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Name: Android Platform engineering tools
Short Name: android platform development
Version: unknown
Date: 2014/05/02
Revision: 1b10ec4
License: Apache 2.0
License File: NOT_SHIPPED
Security Critical: no
Android Platform engineering tools, specifically stack symbolization scripts
and a jar containing the AOSP framework to compile the Android WebView
glue layer against. The AOSP framework is built from the Android release tag
after which it is named, and the jar can be built by invoking make on the
android_system_stubs target.
Also includes a ported copy of the Android relocation packing tool source,
along with the files required to build it in the chromium tree.
Local Modifications:
Only picked the few scripts needed by chrome.
The scripts have been modified to better suit Chromium development. Changes
include, but are not limited to, the following:
Added memoization of addr2line and objdump.
Added option to change the amount of symbolization done.
Updated output directories to be set by environment variable or --flags
When calling addr2line, check the symbol is a file that looks like it contains
Added support for parsing LOG(FATAL) and DCHECK errors and their
stack traces, as emitted by src/base/debug/
Added support for finding symbols when library is loaded directly from the APK.
Changed the toolchain to remove references to 4.6 toolchains.
Added support for arch=x64 as an alias to arch=x86_64
Added debug logging and --verbose parameter.
Used fast ELF symbolizer for and tombstones
Used multiprocessing to pre-process logcat before symbolizing it
Added code address adjustment for the debuggerd output from pre-M Android
where relocations are packed.
Added code to capture java stderr for better handling of native->java crashes.
Fixed invalid using decl in logging header debug.h
Android relocation packing tool details:
Copy sources from AOSP bionic/tools/relocation_packer
Remove scripts that regenerate golden test data (not relevant here)
Create a nativehelper/ScopedFd.h to satisfy inclusion from
Create gyp build
Create gn build (currently packer only; no unit tests)
List of bionic changes currently included: