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// Copyright 2019 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <vector>
struct TabSizeInfo;
// Contains the data necessary to determine the bounds of a tab even while
// it's in the middle of animating between states. Immutable.
class TabAnimationState {
enum class TabOpenness { kOpen, kClosed };
enum class TabPinnedness { kPinned, kUnpinned };
enum class TabActiveness { kActive, kInactive };
// Returns the TabAnimationState that expresses the provided
// ideal tab state. These correspond to the endpoints of animations.
// |open| controls whether the returned TabAnimationState is fully open or
// closed. |pinned| and |active| are analogous. |tab_index_offset| is the
// distance, in tab indices, away from its current model position the tab
// should be drawn at. It may be negative.
static TabAnimationState ForIdealTabState(TabOpenness open,
TabPinnedness pinned,
TabActiveness active,
int tab_index_offset);
// Interpolates from |origin| to |target| by |value|.
// |value| should be in the [0, 1] interval, where 0
// corresponds to |origin| and 1 to |target|.
static TabAnimationState Interpolate(float value,
TabAnimationState origin,
TabAnimationState target);
// The smallest width this tab should ever have.
float GetMinimumWidth(TabSizeInfo tab_size_info) const;
// The width this tab should have at the crossover point between the
// tabstrip's two layout domains. Above this width, inactive tabs have the
// same width as active tabs. Below this width, inactive tabs are smaller
// than active tabs.
float GetLayoutCrossoverWidth(TabSizeInfo tab_size_info) const;
// The width this tab would like to have, if space is available.
float GetPreferredWidth(TabSizeInfo tab_size_info) const;
int GetLeadingEdgeOffset(std::vector<int> tab_widths, int my_index) const;
TabAnimationState(float openness,
float pinnedness,
float activeness,
float normalized_leading_edge_x)
: openness_(openness),
normalized_leading_edge_x_(normalized_leading_edge_x) {}
// All widths are affected by pinnedness and activeness in the same way.
float TransformForPinnednessAndOpenness(TabSizeInfo tab_size_info,
float width) const;
// The degree to which the tab is open. 1 if it is, 0 if it is not, and in
// between if it's in the process of animating between open and closed.
const float openness_;
// The degree to which the tab is pinned. 1 if it is, 0 if it is not, and in
// between if it's in the process of animating between pinned and unpinned.
const float pinnedness_;
// The degree to which the tab is active. 1 if it is, 0 if it is not, and in
// between if it's in the process of animating between active and inactive.
const float activeness_;
// The offset, in number of tab slots, of the tab's bounds relative to the
// space dedicated for it in the tabstrip.
const float normalized_leading_edge_x_;