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Preference Service User Guide

The Preference Service is no longer an independent service. The implementation was deleted:

Some legacy implementation is still available here to support current usage. It has not been moved to be with the rest of the related preference code in components/prefs.

What are Preferences?

Preferences, also known as “prefs”, are key-value pairs stored by Chrome. Examples include the settings in chrome://settings, all per-extension metadata, the list of plugins and so on. Individual prefs are keyed by a string and have a type. E.g., the “browser.enable_spellchecking” pref stores a boolean indicating whether spell-checking is enabled.

The pref service persists prefs to disk and communicates updates to prefs between services, including Chrome itself. There is a pref service instance per profile (prefs are persisted on a per-profile basis).


The original design doc is here: