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Name: Python-Markdown
Version: 2.6.2
Revision: None
Security Critical: no
License: BSD
License File: NOT_SHIPPED
Python-Markdown is a pure Python parser for Markdown.
//tools/md_browser uses it to provide a local previewer for our
Markdown-based documentation.
This code is not considered security critical since it is only used by
developer utilities. This should never be linked into chrome or any production
To update this, do something roughly along the lines of:
cd ..
wget $URL # A newer version of the above URL
tar xvzf Markdown-$VERSION.tar.gz
cd Markdown-$VERSION
rm -fr bin docs makefile MANIFEST PKG-INFO \ tests tox.ini
cp ../Python-Markdown/README.chromium .
# update the version numbers in README.chromium
cd ..
rm -fr Python-Markdown
mv Markdown-$VERSION Python-Markdown