Make ProxyResolvingClientSocket use ConnectJobs directly.

Previously, ProxyResolvingClientSocket created a socket by passing a
ClientSocketHandle over to a ClientSocketPool, which then created
a ConnectJob to handle establishing a connection.

This CL makes it so that ProxyResolvingClientSocket directly manages the
ConnectJob itself. The code doesn't get anything out of using a
ClientSocketPool, since the sockets aren't reuseable, and with the
socket pool refactor, it's possible to just use ConnectJobs directly.

This CL also works us towards a world in which a GroupId, along with
the choice of which ClientSocketPool to use, is sufficient to create
a ConnectJob, which will allow us to remove
ClientSocketPool::SocketParams, a pattern which has long been a source
of bugs.

Bug: 944911
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