Preserve vector order in RemoveDuplicatePrepopulateIDs

This CL is the union of 2 other CLs. The purpose of this CL is
to ensure one clean merge to the M73 branch. The 2 source CLs are:

Preserve vector order in RemoveDuplicatePrepopulateIDs

Template URLs with nonzero prepopulate_id were implicitly
reordered by RemoveDuplicatePrepopulateIDs, though relative
order was preserved for elements with zero prepopulate_id.
This CL adjusts the algorithm to output the selected
representatives for each prepopulate_id in order of first
appearance in the original template_urls vector, stabilizing
the overall order (instead of partitioning as it did before).

Bug: 924268
Change-Id: Ic885065cbf20398dfff723a85aff35141e0cb9a5
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Add includes for IWYU: follow-on for cl/1428939

This CL just adds some includes that were harmlessly forgotten
on .

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