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Name: Dr. Memory
Short Name: drmemory
Version: 1.9.16923
License: LGPL 2.1
License File: NOT_SHIPPED
Security Critical: no
This directory contains a self-extracting 7z file with Dr. Memory
(which is a Memcheck analog with Windows support) to be used
by Chromium Dr. Memory/Windows buildbots and Chromium developers.
More info on using Dr. Memory for testing Chromium can be found here:
To update the Dr. Memory distribution, please do the following steps:
0) Download the latest package from
$ curl -s -o drmemory-windows-sfx.exe
1) Upload the package to Google Storage:
$ --bucket chromium-drmemory drmemory-windows-sfx.exe
This will produce a file drmemory-windows-sfx.exe.sha1 in the current
2) Replace the existing drmemory-windows-sfx.exe.sha1 file with the new
file created by the upload step.
3) Update the README.chromium file's Version field.
4) Commit the sha1 and README.chromium changes locally and upload the CL.
5) Run a trybot job to the bot named "win_drmemory", e.g.:
git cl try -b win_drmemory
6) If the trybot is green, commit the new sha1 file and README.chromium.
If it's red, find out if it's due to broken DrMemory binaries that you just
checked in, or whether the MFYI bot was red at the same revision.
Dr. Memory is hosted at and under LGPL