasswordScriptsFetchingName[] = "Fetch password scripts";
const char kPasswordScriptsFetchingDescription[] =
"Fetches scripts for password change flows.";
const char kForceEnablePasswordDomainCapabilitiesName[] =
"Force enable password change capabilities for domains";
const char kForceEnablePasswordDomainCapabilitiesDescription[] =
"Force enables password change capabilities for every domain, regardless "
"of the server response.";
const char kPdfOcrName[] = "Performs OCR on inaccessible PDFs";
const char kPdfOcrDescription[] =
"Enables a feature whereby inaccessible (i.e. untagged) PDFs are made "
"accessible using an optical character recognition service.";
const char kPdfXfaFormsName[] = "PDF XFA support";
const char kPdfXfaFormsDescription[] =
"Enables support for XFA forms in PDFs. "
"Has no effect if Chrome was not built with XFA support.";
const char kAutoWebContentsDarkModeName[] = "Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents";
const char kAutoWebContentsDarkModeDescription[] =
"Automatically render all web contents using a dark theme.";
const char kForcedColorsName[] = "Forced Colors";
const char kForcedColorsDescription[] =
"Enables forced colors mode for web content.";
const char kPercentBasedScrollingName[] = "Percent-based Scrolling";
const char kPercentBasedScrollingDescription[] =
"If enabled, mousewheel and keyboard scrolls will scroll by a percentage "
"of the scroller size.";
const char kPermissionChipName[] = "Permissions Chip Experiment";
const char kPermissionChipDescription[] =
"Enables an experimental permission prompt that uses a chip in the location"
" bar.";
const char kPermissionChipGestureSensitiveName[] =
"Gesture-sensitive Permissions Chip";
const char kPermissionChipGestureSensitiveDescription[] =
"If the Permissions Chip Experiment is enabled, controls whether or not "
"the chip should be more prominent when the request is associated with a "
const char kPermissionChipRequestTypeSensitiveName[] =
"Request-type-sensitive Permissions Chip";
const char kPermissionChipRequestTypeSensitiveDescription[] =
"If the Permissions Chip Experiment is enabled, controls whether or not "
"the chip should be more or less prominent depending on the request type.";
const char kPermissionPredictionsName[] = "Permission Predictions";
const char kPermissionPredictionsDescription[] =
"Use the Permission Predictions Service to surface permission requests "
"using a quieter UI when the likelihood of the user granting the "
"permission is predicted to be low. Requires "
"chrome://flags/#quiet-notification-prompts and `Safe Browsing` to be "
const char kPermissionQuietChipName[] = "Quiet Permission Chip Experiment";
const char kPermissionQuietChipDescription[] =
"Enables a permission prompt that uses the quiet chip instead of the "
"right-hand side address bar icon for quiet permission prompts. Requires "
"chrome://flags/#quiet-notification-prompts to be enabled.";
const char kPersistentQuotaIsTemporaryQuotaName[] =
"window.PERSISTENT is temporary quota.";
const char kPersistentQuotaIsTemporaryQuotaDescription[] =
"Causes the window.PERSISTENT quota type to have the same semantics as "
const char kPersonalizationHubName[] = "Personalization Hub UI";
const char kPersonalizationHubDescription[] =
"Enable the UI to let users customize their wallpapers, screensaver, and "
const char kPointerLockOptionsName[] = "Enables pointer lock options";
const char kPointerLockOptionsDescription[] =
"Enables pointer lock unadjustedMovement. When unadjustedMovement is set "
"to true, pointer movements wil not be affected by the underlying platform "
"modications such as mouse accelaration.";
const char kBookmarksImprovedSaveFlowName[] = "Improved bookmarks save flow";
const char kBookmarksImprovedSaveFlowDescription[] =
"Enabled an improved save flow for bookmarks.";
const char kBookmarksRefreshName[] = "Bookmarks refresh";
const char kBookmarksRefreshDescription[] =
"Enable various changes to bookmarks.";
const char kPrerender2Name[] = "Prerender2";
const char kPrerender2Description[] =
"Enables the new prerenderer implementation for "
"<script type=speculationrules> that specifies prerender candidates.";
const char kOmniboxTriggerForPrerender2Name[] =
"Omnibox trigger for Prerender2";
const char kOmniboxTriggerForPrerender2Description[] =
"Enables the new omnibox trigger prerenderer implementation.";
const char kSupportSearchSuggestionForPrerender2Name[] =
"Prerender search suggestions";
const char kSupportSearchSuggestionForPrerender2Description[] =
"Allows Prerender2 to prerender search suggestions provided by the default "
"search engine. Requires chrome://flags/#enable-prerender2 to be enabled";
const char kPrivacyGuide2Name[] = "Privacy Guide V2";
const char kPrivacyGuide2Description[] =
"Enables UI updates for Privacy Guide.";
const char kPrivacyGuideAndroidName[] = "Privacy Guide on Android";
const char kPrivacyGuideAndroidDescription[] =
"Shows a new subpage in Settings that helps the user to review various "
"privacy settings.";
const char kPrivacySandboxAdsAPIsOverrideName[] = "Privacy Sandbox Ads APIs";
const char kPrivacySandboxAdsAPIsOverrideDescription[] =
"Enables Privacy Sandbox APIs: Attribution Reporting, Fledge, Topics, "
"Fenced Frames, Shared Storage, and their associated features.";
const char kPrivacySandboxV3Name[] = "Privacy Sandbox V3";
const char kPrivacySandboxV3Description[] =
"Enables an updated Privacy Sandbox UI. Also enables some related "
const char kProminentDarkModeActiveTabTitleName[] =
"Prominent Dark Mode Active Tab Titles";
const char kProminentDarkModeActiveTabTitleDescription[] =
"Makes the active tab title in dark mode bolder so the active tab is "
"easier "
"to identify.";
const char kPullToRefreshName[] = "Pull-to-refresh gesture";
const char kPullToRefreshDescription[] =
"Pull-to-refresh gesture in response to vertical overscroll.";
const char kPullToRefreshEnabledTouchscreen[] = "Enabled for touchscreen only";
const char kPwaUpdateDialogForAppIconName[] =
"Enable PWA install update dialog for icon changes";
const char kPwaUpdateDialogForAppIconDescription[] =
"Enable a confirmation dialog that shows up when a PWA changes its icon";
const char kPwaUpdateDialogForAppTitleName[] =
"Enable PWA install update dialog for name changes";
const char kPwaUpdateDialogForAppTitleDescription[] =
"Enable a confirmation dialog that shows up when a PWA changes its name";
const char kQuicName[] = "Experimental QUIC protocol";
const char kQuicDescription[] = "Enable experimental QUIC protocol support.";
const char kQuickDimName[] = "Enable lock on leave";
const char kQuickDimDescription[] =
"Enables lock on leave feature to better dim or lock the device. Can be "
"enabled and disabled from the Smart privacy section of your device "
const char kQuickIntensiveWakeUpThrottlingAfterLoadingName[] =
"Quick intensive throttling after loading";
const char kQuickIntensiveWakeUpThrottlingAfterLoadingDescription[] =
"For pages that are loaded when backgrounded, activates intensive "
"throttling after 10 seconds instead of the default 5 minutes. Intensive "
"throttling will limit wake ups, from setTimeout and setInterval tasks "
"with a high nesting level and delayed scheduler.postTask tasks, to 1 per "
"minute. See for more "
const char kSettingsAppNotificationSettingsName[] =
"Split notification permission settings";
const char kSettingsAppNotificationSettingsDescription[] =
"Remove per-app notification permissions settings from the quick settings "
"menu. Notification permission settings will be split between the "
"lacros-chrome browser's notification permission page "
"and the ChromeOS settings app.";
const char kRecordWebAppDebugInfoName[] = "Record web app debug info";
const char kRecordWebAppDebugInfoDescription[] =
"Enables recording additional web app related debugging data to be "
"displayed in: chrome://web-app-internals";
const char kReduceUserAgentName[] = "Reduce User-Agent request header";
const char kReduceUserAgentDescription[] =
"Reduce (formerly, \"freeze\") the amount of information available in "
"the User-Agent request header. "
"See for more info.";
const char kRestrictGamepadAccessName[] = "Restrict gamepad access";
const char kRestrictGamepadAccessDescription[] =
"Enables Permissions Policy and Secure Context restrictions on the Gamepad "
const char kRoundedDisplay[] = "Rounded display";
const char kRoundedDisplayDescription[] =
"Enables rounded corners for the display";
const char kMBIModeName[] = "MBI Scheduling Mode";
const char kMBIModeDescription[] =
"Enables independent agent cluster scheduling, via the "
"AgentSchedulingGroup infrastructure.";
const char kIntensiveWakeUpThrottlingName[] =
"Throttle Javascript timers in background.";
const char kIntensiveWakeUpThrottlingDescription[] =
"When enabled, wake ups from DOM Timers are limited to 1 per minute in a "
"page that has been hidden for 5 minutes. For additional details, see "
const char kSamePartyCookiesConsideredFirstPartyName[] =
"Consider SameParty cookies to be first-party.";
const char kSamePartyCookiesConsideredFirstPartyDescription[] =
"If enabled, SameParty cookies will not be blocked even if third-party "
"cookies are blocked.";
const char kPartitionedCookiesName[] = "Partitioned cookies";
const char kPartitionedCookiesDescription[] =
"Controls if the Partitioned cookie attribute is enabled.";
const char kPartitionedCookiesBypassOriginTrialName[] =
"Partitioned cookies: bypass origin trial";
const char kPartitionedCookiesBypassOriginTrialDescription[] =
"If this flag is enabled, Chrome will not require a site to opt into the "
"origin trial in order to send or receive cookies set with the Partitioned "
const char kNoncedPartitionedCookiesName[] = "Nonced partitioned cookies only";
const char kNoncedPartitionedCookiesDescription[] =
"When this flag is enabled, we allow partitioned cookies whose "
"partition keys contain a nonce even if the \"Partitioned cookies\" "
"feature is disabled. If \"Partitioned cookies\" are enabled, then "
"enabling or disabling this feature does nothing.";
const char kScrollableTabStripFlagId[] = "scrollable-tabstrip";
const char kScrollableTabStripName[] = "Tab Scrolling";
const char kScrollableTabStripDescription[] =
"Enables tab strip to scroll left and right when full.";
const char kScrollUnificationName[] = "Scroll Unification";
const char kScrollUnificationDescription[] =
"Refactoring project that eliminates scroll handling code from Blink. "
"Does not affect behavior or performance.";
extern const char kSearchResultInlineIconName[] = "Search Result Inline Icons";
extern const char kSearchResultInlineIconDescription[] =
"Show iconified text and vector icons "
"in launcher search results.";
extern const char kDynamicSearchUpdateAnimationName[] =
"Dynamic Search Result Update Animation";
extern const char kDynamicSearchUpdateAnimationDescription[] =
"Dynamically adjust the search result update animation when those update "
"animations are preempted. Shortened animation durations configurable "
"(unit: milliseconds).";
const char kSecurePaymentConfirmationDebugName[] =
"Secure Payment Confirmation Debug Mode";
const char kSecurePaymentConfirmationDebugDescription[] =
"This flag removes the restriction that PaymentCredential in WebAuthn and "
"secure payment confirmation in PaymentRequest API must use user verifying "
"platform authenticators.";
const char kSendTabToSelfSigninPromoName[] = "Send tab to self sign-in promo";
const char kSendTabToSelfSigninPromoDescription[] =
"Enables a sign-in promo if the user attempts to share a tab while being "
"signed out";
const char kShoppingListName[] = "Shopping List";
const char kShoppingListDescription[] = "Enable shopping list in bookmarks.";
const char kSidePanelImprovedClobberingName[] =
"Side panel improved clobbering";
const char kSidePanelImprovedClobberingDescription[] =
"Improves the side panel clobbering experience for RHS side panels.";
const char kSidePanelJourneysFlagId[] = "side-panel-journeys";
const char kSidePanelJourneysName[] = "Side panel journeys";
const char kSidePanelJourneysDescription[] =
"Enables Journeys within the side panel.";
const char kSharingDesktopScreenshotsName[] = "Desktop Screenshots";
const char kSharingDesktopScreenshotsDescription[] =
"Enables taking"
" screenshots from the desktop sharing hub.";
const char kSharingPreferVapidName[] =
"Prefer sending Sharing message via VAPID";
const char kSharingPreferVapidDescription[] =
"Prefer sending Sharing message via FCM WebPush authenticated using VAPID.";
const char kSharingSendViaSyncName[] =
"Enable sending Sharing message via Sync";
const char kSharingSendViaSyncDescription[] =
"Enables sending Sharing message via commiting to Chrome Sync's "
"SHARING_MESSAGE data type";
const char kShelfDragToPinName[] = "Pin apps in shelf using drag";
const char kShelfDragToPinDescription[] =
"Enables pinning unpinned items in shelf by dragging them to the part of "
"the shelf that contains pinned apps.";
const char kShelfGesturesWithVirtualKeyboardName[] =
"Enable shelf gestures from virtual keyboard";
const char kShelfGesturesWithVirtualKeyboardDescription[] =
"Enables shelf tablet mode gestures to show hotseat, got to home screen, "
"or to go to overview while virtual keyboard is visible";
const char kShelfHoverPreviewsName[] =
"Show previews of running apps when hovering over the shelf.";
const char kShelfHoverPreviewsDescription[] =
"Shows previews of the open windows for a given running app when hovering "
"over the shelf.";
const char kShelfPalmRejectionSwipeOffsetName[] =
"Shelf Palm Rejection: Swipe Offset";
const char kShelfPalmRejectionSwipeOffsetDescription[] =
"Enables palm rejection in the shelf by setting an offset for the swipe "
"gesture that drags the hotseat to a extended state for certain stylus "
const char kShowAutofillSignaturesName[] = "Show autofill signatures.";
const char kShowAutofillSignaturesDescription[] =
"Annotates web forms with Autofill signatures as HTML attributes. Also "
"marks password fields suitable for password generation.";
const char kShowAutofillTypePredictionsName[] = "Show Autofill predictions";
const char kShowAutofillTypePredictionsDescription[] =
"Annotates web forms with Autofill field type predictions as placeholder "
const char kShowPerformanceMetricsHudName[] = "Show performance metrics in HUD";
const char kShowPerformanceMetricsHudDescription[] =
"Display the performance metrics of current page in a heads up display on "
"the page.";
const char kShowOverdrawFeedbackName[] = "Show overdraw feedback";
const char kShowOverdrawFeedbackDescription[] =
"Visualize overdraw by color-coding elements based on if they have other "
"elements drawn underneath.";
extern const char kSimLockPolicyName[] = "SIM Lock Policy";
extern const char kSimLockPolicyDescription[] =
"Enable the support for policy controlled enabling or disabling of PIN "
"Locking SIMs on managed devices.";
const char kIsolateOriginsName[] = "Isolate additional origins";
const char kIsolateOriginsDescription[] =
"Requires dedicated processes for an additional set of origins, "
"specified as a comma-separated list.";
const char kIsolationByDefaultName[] =
"Change web-facing behaviors that prevent origin-level isolation";
const char kIsolationByDefaultDescription[] =
"Change several web APIs that make it difficult to isolate origins into "
"distinct processes. While these changes will ideally become new default "
"behaviors for the web, this flag is likely to break your experience on "
"sites you visit today.";
const char kWebViewTagSiteIsolationName[] = "Site isolation for <webview> tags";
const char kWebViewTagSiteIsolationDescription[] =
"Enables site isolation for content rendered inside <webview> tags. This "
"increases security for Chrome Apps and WebUI pages that use <webview>.";
const char kSiteIsolationOptOutName[] = "Disable site isolation";
const char kSiteIsolationOptOutDescription[] =
"Disables site isolation "
"(SitePerProcess, IsolateOrigins, etc). Intended for diagnosing bugs that "
"may be due to out-of-process iframes. Opt-out has no effect if site "
"isolation is force-enabled using a command line switch or using an "
"enterprise policy. "
"Caution: this disables important mitigations for the Spectre CPU "
"vulnerability affecting most computers.";
const char kSiteIsolationOptOutChoiceDefault[] = "Default";
const char kSiteIsolationOptOutChoiceOptOut[] = "Disabled (not recommended)";
const char kSmoothScrollingName[] = "Smooth Scrolling";
const char kSmoothScrollingDescription[] =
"Animate smoothly when scrolling page content.";
const char kSplitCacheByNetworkIsolationKeyName[] = "HTTP Cache Partitioning";
const char kSplitCacheByNetworkIsolationKeyDescription[] =
"Partitions the HTTP Cache by (top-level site, current-frame site) to "
"disallow cross-site tracking.";
const char kStrictOriginIsolationName[] = "Strict-Origin-Isolation";
const char kStrictOriginIsolationDescription[] =
"Experimental security mode that strengthens the site isolation policy. "
"Controls whether site isolation should use origins instead of scheme and "
const char kStorageAccessAPIName[] = "Storage Access API";
const char kStorageAccessAPIDescription[] =
"Enables the Storage Access API, allowing websites to request storage "
"access when it would otherwise be restricted.";
const char kStoragePressureEventName[] = "Enable storage pressure Event";
const char kStoragePressureEventDescription[] =
"If enabled, Chrome will dispatch a DOM event, informing applications "
"about storage pressure (low disk space)";
const char kSuggestionsWithSubStringMatchName[] =
"Substring matching for Autofill suggestions";
const char kSuggestionsWithSubStringMatchDescription[] =
"Match Autofill suggestions based on substrings (token prefixes) rather "
"than just prefixes.";
const char kSupportTool[] = "Support Tool";
const char kSupportToolDescription[] =
"Support Tool collects and exports logs to help debugging the issues. It's"
" available in chrome://support-tool.";
const char kSuppressToolbarCapturesName[] = "Suppress Toolbar Captures";
const char kSuppressToolbarCapturesDescription[] =
"Suppress Toolbar Captures except when certain properties change.";
const char kSyncSandboxName[] = "Use Chrome Sync sandbox";
const char kSyncSandboxDescription[] =
"Connects to the testing server for Chrome Sync.";
const char kSyncTrustedVaultPassphrasePromoName[] =
"Enable promos for sync trusted vault passphrase.";
const char kSyncTrustedVaultPassphrasePromoDescription[] =
"Enables promos for an experimental sync passphrase type, referred to as "
"trusted vault.";
const char kSyncTrustedVaultPassphraseRecoveryName[] =
"Enable sync trusted vault passphrase with improved recovery.";
const char kSyncTrustedVaultPassphraseRecoveryDescription[] =
"Enables support for an experimental sync passphrase type, referred to as "
"trusted vault, including logic and APIs for improved account recovery "
const char kSyncInvalidationsName[] = "Use Sync standalone invalidations";
const char kSyncInvalidationsDescription[] =
"If enabled, Sync will use standalone invalidations instead of topic based "
"invalidations (Wallet and Offer data types are enabled by a dedicated "
const char kSyncInvalidationsWalletAndOfferName[] =
"Use Sync standalone invalidations for Wallet and Offer";
const char kSyncInvalidationsWalletAndOfferDescription[] =
"If enabled, Sync will use standalone invalidations for Wallet and Offer "
"data types. Takes effect only when Sync standalone invalidations are "
const char kSystemKeyboardLockName[] = "Experimental system keyboard lock";
const char kSystemKeyboardLockDescription[] =
"Enables websites to use the keyboard.lock() API to intercept system "
"keyboard shortcuts and have the events routed directly to the website "
"when in fullscreen mode.";
const char kStylusBatteryStatusName[] =
"Show stylus battery stylus in the stylus tools menu";
const char kStylusBatteryStatusDescription[] =
"Enables viewing the current stylus battery level in the stylus tools "
const char kSubframeShutdownDelayName[] =
"Add delay to subframe renderer process shutdown";
const char kSubframeShutdownDelayDescription[] =
"Delays shutdown of subframe renderer processes by a few seconds to allow "
"them to be potentially reused. This aims to reduce process churn in "
"navigations where the source and destination share subframes.";
const char kTabEngagementReportingName[] = "Tab Engagement Metrics";
const char kTabEngagementReportingDescription[] =
"Tracks tab engagement and lifetime metrics.";
const char kTabGridLayoutAndroidName[] = "Tab Grid Layout";
const char kTabGridLayoutAndroidDescription[] =
"Allows users to see their tabs in a grid layout in the tab switcher on "
const char kCommerceCouponsName[] = "Coupon Annotations";
const char kCommerceCouponsDescription[] =
"Allows users to view annotations for available coupons in the Tab "
"Switching UI and on the Tab itself when a known coupon in available";
const char kCommerceDeveloperName[] = "Commerce developer mode";
const char kCommerceDeveloperDescription[] =
"Allows users in the allowlist to enter the developer mode";
const char kCommerceMerchantViewerAndroidName[] = "Merchant Viewer";
const char kCommerceMerchantViewerAndroidDescription[] =
"Allows users to view merchant trust signals on eligible pages.";
const char kTabGroupsAndroidName[] = "Tab Groups";
const char kTabGroupsAndroidDescription[] =
"Allows users to create groups to better organize their tabs on phones.";
const char kTabGroupsContinuationAndroidName[] = "Tab Groups Continuation";
const char kTabGroupsContinuationAndroidDescription[] =
"Allows users to access continuation features in Tab Group on phones.";
const char kTabGroupsUiImprovementsAndroidName[] = "Tab Groups UI Improvements";
const char kTabGroupsUiImprovementsAndroidDescription[] =
"Allows users to access new features in Tab Group UI on phones.";
const char kTabToGTSAnimationAndroidName[] = "Enable Tab-to-GTS Animation";
const char kTabToGTSAnimationAndroidDescription[] =
"Allows users to see an animation when entering or leaving the "
"Grid Tab Switcher on phones.";
const char kTabGroupsNewBadgePromoName[] = "Tab Groups 'New' Badge Promo";
const char kTabGroupsNewBadgePromoDescription[] =
"Causes a 'New' badge to appear on the entry point for creating a tab "
"group in the tab context menu.";
const char kTabGroupsSaveName[] = "Tab Groups Save";
const char kTabGroupsSaveDescription[] =
"Enables users to explicitly save and recall tab groups.";
const char kTabHoverCardImagesName[] = "Tab Hover Card Images";
const char kTabHoverCardImagesDescription[] =
"Shows a preview image in tab hover cards, if tab hover cards are enabled.";
const char kTabOutlinesInLowContrastThemesName[] =
"Tab Outlines in Low Contrast Themes";
const char kTabOutlinesInLowContrastThemesDescription[] =
"Expands the range of situations in which tab outline strokes are "
"displayed, improving accessiblity in dark and incognito mode.";
const char kTabSearchFuzzySearchName[] = "Fuzzy search for Tab Search";
const char kTabSearchFuzzySearchDescription[] =
"Enable fuzzy search for Tab Search.";
const char kTFLiteLanguageDetectionName[] = "TFLite-based Language Detection";
const char kTFLiteLanguageDetectionDescription[] =
"Uses TFLite for language detection in place of CLD3";
const char kTintCompositedContentName[] = "Tint composited content";
const char kTintCompositedContentDescription[] =
"Tint contents composited using Viz with a shade of red to help debug and "
"study overlay support.";
const char kTopChromeTouchUiName[] = "Touch UI Layout";
const char kTopChromeTouchUiDescription[] =
"Enables touch UI layout in the browser's top chrome.";
const char kThreadedScrollingName[] = "Threaded scrolling";
const char kThreadedScrollingDescription[] =
"Threaded handling of scroll-related input events. Disabling this will "
"force all such scroll events to be handled on the main thread. Note that "
"this can dramatically hurt scrolling performance of most websites and is "
"intended for testing purposes only.";
const char kThrottleForegroundTimersName[] =
"Throttle Foreground Timers to 30 Hz";
const char kThrottleForegroundTimersDescription[] =
"On foreground pages, run DOM timers with a non-zero delay on a periodic "
"30 Hz tick, instead of as soon as their delay has passed.";
const char kThrottleDisplayNoneAndVisibilityHiddenCrossOriginIframesName[] =
"Throttle non-visible cross-origin iframes";
const char
kThrottleDisplayNoneAndVisibilityHiddenCrossOriginIframesDescription[] =
"When enabled, all cross-origin iframes with zero visibility (either "
"display:none or zero viewport intersection with non-zero area) will be"
" throttled, regardless of whether they are same-process or "
"cross-process. When disabled, throttling for cross-process iframes is "
"the same, but for same-process iframes throttling only occurs when "
"the frame has zero viewport intersection, a non-zero area, and is "
"not display:none.";
const char kTouchDragDropName[] = "Touch initiated drag and drop";
const char kTouchDragDropDescription[] =
"Touch drag and drop can be initiated through long press on a draggable "
const char kTouchSelectionStrategyName[] = "Touch text selection strategy";
const char kTouchSelectionStrategyDescription[] =
"Controls how text selection granularity changes when touch text selection "
"handles are dragged. Non-default behavior is experimental.";
const char kTouchSelectionStrategyCharacter[] = "Character";
const char kTouchSelectionStrategyDirection[] = "Direction";
const char kTranslateAssistContentName[] = "Translate AssistContent";
const char kTranslateAssistContentDescription[] =
"Enables populating translate details for the current page in "
const char kTranslateForceTriggerOnEnglishName[] =
"Select which language model to use to trigger translate on English "
const char kTranslateForceTriggerOnEnglishDescription[] =
"Force the Translate Triggering on English pages experiment to be enabled "
"with the selected language model active.";
const char kTranslateIntentName[] = "Translate intent";
const char kTranslateIntentDescription[] =
"Enables an intent that allows Assistant to initiate a translation of the "
"foreground tab.";
const char kTreatInsecureOriginAsSecureName[] =
"Insecure origins treated as secure";
const char kTreatInsecureOriginAsSecureDescription[] =
"Treat given (insecure) origins as secure origins. Multiple origins can be "
"supplied as a comma-separated list. Origins must have their protocol "
"specified e.g. \"\". For the definition of secure "
"contexts, see";
const char kTrustTokensName[] = "Enable Trust Tokens";
const char kTrustTokensDescription[] =
"Enables the prototype Trust Token API "
const char kTurnOffStreamingMediaCachingOnBatteryName[] =
"Turn off caching of streaming media to disk while on battery power.";
const char kTurnOffStreamingMediaCachingOnBatteryDescription[] =
"Reduces disk activity during media playback, which can result in "
"power savings.";
const char kTurnOffStreamingMediaCachingAlwaysName[] =
"Turn off caching of streaming media to disk.";
const char kTurnOffStreamingMediaCachingAlwaysDescription[] =
"Reduces disk activity during media playback, which can result in "
"power savings.";
const char kUnifiedSidePanelFlagId[] = "unified-side-panel";
const char kUnifiedSidePanelName[] = "Unified side panel";
const char kUnifiedSidePanelDescription[] = "Revamp the side panel experience.";
const char kUnifiedPasswordManagerAndroidName[] =
"Google Mobile Services for passwords";
const char kUnifiedPasswordManagerAndroidDescription[] =
"Uses Google Mobile Services to store and retrieve passwords."
"Warning: Highly experimental. May lead to loss of passwords and "
"impact performance.";
const char kUnifiedPasswordManagerDesktopName[] =
"Unified Password Manager for Desktop";
const char kUnifiedPasswordManagerDesktopDescription[] =
"Branding, string, and visual updates to the Password Manager on Desktop.";
const char kUnsafeWebGPUName[] = "Unsafe WebGPU";
const char kUnsafeWebGPUDescription[] =
"Enables access to the experimental WebGPU API. Warning: As GPU sandboxing "
"isn't implemented yet for the WebGPU API, it is possible to read GPU data "
"for other processes.";
const char kUnsafeFastJSCallsName[] = "Unsafe fast JS calls";
const char kUnsafeFastJSCallsDescription[] =
"Enables experimental fast API between Blink and V8."
"Warning: type checking, few POD types and array types "
"are not supported yet, so crashes are possible.";
const char kUiPartialSwapName[] = "Partial swap";
const char kUiPartialSwapDescription[] = "Sets partial swap behavior.";
const char kUseFirstPartySetName[] = "First-Party Set";
const char kUseFirstPartySetDescription[] =
"Use the provided list of origins as a First-Party Set, with the first "
"valid origin as the owner of the set.";
const char kUsernameFirstFlowName[] = "Username first flow voting";
const char kUsernameFirstFlowDescription[] =
"Support of sending votes on username first flow i.e. login "
"flows where a user has to type username first on one page and then "
"password on another page. Votes are send on single username forms and are "
"based on user interaction with the save prompt.";
const char kUsernameFirstFlowFallbackCrowdsourcingName[] =
"Username first flow fallback crowdsourcing";
const char kUsernameFirstFlowFallbackCrowdsourcingDescription[] =
"Support of sending additional votes on username first flow i.e. login "
"flows where a user has to type username first on one page and then "
"password on another page. These votes are sent on single password forms "
"and contain information whether a 1-password form follows a 1-text form "
"and the value's type(or pattern) in the latter (e.g. email-like, "
"phone-like, arbitrary string).";
const char kUsernameFirstFlowFillingName[] = "Username first flow filling";
const char kUsernameFirstFlowFillingDescription[] =
"Support of username saving and filling on username first flow i.e. login "
"flows where a user has to type username first on one page and then "
"password on another page";
const char kUseSearchClickForRightClickName[] =
"Use Search+Click for right click";
const char kUseSearchClickForRightClickDescription[] =
"When enabled search+click will be remapped to right click, allowing "
"webpages and apps to consume alt+click. When disabled the legacy "
"behavior of remapping alt+click to right click will remain unchanged.";
const char kV8VmFutureName[] = "Future V8 VM features";
const char kV8VmFutureDescription[] =
"This enables upcoming and experimental V8 VM features. "
"This flag does not enable experimental JavaScript features.";
const char kVerticalSnapName[] = "Vertical Snap features";
const char kVerticalSnapDescription[] =
"This enables Vertical Snap feature in portrait display."
"This feature allows users to snap windows to top and bottom in portrait "
"display orientation and maintains left/right snap for landscape display.";
const char kGlobalVaapiLockName[] = "Global lock on the VA-API wrapper.";
const char kGlobalVaapiLockDescription[] =
"Enable or disable the global VA-API lock for platforms and paths that "
"support controlling this.";
const char kVp9kSVCHWDecodingName[] =
"Hardware decode acceleration for k-SVC VP9";
const char kVp9kSVCHWDecodingDescription[] =
"Enable or disable k-SVC VP9 hardware decode acceleration";
const char kWalletServiceUseSandboxName[] =
"Use Google Payments sandbox servers";
const char kWalletServiceUseSandboxDescription[] =
"For developers: use the sandbox service for Google Payments API calls.";
const char kWallpaperFastRefreshName[] =
"Enable shortened wallpaper daily refresh interval for manual testing";
const char kWallpaperFastRefreshDescription[] =
"Allows developers to see a new wallpaper once every ten seconds rather "
"than once per day when using the daily refresh feature.";
const char kWallpaperFullScreenPreviewName[] =
"Enable wallpaper full screen preview UI";
const char kWallpaperFullScreenPreviewDescription[] =
"Allows users to minimize all active windows to preview their current "
const char kWallpaperGooglePhotosIntegrationName[] =
"Enable Google Photos wallpaper integration";
const char kWallpaperGooglePhotosIntegrationDescription[] =
"Allows users to select their wallpaper from Google Photos";
const char kWallpaperPerDeskName[] =
"Enable setting different wallpapers per desk";
const char kWallpaperPerDeskDescription[] =
"Allow users to set different wallpapers on each of their active desks";
const char kWebBluetoothName[] = "Web Bluetooth";
const char kWebBluetoothDescription[] =
"Enables the Web Bluetooth API on platforms without official support";
const char kWebBluetoothNewPermissionsBackendName[] =
"Use the new permissions backend for Web Bluetooth";
const char kWebBluetoothNewPermissionsBackendDescription[] =
"Enables the new permissions backend for Web Bluetooth. This will enable "
"persistent storage of device permissions and Web Bluetooth features such "
"as BluetoothDevice.watchAdvertisements() and Bluetooth.getDevices()";
const char kWebBundlesName[] = "Web Bundles";
const char kWebBundlesDescription[] =
"Enables experimental supports for Web Bundles (Bundled HTTP Exchanges) "
const char kWebContentsCaptureHiDpiName[] = "HiDPI Tab Capture";
const char kWebContentsCaptureHiDpiDescription[] =
"Enables HiDPI rendering for tab capture if the displayed content's "
"resolution is low compared to the capture size. This improves "
"legibility for viewers with higher-resolution screens.";
const char kWebMidiName[] = "Web MIDI";
const char kWebMidiDescription[] =
"Enables the implementation of the Web MIDI API. When disabled the "
"interface will still be exposed by Blink.";
const char kWebOtpBackendName[] = "Web OTP";
const char kWebOtpBackendDescription[] =
"Enables Web OTP API that uses the specified backend.";
const char kWebOtpBackendSmsVerification[] = "Code Browser API";
const char kWebOtpBackendUserConsent[] = "User Consent API";
const char kWebOtpBackendAuto[] = "Automatically select the backend";
const char kWebglDeveloperExtensionsName[] = "WebGL Developer Extensions";
const char kWebglDeveloperExtensionsDescription[] =
"Enabling this option allows web applications to access WebGL extensions "
"intended only for use during development time.";
const char kWebglDraftExtensionsName[] = "WebGL Draft Extensions";
const char kWebglDraftExtensionsDescription[] =
"Enabling this option allows web applications to access the WebGL "
"extensions that are still in draft status.";
const char kWebGpuDeveloperFeaturesName[] = "WebGPU Developer Features";
const char kWebGpuDeveloperFeaturesDescription[] =
"Enables web applications to access WebGPU features intended only for use "
"during development.";
const char kWebPaymentsExperimentalFeaturesName[] =
"Experimental Web Payments API features";
const char kWebPaymentsExperimentalFeaturesDescription[] =
"Enable experimental Web Payments API features";
const char kPaymentRequestBasicCardName[] =
"PaymentRequest API 'basic-card' method";
const char kPaymentRequestBasicCardDescription[] =
"The 'basic-card' payment method of the PaymentRequest API.";
const char kIdentityInCanMakePaymentEventFeatureName[] =
"Identity in canmakepayment event";
const char kIdentityInCanMakePaymentEventFeatureDescription[] =
"The payment app receives the merchant and user identity when the merchant "
"checks whether this payment app is present and can make payments.";
const char kAppStoreBillingDebugName[] =
"Web Payments App Store Billing Debug Mode";
const char kAppStoreBillingDebugDescription[] =
"App-store purchases (e.g., Google Play Store) within a TWA can be "
"requested using the Payment Request API. This flag removes the "
"restriction that the TWA has to be installed from the app-store.";
const char kWebrtcCaptureMultiChannelApmName[] =
"WebRTC multi-channel capture audio processing.";
const char kWebrtcCaptureMultiChannelApmDescription[] =
"Support in WebRTC for processing capture audio in multi channel without "
"downmixing when running APM in the render process.";
const char kWebrtcHideLocalIpsWithMdnsName[] =
"Anonymize local IPs exposed by WebRTC.";
const char kWebrtcHideLocalIpsWithMdnsDecription[] =
"Conceal local IP addresses with mDNS hostnames.";
const char kWebrtcHybridAgcName[] = "WebRTC hybrid Agc2/Agc1.";
const char kWebrtcHybridAgcDescription[] =
"WebRTC Agc2 digital adaptation with Agc1 analog adaptation.";
const char kWebrtcAnalogAgcClippingControlName[] =
"WebRTC Agc1 analog clipping control.";
const char kWebrtcAnalogAgcClippingControlDescription[] =
"WebRTC Agc1 analog clipping controller to reduce saturation.";
const char kWebrtcHwDecodingName[] = "WebRTC hardware video decoding";
const char kWebrtcHwDecodingDescription[] =
"Support in WebRTC for decoding video streams using platform hardware.";
const char kWebrtcHwEncodingName[] = "WebRTC hardware video encoding";
const char kWebrtcHwEncodingDescription[] =
"Support in WebRTC for encoding video streams using platform hardware.";
const char kWebRtcRemoteEventLogName[] = "WebRTC remote-bound event logging";
const char kWebRtcRemoteEventLogDescription[] =
"Allow collecting WebRTC event logs and uploading them to Crash. "
"Please note that, even if enabled, this will still require "
"a policy to be set, for it to have an effect.";
const char kWebrtcSrtpAesGcmName[] =
"Negotiation with GCM cipher suites for SRTP in WebRTC";
const char kWebrtcSrtpAesGcmDescription[] =
"When enabled, WebRTC will try to negotiate GCM cipher suites for SRTP.";
const char kWebrtcUseMinMaxVEADimensionsName[] =
"WebRTC Min/Max Video Encode Accelerator dimensions";
const char kWebrtcUseMinMaxVEADimensionsDescription[] =
"When enabled, WebRTC will only use the Video Encode Accelerator for "
"video resolutions inside those published as supported.";
const char kWebUsbDeviceDetectionName[] =
"Automatic detection of WebUSB-compatible devices";
const char kWebUsbDeviceDetectionDescription[] =
"When enabled, the user will be notified when a device which advertises "
"support for WebUSB is connected. Disable if problems with USB devices are "
"observed when the browser is running.";
const char kWebXrForceRuntimeName[] = "Force WebXr Runtime";
const char kWebXrForceRuntimeDescription[] =
"Force the browser to use a particular runtime, even if it would not "
"usually be enabled or would otherwise not be selected based on the "
"attached hardware.";
const char kWebXrRuntimeChoiceNone[] = "No Runtime";
const char kWebXrRuntimeChoiceOpenXR[] = "OpenXR";
const char kWebXrIncubationsName[] = "WebXR Incubations";
const char kWebXrIncubationsDescription[] =
"Enables experimental features for WebXR.";
const char kZeroCopyName[] = "Zero-copy rasterizer";
const char kZeroCopyDescription[] =
"Raster threads write directly to GPU memory associated with tiles.";
const char kEnableVulkanName[] = "Vulkan";
const char kEnableVulkanDescription[] = "Use vulkan as the graphics backend.";
const char kSharedHighlightingAmpName[] = "Shared Highlighting for AMP Viewers";
const char kSharedHighlightingAmpDescription[] =
"Enables Shared Highlighting for AMP Viwers.";
const char kSharedHighlightingManagerName[] = "Refactoring Shared Highlighting";
const char kSharedHighlightingManagerDescription[] =
"Refactors Shared Highlighting by centralizing the IPC calls in a Manager.";
const char kSharedHighlightingRefinedBlocklistName[] =
"Shared Highlighting Blocklist Refinement";
const char kSharedHighlightingRefinedBlocklistDescription[] =
"Narrow the Blocklist for enabling Shared Highlighting.";
const char kSharedHighlightingRefinedMaxContextWordsName[] =
"Shared Highlighting Max Context Words Refinement";
const char kSharedHighlightingRefinedMaxContextWordsDescription[] =
"Experiment with different Max Context Words for Shared Highlighting.";
const char kDraw1PredictedPoint12Ms[] = "1 point 12ms ahead.";
const char kDraw2PredictedPoints6Ms[] = "2 points, each 6ms ahead.";
const char kDraw1PredictedPoint6Ms[] = "1 point 6ms ahead.";
const char kDraw2PredictedPoints3Ms[] = "2 points, each 3ms ahead.";
const char kDrawPredictedPointsDescription[] =
"Draw predicted points when using the delegated ink trails API. Requires "
"experimental web platform features to be enabled.";
const char kDrawPredictedPointsName[] = "Draw predicted delegated ink points";
const char kSanitizerApiName[] = "Sanitizer API";
const char kSanitizerApiDescription[] =
"Enable the Sanitizer API. See:";
const char kSanitizerApiv0Name[] = "Sanitizer API, Initial version";
const char kSanitizerApiv0Description[] =
"Enable the initial version of the Sanitizer API. This includes the "
"Element.setHTML method, but not any sanitization methods on the "
"Sanitizer instances. See also the #sanitizer-api flag.";
const char kUsePassthroughCommandDecoderName[] =
"Use passthrough command decoder";
const char kUsePassthroughCommandDecoderDescription[] =
"Use chrome passthrough command decoder instead of validating command "
const char kExtensionWorkflowJustificationName[] =
"Extension request justification";
const char kExtensionWorkflowJustificationDescription[] =
"Enables users to justify their extension requests by causing a text field "
"to appear on the extension request dialog.";
const char kForceMajorVersionInMinorPositionInUserAgentName[] =
"Put major version in minor version position in User-Agent";
const char kForceMajorVersionInMinorPositionInUserAgentDescription[] =
"Lock the Chrome major version in the User-Agent string to 99, and "
"force the major version number to the minor version position. This "
"flag is a backup plan for unexpected site-compatibility breakage with "
"a three digit major version.";
const char kDurableClientHintsCacheName[] = "Persistent client hints";
const char kDurableClientHintsCacheDescription[] =
"Persist the client hints cache beyond browser restarts.";
const char kReduceUserAgentMinorVersionName[] =
"Reduce the minor version in the User-Agent string";
const char kReduceUserAgentMinorVersionDescription[] =
"Reduce the minor, build, and patch versions in the User-Agent string. "
"The Chrome version in the User-Agent string will be reported as "
const char kWebSQLAccessName[] = "Allows access to WebSQL APIs";
const char kWebSQLAccessDescription[] =