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$ git log 2f72894d3..d62662686 --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'
2018-07-24 dor1s [libFuzzer] Handle unstable edges by disregarding unstable edges
2018-07-24 phosek [sanitizer][fuzzer] Temporarily transition to ZX_TIME_INFINITE_OLD
2018-07-24 phosek Revert "[Fuzzer] Update path to libc++ headers"
2018-07-23 phosek [Fuzzer] Update path to libc++ headers
2018-07-23 dor1s [libFuzzer] Handle unstable edges by using minimum hit counts
2018-07-19 kcc [libFuzzer] when -print_coverage=1 is given, print more stats (the number of seeds that hit every given function)
2018-07-19 kcc [libFuzzer] fix the bot (the no-assert build)
2018-07-19 kcc [libFuzzer] first experimental attempt at DFT-based mutations (DFT=data-flow-trace)
2018-07-18 phosek [Fuzzer] Improve crash unwinding on Fuchsia
2018-07-18 dor1s [libFuzzer] Create single template for visiting Inline8bitCounters

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