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// Copyright 2019 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "components/signin/core/browser/account_info_util.h"
#include "components/signin/core/browser/account_info.h"
namespace {
// Keys used to store the different values in the JSON dictionary received
// from gaia server.
const char kGaiaIdKey[] = "id";
const char kEmailKey[] = "email";
const char kHostedDomainKey[] = "hd";
const char kFullNameKey[] = "name";
const char kGivenNameKey[] = "given_name";
const char kLocaleKey[] = "locale";
const char kPictureUrlKey[] = "picture";
} // namespace
base::Optional<AccountInfo> AccountInfoFromUserInfo(
const base::Value& user_info) {
if (!user_info.is_dict())
return base::nullopt;
// Both |gaia_id| and |email| are required value in the JSON reply, so
// return empty result if any is missing.
const base::Value* gaia_id_value =
user_info.FindKeyOfType(kGaiaIdKey, base::Value::Type::STRING);
if (!gaia_id_value)
return base::nullopt;
const base::Value* email_value =
user_info.FindKeyOfType(kEmailKey, base::Value::Type::STRING);
if (!email_value)
return base::nullopt;
AccountInfo account_info; = email_value->GetString();
account_info.gaia = gaia_id_value->GetString();
// All other fields are optional, some with default values.
const base::Value* hosted_domain_value =
user_info.FindKeyOfType(kHostedDomainKey, base::Value::Type::STRING);
if (hosted_domain_value && !hosted_domain_value->GetString().empty())
account_info.hosted_domain = hosted_domain_value->GetString();
account_info.hosted_domain = kNoHostedDomainFound;
const base::Value* full_name_value =
user_info.FindKeyOfType(kFullNameKey, base::Value::Type::STRING);
if (full_name_value)
account_info.full_name = full_name_value->GetString();
const base::Value* given_name_value =
user_info.FindKeyOfType(kGivenNameKey, base::Value::Type::STRING);
if (given_name_value)
account_info.given_name = given_name_value->GetString();
const base::Value* locale_value =
user_info.FindKeyOfType(kLocaleKey, base::Value::Type::STRING);
if (locale_value)
account_info.locale = locale_value->GetString();
const base::Value* picture_url_value =
user_info.FindKeyOfType(kPictureUrlKey, base::Value::Type::STRING);
if (picture_url_value && !picture_url_value->GetString().empty())
account_info.picture_url = picture_url_value->GetString();
account_info.picture_url = kNoPictureURLFound;
return account_info;