BlinkMemoryMgt: Annotate GamepadStateCompareResult and GamepadComparisons with the macros of Allocator

The OnionSoup effort has a goal of allocating all garbage-collectable Blink objects
with Oilpan or PartitionAlloc. However, the some classes of //blink/renderer/modules/gamepad
have not yet been allocated with them so far. So their uses of non-garbage-collected
objects should be restricted to cases where the garbage collector can discover their
references. The macros of Allocator will be useful for the non-garbage-collected objects
to avoid unintended allocations.

After some analyzes, it was concluded that for the case of GamepadStateCompareResult class,
it makes sense to use STACK_ALLOCATED because it has been used only in functions.

In GamepadComparisons class case, it makes sense to use STATIC_ONLY because it only has
static functions.

Bug: 919389
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