[ui_controls] Unflake Send*NotifyWhenDone() on Windows

ui_controls::Send*NotifyWhenDone() can be flaky when invoked after
ui_controls::Send*() as the former can decide to notify based on
observing a yet-to-be-processed event from the latter (or even a
yet-to-be-processed event emitted by unrelated code) and thus notify too
early, resuming and testing conditions that have yet to be met.

Solution: defer the notification if the system queue has pending events
of the same type awaiting dispatch.

Note: mouse move can be repeated indefinitely during a drag, as such we
consider a mouse move complete when it hits the target regardless of
remaining mouse move messages in the queue.

@ BUG OWNERS : This might unflake many currently disabled tests. I've
CC'ed interactive_ui_tests + Windows bugs, please try to re-enable your
test after this CL if you think it might be related.

Bug: 892228, 640996, 897801,893078,876224,875443,873110,852786,850343,848049,846695,840369,798492,756338,751031,665296,651906,499858,468660,419468,238347,131612,106489,97777,92467
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