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Android testing samples
A collection of samples demonstrating different frameworks and techniques for automated testing.
### Espresso Samples
**[BasicSample](** - Basic Espresso sample
**[CustomMatcherSample](** - Shows how to extend Espresso to match the *hint* property of an EditText
**[DataAdapterSample](** - Showcases the `onData()` entry point for Espresso, for lists and AdapterViews
**[IntentsBasicSample](** - Basic usage of `intended()` and `intending()`
**[IntentsAdvancedSample](** - Simulates a user fetching a bitmap using the camera
**[MultiWindowSample](** - Shows how to point Espresso to different windows
**[WebBasicSample](** - Use Espresso-web to interact with WebViews
**[BasicSampleBundled](** - Basic sample for Eclipse and other IDEs
### UiAutomator Sample
**[BasicSample](** - Basic UI Automator sample
### AndroidJUnitRunner Sample
**[AndroidJunitRunnerSample](** - Showcases test annotations, parameterized tests and testsuite creation
### JUnit4 Rules Sample
**All previous samples use ActivityTestRule or IntentsTestRule but there's one specific to ServiceTestRule:
**[BasicSample](** - Simple usage of `ActivityTestRule`
**[IntentsBasicSample](** - Simple usage of `IntentsTestRule`
**[ServiceTestRuleSample](** - Simple usage of `ServiceTestRule`
- Android SDK v23
- Android Build Tools v23
- Android Support Repository rev17
Getting Started
These samples use the Gradle build system. To build a project, enter the project directory and use the `./gradlew assemble` command or use "Import Project" in Android Studio.
- Use `./gradlew connectedAndroidTest` to run the tests on a connected emulator or device.
- Use `./gradlew test` to run the unit test on your local host.
There is a top-level `build.gradle` file if you want to build and test all samples from the root directory. This is mostly helpful to build on a CI (Continuous Integration) server.
Android Testing Support Library
Many of these samples use the ATSL. Visit the [Android Testing Support Library site]( for more information.
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submitting a pull request through GitHub. Please see for more details.
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