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Name: Apache2 (+ PHP)
Short Name: httpd
Version: 2.4.37
Security Critical: no
License: Apache Version 2.0
License File: NOT_SHIPPED
This is a checked-in copy of Apache2 with OpenSSL and PHP for Windows.
It is used by the Blink layout tests.
To update, you'll need to fetch Apache2 and PHP. PHP can be found at Make sure your Apache
binary matches the PHP one and your PHP build is the TS (thread-safe) one. As
of writing, PHP builds against the binaries at
The most recent update used:
To update:
1. Go to the Chromium third_party directory and back up apache-win32,
for example by renaming it as apache-win32.bak.
2. Download Apache2, unpack, and move to "apache-win32". This directory
should contain metadata files and bin/ and modules/ subdirectories.
3. Copy ".gitignore" and "README.chromium" to the new apache-win32 directory.
4. Download PHP and unpack; copy "readme-redist-bins.txt" to your Apache
directory, copy "php*ts.dll" to bin/, and copy "php*apache2_*.dll" to modules/.
5. It might be necessary to copy other DLL files to the directories
where the relevant binaries are present. Update accordingly.
6. Verify that Apache2 works, for example by running "run-blink-httpd"
in the Blink tools directory. Update the win-httpd.conf configuration
file if necessary.
7. Update filenames as necessary and delete files that aren't need for Chromium
8. Copy vsruntime{version}.dll from the corresponding MSVC version to
bin/. (Note VC15/MSVC2017 and VC14/MSVC2015 are both version 140.) See also
Microsoft's documentation:
9. Copy the UCRT DLLs from the Windows SDK. Note this includes both
api-ms-win-*.dll and ucrtbase.dll. See also Microsoft's documentation:
We use the Local Deployment option because some of Chromium's bots do not
include a full install.
10. Upload the executables and DLLs to Google Storage, to the
chromium-apache-win32 bucket. See in order to get
permission to upload. Upload all exe, dll and so binaries, e.g.:
% find apache-win32/bin -name '*.exe' | --bucket chromium-apache-win32 -
% find apache-win32/bin -name '*.dll' | --bucket chromium-apache-win32 -
% find apache-win32/modules -name '*.so' | --bucket chromium-apache-win32 -
% find apache-win32/modules -name '*.dll' | --bucket chromium-apache-win32 -
11. Optionally, prune the files that were uploaded and run gclient runhooks to
verify that they are re-downloaded. Remember to clean up any temp files used
in the above process before uploading a CL. The CL should contain sha1 files
but not actual binaries.