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Name: ocmock
Version: 3.1.5
Revision: f03b3cc126edc8d6a2d4466d227fb41a1b2c2a14
License: Apache Version 2.0
License File: NOT_SHIPPED
Security Critical: no
OCMock is an Objective-C implementation of mock objects. If you are unfamiliar
with the concept of mock objects please visit which has more
details and discussions about this approach to testing software.
Local Modifications:
This is only a partial inclusion of the OCMock tree. This only includes
/Source/OCMock because the tests and other files are not necessary for Chromium.
The License.txt and Changes.txt file are also present from /Source.
Chromium can no longer sync to the tip-of-tree because upstream OCMock requires
OS X 10.11.
Chromium adds gtest_support.h/.mm and ocmock_extensions.h/.mm.
Chromium patches in 3e193f3c2d4ea4ada63df54c8ce98e7ea4cf768f to use OCMock with
libc++'s string for return types having vtables.
Chromium patches in c32abcaba428921d8ac12ac98b272ecf8241f9bb and
33aeea46b0912d9f57ff0ee2763f2667ac099acc to allow the use of .andReturn(...)
because our version of clang does not support __builtin_types_compatible_p.
As we are building with Objective-C++, we need to add 'extern "C"' in
OCMFunctions.h to have C linkage.
Chromium patches in a fix for to assume that unnamed types
are equal to named ones (see bug for example of types). This is probably due
to differences between the type embedded by Chromium version of clang and by
the introspection used by Xcode 9 SDK.
Chromium patches in to fix the
comparison of structure representation as strings (again).