Revert "Share DWriteFontProxyImpl TaskRunner to DWriteFontLookupTableBuilder"

This reverts commit 0e244ee9ed5d95d8114fd49292e799f1d7f507d4.

Reason for revert: Causes flakiness in FontUniqueNameBrowserTest.ContentLocalFontsMatching

Original change's description:
> Share DWriteFontProxyImpl TaskRunner to DWriteFontLookupTableBuilder
> Preparation for a follow-up CL that actually making queries for the font
> lookup table asynchronous. In that CL, DWriteFontLookupTableBuilder
> needs the task runner to run the Mojo message callback on the same task
> runner on which DWriteFontProxyImpl received it.
> Move scheduling the lookup table construction to
> which is still around the same time in
> startup as before, but makes it much easier to share the same task
> runner.
> Bug: 960263, 889864
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Bug: 960263, 889864
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