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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "chromeos/chromeos_switches.h"
#include <string>
#include "base/command_line.h"
#include "base/metrics/field_trial.h"
// TODO(rsorokin): alphabetize all of these switches so they
// match the order from the .h file
namespace chromeos {
namespace switches {
// If this flag is set, enable data roaming in the cellular network by default
// upon system start if it's an unmanaged device. This flag is used by Rialto
// device to obtain device policy during OOBE since the Rialto device has no
// display and and only connects over cell.
const char kAllowDataRoamingByDefault[] = "allow-data-roaming-by-default";
// If this flag is passed, failed policy fetches will not cause profile
// initialization to fail. This is useful for tests because it means that
// tests don't have to mock out the policy infrastructure.
const char kAllowFailedPolicyFetchForTest[] =
// Allows remote attestation (RA) in dev mode for testing purpose. Usually RA
// is disabled in dev mode because it will always fail. However, there are cases
// in testing where we do want to go through the permission flow even in dev
// mode. This can be enabled by this flag.
const char kAllowRAInDevMode[] = "allow-ra-in-dev-mode";
// Path for app's OEM manifest file.
const char kAppOemManifestFile[] = "app-mode-oem-manifest";
// When wallpaper boot animation is not disabled this switch
// is used to override OOBE/sign in WebUI init type.
// Possible values: parallel|postpone. Default: parallel.
const char kAshWebUIInit[] = "ash-webui-init";
// Default wallpaper to use for kids accounts
// (as paths to trusted, non-user-writable JPEG files).
const char kChildWallpaperLarge[] = "child-wallpaper-large";
const char kChildWallpaperSmall[] = "child-wallpaper-small";
// Specifies the URL of the consumer device management backend.
const char kConsumerDeviceManagementUrl[] = "consumer-device-management-url";
// Forces the stub implementation of dbus clients.
const char kDbusStub[] = "dbus-stub";
// Comma-spearated list of dbus clients that should be unstubbed.
// See chromeos/dbus/ for the names of the dbus clients.
const char kDbusUnstubClients[] = "dbus-unstub-clients";
// Indicates that the wallpaper images specified by
// kAshDefaultWallpaper{Large,Small} are OEM-specific (i.e. they are not
// downloadable from Google).
const char kDefaultWallpaperIsOem[] = "default-wallpaper-is-oem";
// Default wallpaper to use (as paths to trusted, non-user-writable JPEG files).
const char kDefaultWallpaperLarge[] = "default-wallpaper-large";
const char kDefaultWallpaperSmall[] = "default-wallpaper-small";
// Time in seconds before a machine at OOBE is considered derelict.
const char kDerelictDetectionTimeout[] = "derelict-detection-timeout";
// Time in seconds before a derelict machines starts demo mode.
const char kDerelictIdleTimeout[] = "derelict-idle-timeout";
// Disables android user data wipe on opt out.
const char kDisableArcDataWipe[] = "disable-arc-data-wipe";
// Disables ARC Opt-in verification process and ARC is enabled by default.
const char kDisableArcOptInVerification[] = "disable-arc-opt-in-verification";
// Disables wallpaper boot animation (except of OOBE case).
const char kDisableBootAnimation[] = "disable-boot-animation";
// Disables cloud backup feature.
const char kDisableCloudImport[] = "disable-cloud-import";
// Disables the ChromeOS demo.
const char kDisableDemoMode[] = "disable-demo-mode";
// Disable quick view in Files app.
const char kDisableFilesQuickView[] = "disable-files-quick-view";
// Disable HID-detection OOBE screen.
const char kDisableHIDDetectionOnOOBE[] = "disable-hid-detection-on-oobe";
// Avoid doing expensive animations upon login.
const char kDisableLoginAnimations[] = "disable-login-animations";
// Disable new channel switcher UI.
const char kDisableNewChannelSwitcherUI[] = "disable-new-channel-switcher-ui";
// Disables new Kiosk UI when kiosk apps are represented as user pods.
const char kDisableNewKioskUI[] = "disable-new-kiosk-ui";
// Disables the new File System Provider API based ZIP unpacker.
const char kDisableNewZIPUnpacker[] = "disable-new-zip-unpacker";
// Disable Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides component app so handlers
// won't be registered, making it possible to install another version for
// testing.
const char kDisableOfficeEditingComponentApp[] =
// Disables rollback option on reset screen.
const char kDisableRollbackOption[] = "disable-rollback-option";
// Disables experimental storage manager to manage local storage.
const char kDisableStorageManager[] = "disable-storage-manager";
// Disables volume adjust sound.
const char kDisableVolumeAdjustSound[] = "disable-volume-adjust-sound";
// Disables wake on wifi features.
const char kDisableWakeOnWifi[] = "disable-wake-on-wifi";
// Disables notifications about captive portals in session.
const char kDisableNetworkPortalNotification[] =
// EAFE url and path to use for Easy bootstrapping.
const char kEafeUrl[] = "eafe-url";
const char kEafePath[] = "eafe-path";
// Enables starting the ARC instance upon session start.
const char kEnableArc[] = "enable-arc";
// Enables consumer management, which allows user to enroll, remotely lock and
// locate the device.
const char kEnableConsumerManagement[] = "enable-consumer-management";
// Enables details panel in Files app.
const char kEnableFilesDetailsPanel[] = "enable-files-details-panel";
// Disables notification when device is in end of life status.
const char kDisableEolNotification[] = "disable-eol-notification";
// If this switch is set, the device cannot be remotely disabled by its owner.
const char kDisableDeviceDisabling[] = "disable-device-disabling";
// If this switch is set, the new Korean IME will not be available in
// chrome://settings/languages.
const char kDisableNewKoreanIme[] = "disable-new-korean-ime";
// Disables mtp write support.
const char kDisableMtpWriteSupport[] = "disable-mtp-write-support";
// Enable the multiple display layout UI.
const char kDisableMultiDisplayLayout[] = "disable-multi-display-layout";
// If this switch is set, the options for suggestions as typing on physical
// keyboard will be enabled.
const char kEnablePhysicalKeyboardAutocorrect[] =
// If this switch is set, the options for suggestions as typing on physical
// keyboard will be disabled.
const char kDisablePhysicalKeyboardAutocorrect[] =
// Shows additional checkboxes in Settings to enable Chrome OS accessibility
// features that haven't launched yet.
const char kEnableExperimentalAccessibilityFeatures[] =
// Enabled sharing assets for installed default apps.
const char kEnableExtensionAssetsSharing[] = "enable-extension-assets-sharing";
// Enables notifications about captive portals in session.
const char kEnableNetworkPortalNotification[] =
// Enables touchpad three-finger-click as middle button.
const char kEnableTouchpadThreeFingerClick[]
= "enable-touchpad-three-finger-click";
// Enables using screenshots in tests and seets mode.
const char kEnableScreenshotTestingWithMode[] =
// Enables experimental storage manager to manage local storage.
const char kEnableStorageManager[] = "enable-storage-manager";
// Enable Kiosk mode for ChromeOS. Note this switch refers to retail mode rather
// than the kiosk app mode.
const char kEnableKioskMode[] = "enable-kiosk-mode";
// Enables request of tablet site (via user agent override).
const char kEnableRequestTabletSite[] = "enable-request-tablet-site";
// Disables ARC for managed accounts.
const char kEnterpriseDisableArc[] = "enterprise-disable-arc";
// Whether to enable forced enterprise re-enrollment.
const char kEnterpriseEnableForcedReEnrollment[] =
// Power of the power-of-2 initial modulus that will be used by the
// auto-enrollment client. E.g. "4" means the modulus will be 2^4 = 16.
const char kEnterpriseEnrollmentInitialModulus[] =
// Power of the power-of-2 maximum modulus that will be used by the
// auto-enrollment client.
const char kEnterpriseEnrollmentModulusLimit[] =
// Enables the zero-touch enterprise enrollment flow.
const char kEnterpriseEnableZeroTouchEnrollment[] =
// Enables the chromecast support for video player app.
const char kEnableVideoPlayerChromecastSupport[] =
// Passed to Chrome the first time that it's run after the system boots.
// Not passed on restart after sign out.
const char kFirstExecAfterBoot[] = "first-exec-after-boot";
// Usually in browser tests the usual login manager bringup is skipped so that
// tests can change how it's brought up. This flag disables that.
const char kForceLoginManagerInTests[] = "force-login-manager-in-tests";
// Indicates that the browser is in "browse without sign-in" (Guest session)
// mode. Should completely disable extensions, sync and bookmarks.
const char kGuestSession[] = "bwsi";
// Wallpaper to use in guest mode (as paths to trusted, non-user-writable JPEG
// files).
const char kGuestWallpaperLarge[] = "guest-wallpaper-large";
const char kGuestWallpaperSmall[] = "guest-wallpaper-small";
// If true, the Chromebook has a keyboard with a diamond key.
const char kHasChromeOSDiamondKey[] = "has-chromeos-diamond-key";
// Defines user homedir. This defaults to primary user homedir.
const char kHomedir[] = "homedir";
// With this switch, start remora OOBE with the pairing screen.
const char kHostPairingOobe[] = "host-pairing-oobe";
// If true, profile selection in UserManager will always return active user's
// profile.
// TODO(nkostlyev): - Get rid of this switch after we
// turn on multi-profile feature on ChromeOS.
const char kIgnoreUserProfileMappingForTests[] =
// Enables Chrome-as-a-login-manager behavior.
const char kLoginManager[] = "login-manager";
// Specifies the profile to use once a chromeos user is logged in.
// This parameter is ignored if user goes through login screen since user_id
// hash defines which profile directory to use.
// In case of browser restart within active session this parameter is used
// to pass user_id hash for primary user.
const char kLoginProfile[] = "login-profile";
// Specifies the user which is already logged in.
const char kLoginUser[] = "login-user";
// The memory pressure thresholds selection which is used to decide whether and
// when a memory pressure event needs to get fired.
const char kMemoryPressureExperimentName[] = "ChromeOSMemoryPressureHandling";
const char kMemoryPressureHandlingOff[] = "memory-pressure-off";
const char kMemoryPressureThresholds[] = "memory-pressure-thresholds";
const char kConservativeThreshold[] = "conservative";
const char kAggressiveCacheDiscardThreshold[] = "aggressive-cache-discard";
const char kAggressiveTabDiscardThreshold[] = "aggressive-tab-discard";
const char kAggressiveThreshold[] = "aggressive";
// Enables natural scroll by default.
const char kNaturalScrollDefault[] = "enable-natural-scroll-default";
// Skips all other OOBE pages after user login.
const char kOobeSkipPostLogin[] = "oobe-skip-postlogin";
// Disable GAIA services such as enrollment and OAuth session restore. Used by
// 'fake' telemetry login.
const char kDisableGaiaServices[] = "disable-gaia-services";
// Interval at which we check for total time on OOBE.
const char kOobeTimerInterval[] = "oobe-timer-interval";
// Indicates that a guest session has been started before OOBE completion.
const char kOobeGuestSession[] = "oobe-guest-session";
// Indicates that if we should start bootstrapping Master OOBE.
const char kOobeBootstrappingMaster[] = "oobe-bootstrapping-master";
// Specifies power stub behavior:
// 'cycle=2' - Cycles power states every 2 seconds.
// See FakeDBusThreadManager::ParsePowerCommandLineSwitch for full details.
const char kPowerStub[] = "power-stub";
// Overrides network stub behavior. By default, ethernet, wifi and vpn are
// enabled, and transitions occur instantaneously. Multiple options can be
// comma separated (no spaces). Note: all options are in the format 'foo=x'.
// Values are case sensitive and based on Shill names in service_constants.h.
// See FakeShillManagerClient::SetInitialNetworkState for implementation.
// Examples:
// 'clear=1' - Clears all default configurations
// 'wifi=on' - A wifi network is initially connected ('1' also works)
// 'wifi=off' - Wifi networks are all initially disconnected ('0' also works)
// 'wifi=disabled' - Wifi is initially disabled
// 'wifi=none' - Wifi is unavailable
// 'wifi=portal' - Wifi connection will be in Portal state
// 'cellular=1' - Cellular is initially connected
// 'cellular=LTE' - Cellular is initially connected, technology is LTE
// 'interactive=3' - Interactive mode, connect/scan/etc requests take 3 secs
const char kShillStub[] = "shill-stub";
// Sends test messages on first call to RequestUpdate (stub only).
const char kSmsTestMessages[] = "sms-test-messages";
// Indicates that a stub implementation of CrosSettings that stores settings in
// memory without signing should be used, treating current user as the owner.
// This also modifies OwnerSettingsServiceChromeOS::HandlesSetting such that no
// settings are handled by OwnerSettingsServiceChromeOS.
// This option is for testing the chromeos build of chrome on the desktop only.
const char kStubCrosSettings[] = "stub-cros-settings";
// Indicates that the system is running in dev mode. The dev mode probing is
// done by session manager.
const char kSystemDevMode[] = "system-developer-mode";
// Enables animated transitions during first-run tutorial.
const char kEnableFirstRunUITransitions[] = "enable-first-run-ui-transitions";
// Forces first-run UI to be shown for every login.
const char kForceFirstRunUI[] = "force-first-run-ui";
// Enables testing for auto update UI.
const char kTestAutoUpdateUI[] = "test-auto-update-ui";
// Enables wake on wifi packet feature, which wakes the device on the receipt
// of network packets from whitelisted sources.
const char kWakeOnWifiPacket[] = "wake-on-wifi-packet";
// Screenshot testing: specifies the directory where the golden screenshots are
// stored.
const char kGoldenScreenshotsDir[] = "golden-screenshots-dir";
// Screenshot testing: specifies the directoru where artifacts will be stored.
const char kArtifactsDir[] = "artifacts-dir";
// Disable bypass proxy for captive portal authorization.
const char kDisableCaptivePortalBypassProxy[] =
// Disable automatic timezone update.
const char kDisableTimeZoneTrackingOption[] =
// Switches and optional value for Data Saver prompt on cellular networks.
const char kDisableDataSaverPrompt[] = "disable-datasaver-prompt";
const char kEnableDataSaverPrompt[] = "enable-datasaver-prompt";
const char kDataSaverPromptDemoMode[] = "demo";
// Control regions data load:
// "" - default
// "override" - regions data is read first
// "hide" - VPD values are hidden
const char kCrosRegionsMode[] = "cros-regions-mode";
const char kCrosRegionsModeOverride[] = "override";
const char kCrosRegionsModeHide[] = "hide";
// Forces CrOS region value.
const char kCrosRegion[] = "cros-region";
// Controls CrOS GaiaId migration for tests:
// "" - default,
// "started" - migration started (i.e. all stored user keys will be converted
// to GaiaId).
const char kTestCrosGaiaIdMigration[] = "test-cros-gaia-id-migration";
const char kTestCrosGaiaIdMigrationStarted[] = "started";
// This flag disables SystemTimezoneAutomaticDetection policy.
const char kDisableSystemTimezoneAutomaticDetectionPolicy[] =
// This flag enables material design OOBE UI.
const char kEnableMdOobe[] = "enable-md-oobe";
bool WakeOnWifiEnabled() {
return !base::CommandLine::ForCurrentProcess()->HasSwitch(kDisableWakeOnWifi);
bool MemoryPressureHandlingEnabled() {
if (base::FieldTrialList::FindFullName(kMemoryPressureExperimentName) ==
kMemoryPressureHandlingOff) {
return false;
return true;
GetMemoryPressureThresholds() {
using MemoryPressureMonitor = base::chromeos::MemoryPressureMonitor;
if (!base::CommandLine::ForCurrentProcess()->HasSwitch(
kMemoryPressureThresholds)) {
const std::string group_name =
if (group_name == kConservativeThreshold)
return MemoryPressureMonitor::THRESHOLD_CONSERVATIVE;
if (group_name == kAggressiveCacheDiscardThreshold)
if (group_name == kAggressiveTabDiscardThreshold)
if (group_name == kAggressiveThreshold)
return MemoryPressureMonitor::THRESHOLD_AGGRESSIVE;
return MemoryPressureMonitor::THRESHOLD_DEFAULT;
const std::string option =
if (option == kConservativeThreshold)
return MemoryPressureMonitor::THRESHOLD_CONSERVATIVE;
if (option == kAggressiveCacheDiscardThreshold)
if (option == kAggressiveTabDiscardThreshold)
if (option == kAggressiveThreshold)
return MemoryPressureMonitor::THRESHOLD_AGGRESSIVE;
return MemoryPressureMonitor::THRESHOLD_DEFAULT;
bool IsGaiaIdMigrationStarted() {
base::CommandLine* command_line = base::CommandLine::ForCurrentProcess();
if (!command_line->HasSwitch(kTestCrosGaiaIdMigration))
return false;
return command_line->GetSwitchValueASCII(kTestCrosGaiaIdMigration) ==
} // namespace switches
} // namespace chromeos