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Name: Oculus SDK for Windows
Short Name: libovr
Version: 1.16.0
License: By exception only
License File: LICENSE
Security Critical: yes
License Android Compatible: no
The Oculus Windows API supports VR headsets from Oculus running on Windows.
Googler update instructions:
third_party\depot_tools\ path\to\file.h -b
Then, commit the modified sha1. Only Googlers have access to this bucket. Be
sure to get OWNER approval before adding new files.
Local Modifications:
Only includes headers and a loader shim.
The directory structure of third_party/libovr/src mirrors the LibOVR folder in
the Oculus SDK for Windows.
Oculus-required attribution in LICENSE.
Removed WINCRYPT32API from OVR_CAPIShim.c in order to build with Clang.
Changed OVR_StereoProjection.h to #include "OVR_Math.h" to solve DEP issue.
Changed OVR_CAPI_Util.h to #include "../OVR_CAPI.h" to solve include issue.
Remove extra semicolons.