Roll src/net/third_party/quiche/src/ 4080a8597..8da8f7162 (21 commits) and sync flags.

    $ git log 4080a8597..8da8f7162 --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'
    2019-06-25 bnc Add static_cast<uint8_t> in HpackVarintEncoderTest.
    2019-06-25 bnc Add helpers and use StringPiece in HttpDecoderTest.
    2019-06-24 bnc Implement QuicStreamSequencerBuffer::PeekRegion().
    2019-06-24 bnc Remove test-only HttpDecoder::current_frame_type() accessor.
    2019-06-24 nharper Remove CreateSslCtx argument from QUIC crypto config constructors
    2019-06-24 bnc Do not handle impossible outcomes in HttpDecoder.
    2019-06-24 renjietang Avoid performing pending stream actions after the connection is closed.
    2019-06-24 bnc Clean up HpackVarintEncoder internals.
    2019-06-24 fayang gfe-relnote: In QUIC, replace member variables current* with on stack struct ReceivedPacketInfo in QuicDispatcher. Refactor only, not protected.
    2019-06-24 bnc Clean up HpackVarintEncoder interface.
    2019-06-24 bnc Clean up QpackInstructionEncoder internals.
    2019-06-24 bnc Introduce IovecToStringPiece() in QuicStreamSequencerBufferTest.
    2019-06-24 bnc Add |written_| member to QuicStreamSequencerBufferTest.
    2019-06-24 bnc Clean up PrefetchNextRegion.
    2019-06-24 fayang gfe-relnote: Deprecate gfe2_reloadable_flag_quic_terminate_gquic_connection_as_ietf.
    2019-06-24 fkastenholz Alter QuicConnectionDebugVisitor::OnConnectionClosed to take QuicConnectionCloseFrame
    2019-06-21 bnc Modify QpackInstructionEncoder API.
    2019-06-21 dschinazi Ignore C++ warnings in auto-generated proto headers
    2019-06-21 quiche-dev Add test to ensure that a push promise on a data stream closes the connection.
    2019-06-21 quiche-dev Add test to ensure that a push promise on a control stream closes the connection.
    2019-06-21 fayang gfe-relnote: Deprecate gfe2_reloadable_flag_quic_tolerate_reneging.

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