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Name: Webdriver
Short Name: selenium
Version: unknown
Revision: 18456
Security Critical: no
License: Apache 2, MIT and GPL v2
License File: NOT_SHIPPED
WebDriver is a clean, fast framework for automated testing of webapps.
Python bindings and tests for WebDriver pulled in via DEPS.
These atoms are generated by the webdriver team and are to be checked in
manually. The current version was generated from revision
To generate the atoms using the code found in selenium tree:
$ git clone
$ cd selenium
$ git apply <chromium_dir>/src/third_party/webdriver/patch.diff
$ ./go //javascript/chrome-driver:atoms
$ cp build/javascript/chrome-driver/atoms.h \
$ cp build/javascript/chrome-driver/ \
The atoms.h/cc files are only used directly in the chrome version of
webdriver found under the path src/chrome/test/chromedriver.
Local Modifications:
- Applied changes in patch.diff to the selenium tree prior to building the atoms.