Complete the screen capture color space plumbing.

Adds all remaining "plumbing" of color space information, throughout the
CopyOutputRequest execution pipeline and the FrameSinkVideoCapturer
pipeline. This ensures the color space being used to draw the original
RenderPass within the compositor is being specified in the metadata for
all result images.

DevTools: Remove a hack from the color picker tool, now that the color
space information for the screen capture frame is being provided.

browser_tests/content_browsertests changes: Multilple browser tests were
fixed as a result of this change revealing pre-existing bugs in the
tests: the web page layout of the color regions, how pixels were being
selected for analysis, and YUV→RGB color space conversion inaccuracies.

Blink layout tests: Rebased a number of layout test expectations, as the
the layout tests utilize the screen capture pipeline. I examined all of
these changed expectations to confirm near 0% change: Meaning that just
a tiny number of pixels in an image were imperceivably different because
of adding the missing color space info.

Bug: 758057, 8510131, 809835, 863103, 884170, 795132
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