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# Author: Trevor Perrin
# See the LICENSE file for legal information regarding use of this file.
"""PyCrypto AES implementation."""
from .cryptomath import *
from .aes import *
if pycryptoLoaded:
import Crypto.Cipher.AES
def new(key, mode, IV):
return PyCrypto_AES(key, mode, IV)
class PyCrypto_AES(AES):
def __init__(self, key, mode, IV):
AES.__init__(self, key, mode, IV, "pycrypto")
key = bytes(key)
IV = bytes(IV)
self.context =, mode, IV)
def encrypt(self, plaintext):
plaintext = bytes(plaintext)
return bytearray(self.context.encrypt(plaintext))
def decrypt(self, ciphertext):
ciphertext = bytes(ciphertext)
return bytearray(self.context.decrypt(ciphertext))