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# Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# Clones the dom-distiller repo, compiles and extracts its javascript Then
# copies that js into the Chromium tree.
# This script requires that ant is installed. It takes an optional parameter
# for which SHA1 to roll to. If left unspecified the script rolls to HEAD.
set -e
dom_distiller_js_path=$(dirname "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}")
[ ! -f $readme_chromium ] && echo "$readme_chromium is not found" && exit 1
curr_gitsha=$(grep 'Version:' $readme_chromium | awk '{print $2}')
rm -rf $tmpdir
mkdir $tmpdir
pushd $tmpdir
git clone
pushd dom-distiller
# The new git SHA1 is HEAD or the first command line parameter.
[[ -z "$1" ]] && gitsha_target="HEAD" || gitsha_target="$1"
new_gitsha=$(git rev-parse --short=10 ${gitsha_target})
git reset --hard ${new_gitsha}
git log --oneline ${curr_gitsha}..${new_gitsha} > $changes
echo -n BUG= > $bugs
# This extracts BUG= lines from the log, extracts the numbers part, removes
# whitespace and deletes empty lines. Then, split on ',', sort, uniquify and
# rejoin. Finally, remove the trailing ',' and concat to $bugs.
git log ${curr_gitsha}..${new_gitsha} \
| grep BUG= \
| sed -e 's/.*BUG=\(.*\)/\1/' -e 's/\s*//g' -e '/^$/d' \
| tr ',' '\n' \
| sort \
| uniq \
| tr '\n' ',' \
| head --bytes=-1 \
>> $bugs
echo >> $bugs # add a newline
ant package
popd # dom-distiller
git clone $tmpdir/dom-distiller-dist
rm -rf $tmpdir/dom-distiller-dist/*
pushd dom-distiller-dist
cp -r $tmpdir/dom-distiller/out/package/* .
git add .
if [[ $(git status --short | wc -l) -ne 0 ]]; then
git commit -a -m "Package for ${new_gitsha}"
git push origin master
# No changes to external repo, but need to check if DEPS refers to same SHA1.
echo "WARNING: There were no changes to the distribution package."
new_dist_gitsha=$(git rev-parse HEAD)
popd # dom-distiller-dist
popd # tmpdir
curr_dist_gitsha=$(grep -e "/external\/\/chromium\/dom-distiller-dist.git" $src_path/DEPS | sed -e "s/.*'\([A-Za-z0-9]\{40\}\)'.*/\1/g")
if [[ "${new_dist_gitsha}" == "${curr_dist_gitsha}" ]]; then
echo "The roll does not include any changes to the dist package. Exiting."
rm -rf $tmpdir
exit 1
cp $tmpdir/dom-distiller/LICENSE $dom_distiller_js_path/
sed -i "s/Version: [0-9a-f]*/Version: ${new_gitsha}/" $readme_chromium
sed -i -e "s/\('\/external\/\/chromium\/dom-distiller-dist.git' + '@' + '\)\([0-9a-f]\+\)'/\1${new_dist_gitsha}'/" $src_path/DEPS
gen_message () {
echo "Roll DOM Distiller JavaScript distribution package"
echo "Diff since last roll:"
echo "${curr_gitsha}...${new_gitsha}"
echo "Picked up changes:"
cat $changes
cat $bugs
gen_message > $message
# Run on the pulled files, but only print the output on
# failures.
$src_path/tools/checklicenses/ third_party/dom_distiller_js > $tmpdir/checklicenses.out || cat $tmpdir/checklicenses.out
git commit -a -F $message
rm -rf $tmpdir