Reland "Make Zombies ignore GWP-ASan backed allocations"

This is a reland of 28000bb230411bf866115fe2e3695721db67bea7 with a fix
for a gn gen --check failure for an #include in an #if block.

Original change's description:
> Make Zombies ignore GWP-ASan backed allocations
> Zombies is an macOS-specific tool for detecting Objective-C
> use-after-frees by delaying Obj-C object deallocation and replacing
> those objects' class information with a debug class that will cause a
> crash on any attempt to call a method on the freed object.
> Zombies interferes with GWP-ASan on account of the fact that by delaying
> the object's deallocation GWP-ASan does not get a correct deallocation
> stack trace, nor can it detect errors during the time the object is in
> Zombies' quarantine.
> Change Zombies to immediately deallocate Obj-C objects backed by a
> GWP-ASan allocation.
> Bug: 944727
> Change-Id: Ifa452bce7f6678ed20a4cc51000748d11d366a59
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Bug: 944727
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