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Translation Tools

This directory contains tools for Chrome's UI translations.

This tool uploads translation screenshots to a content-addressed Google Cloud Storage bucket.

Translation screenshots are .png files provided by Chrome Developers to give translators more context about UI changes. Developers take screenshots of their UI changes, add them under a specific directory derived from the path of the .grd or .grdp file that contains the UI string and run this tool. The tool uploads the images, generates SHA1 hashes of them, and asks the developer if they want to add the hashes to the CL.

Example: For a file at path/to/test.grd, the screenshot directory will be path/to/test_grd. In the upstream Chrome repository, this directory will only contain .png.sha1 files previously generated by this tool. In local working repositories, it may contain .png files generated by Chrome developers, such as path/to/test_grd/IDS_MESSAGE.png.

Screenshots and the storage bucket are public, do not upload anything confidential.

For more information, see

Run the tests

The presubmit automatically runs all files named * :

git cl presubmit --force

Alternatively, you can run each test individually:

# Run from this directory (//tools/translation):
python helper/
python helper/

Run sanity checks

This will attempt to load all .grd and .grdp files in the Chrome repo. Run once before uploading the CL to ensure everything works.

python helper/