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Name: mesa
Version: 9.0.3
License: MIT and LGPL v2
Security Critical: Yes
This directory contains a copy of the Mesa sources with minor
modifications to work in Chromium's build infrastructure.
The license file in this directory is derived from src/docs/license.html
and src/docs/COPYING.
Modifications made:
- Added the file README.chromium (this file)
- Disabled optimizations using #pragma optimize('', off) in the
following files:
- src/src/mesa/main/mipmap.c
- src/src/mesa/main/pack.c
- src/src/mesa/math/m_eval.c
- src/src/mesa/swrast/s_texcombine.c
- Checked in sources normally autogenerated during Mesa's build
process under src/chromium_gensrc.
- Checked in public headers normally autogenerated during Mesa's build
process under include.
- Modified _mesa_add_parameter to not read from uninitialized
- Added typedefs for EGLNative*Type in eglplatform.h, guarded by an
__APPLE__ define
- Modified glsl_strtod in src/glsl/strtod.c to use strtod instead of
strtod_l on Android
- Added an #include for <assert.h> at the top of
- Fix a bug with Multiple Render Targets, see
- #ifdef out inline definitions of math functions that are present in
VS2013's standard library.
- #pragma optimize off around _swrast_write_zoomed_z_span, ICEing on
- Disabled "#pragma export" usage in gl.h and osmesa.h,
- Porting to x64 Android. Remove redefinitions of log2 and log2f.
- Excluded src/mapi/mapi/mapi.{h,c} from the build.
- Backported f8e7aa2827e2bdb1ed238cbdd351be3c8a6e9b12 and
e20a2df4017ab10dd7199936948c6ac809bfacb6 to fix issues with
framebuffer is bound
- Merge
- Merge
- Statically link libstdc++ in chromecast build
- Merge
Regenerated using Linux 3.13.0-63 (Ubuntu 14.04), Flex 2.5.39.