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Name: x86inc
Short Name: x264asm abstraction layer
Version: 0
Date: 2011-08-09
Revision: Customized from;a=blob;f=common/x86/x86inc.asm;hb=12f12a268d47b12d9e26f57919c5022e2f234f9d
License: ISC from text in file header. Same text is copied to LICENSE file.
License File: LICENSE
Security Critical: Yes
License Android Compatible: Yes
This file implements an asm abstraction layer that supports multiple calling
conventions, and it is used by the yuv_convert_simd_x86 target in media.
Local Modifications:
Multiple chromium specific modifications have been made to this file. Do a
diff of the current version against the Revision identified, above, to see
the specifics.