Revert "Re-land: [BGPT] Support kDstIn blend-mode for non-render surface quads"

This reverts commit e7db3d02c04baf8012db3220a8ad1541cf62157a.

Reason for revert: caused several regressions.


Original change's description:
> Re-land: [BGPT] Support kDstIn blend-mode for non-render surface quads
> This reverts commit 0d564c1d6a174f313e8c2583351bbc75d57ee5be.
> It is a re-land of the original patch, with a fix to support the
> AA quad rendering path in GLRenderer.
> Bug: 936087
> Change-Id: I1e7d19051d891a20f902704bebf78ca45145751f
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> Commit-Queue: Chris Harrelson <>
> Reviewed-by: enne <>
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Change-Id: I8d85d23362a7c2f69e03c8b7a031aa436b33b40d
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Bug: 936087
Reviewed-by: Chris Harrelson <>
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