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CONSOLE WARNING: The specified value "inputRadioValue" does not conform to the required format, "yyyy-MM-dd".
This test is for RadioNodeList specified at
On success, you will see a series of "PASS" messages, followed by "TEST COMPLETE".
PASS owner.elements.length is 22
PASS radioNodeList.length is 4
PASS radioNodeList[0].value is 'searching'
PASS radioNodeList[1].value is '123'
PASS radioNodeList[2].value is 'inputRadioValue'
PASS radioNodeList[3].value is 'buttonValue'
Changing the input value to check RadioNodeList is live view of FormCollection
PASS radioNodeList[1].value is '456'
Checking value IDL attribute on the RadioNodeList
PASS radioNodeList.value is ""
PASS radioNodeList.value = "inputRadioValue"; radioNodeList[2].checked is true
PASS[2]) is '[object HTMLInputElement]'
PASS radioNodeList[2].type is 'radio'
PASS radioNodeList.value is ""
PASS radioNodeList[2].checked = true; radioNodeList.value is 'inputRadioValue'
Check RadioNodeList is updated after adding a new element
PASS owner.appendChild(newElement); radioNodeList.length is 5
PASS radioNodeList[4].value is 'new element'
Check RadioNodeList is updated after remove an element
PASS owner.removeChild(newElement); radioNodeList.length is 4
PASS radioNodeList[3].value is 'buttonValue'
Check RadioNodeList is updated after adding a new element
PASS container.appendChild(nonSubtreeElement); radioNodeList.length is 5
PASS owner.elements.length is 23
PASS radioNodeList[4].value is 'non subtree element'
Check RadioNodeList is updated after change in id, type and checked state of an element
PASS radioNodeList.length is 5
After changing the id
PASS radioNodeList.length is 4
PASS elementsList[13].checked = false; radioNodeList.value is ""
PASS elementsList[13].checked = true; radioNodeList.value is 'inputRadioValue'
PASS elementsList[13].type = "date"; radioNodeList.value is ''
Check second RadioNodeList is also created properly
PASS radioNodeList2.length is 3
PASS radioNodeList2[0].type is 'text'
PASS radioNodeList2[1].type is 'email'
PASS radioNodeList2[2].type is 'reset'
After changing the id
PASS radioNodeList2.length is 2
Check that object element also reflects in RadioNodeList.
PASS radioNodeList.length is 5
Check that object element does not reflect in RadioNodeList if its owner form is not present.
PASS container.appendChild(nonSubtreeObjectElement); radioNodeList.length is 5
PASS successfullyParsed is true