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# Author: Trevor Perrin
# See the LICENSE file for legal information regarding use of this file.
"""PyCrypto RSA implementation."""
from .cryptomath import *
from .rsakey import *
from .python_rsakey import Python_RSAKey
if pycryptoLoaded:
from Crypto.PublicKey import RSA
class PyCrypto_RSAKey(RSAKey):
def __init__(self, n=0, e=0, d=0, p=0, q=0, dP=0, dQ=0, qInv=0):
if not d:
self.rsa = RSA.construct( (long(n), long(e)) )
self.rsa = RSA.construct( (long(n), long(e), long(d), long(p), long(q)) )
def __getattr__(self, name):
return getattr(self.rsa, name)
def hasPrivateKey(self):
return self.rsa.has_private()
def _rawPrivateKeyOp(self, m):
c = self.rsa.decrypt((m,))
return c
def _rawPublicKeyOp(self, c):
m = self.rsa.encrypt(c, None)[0]
return m
def generate(bits):
key = PyCrypto_RSAKey()
def f(numBytes):
return bytes(getRandomBytes(numBytes))
key.rsa = RSA.generate(bits, f)
return key
generate = staticmethod(generate)