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// Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef CanvasRenderingContext2DState_h
#define CanvasRenderingContext2DState_h
#include "core/css/CSSFontSelectorClient.h"
#include "modules/canvas2d/ClipList.h"
#include "platform/fonts/Font.h"
#include "platform/transforms/AffineTransform.h"
#include "wtf/Vector.h"
namespace blink {
class CanvasRenderingContext2D;
class CanvasStyle;
class CSSValue;
class Element;
class CanvasRenderingContext2DState final : public GarbageCollectedFinalized<CanvasRenderingContext2DState>, public CSSFontSelectorClient {
static CanvasRenderingContext2DState* create()
return new CanvasRenderingContext2DState;
~CanvasRenderingContext2DState() override;
enum ClipListCopyMode {
enum PaintType {
static CanvasRenderingContext2DState* create(const CanvasRenderingContext2DState& other, ClipListCopyMode mode)
return new CanvasRenderingContext2DState(other, mode);
// CSSFontSelectorClient implementation
void fontsNeedUpdate(CSSFontSelector*) override;
bool hasUnrealizedSaves() const { return m_unrealizedSaveCount; }
void save() { ++m_unrealizedSaveCount; }
void restore() { --m_unrealizedSaveCount; }
void resetUnrealizedSaveCount() { m_unrealizedSaveCount = 0; }
void setLineDash(const Vector<double>&);
const Vector<double>& lineDash() const { return m_lineDash; }
void setShouldAntialias(bool);
bool shouldAntialias() const;
void setLineDashOffset(double);
double lineDashOffset() const { return m_lineDashOffset; }
// setTransform returns true iff transform is invertible;
void setTransform(const AffineTransform&);
void resetTransform();
AffineTransform transform() const { return m_transform; }
bool isTransformInvertible() const { return m_isTransformInvertible; }
void clipPath(const SkPath&, AntiAliasingMode);
bool hasClip() const { return m_hasClip; }
bool hasComplexClip() const { return m_hasComplexClip; }
void playbackClips(SkCanvas* canvas) const { m_clipList.playback(canvas); }
const SkPath& getCurrentClipPath() const { return m_clipList.getCurrentClipPath(); }
void setFont(const Font&, CSSFontSelector*);
const Font& font() const;
bool hasRealizedFont() const { return m_realizedFont; }
void setUnparsedFont(const String& font) { m_unparsedFont = font; }
const String& unparsedFont() const { return m_unparsedFont; }
void setFontForFilter(const Font& font) { m_fontForFilter = font; }
void setFilter(const CSSValue*);
void setUnparsedFilter(const String& filterString) { m_unparsedFilter = filterString; }
const String& unparsedFilter() const { return m_unparsedFilter; }
SkImageFilter* getFilter(Element*, IntSize canvasSize, CanvasRenderingContext2D*) const;
bool hasFilter(Element*, IntSize canvasSize, CanvasRenderingContext2D*) const;
void clearResolvedFilter() const;
void setStrokeStyle(CanvasStyle*);
CanvasStyle* strokeStyle() const { return m_strokeStyle.get(); }
void setFillStyle(CanvasStyle*);
CanvasStyle* fillStyle() const { return m_fillStyle.get(); }
CanvasStyle* style(PaintType) const;
enum Direction {
void setDirection(Direction direction) { m_direction = direction; }
Direction getDirection() const { return m_direction; }
void setTextAlign(TextAlign align) { m_textAlign = align; }
TextAlign getTextAlign() const { return m_textAlign; }
void setTextBaseline(TextBaseline baseline) { m_textBaseline = baseline; }
TextBaseline getTextBaseline() const { return m_textBaseline; }
void setLineWidth(double lineWidth) { m_strokePaint.setStrokeWidth(lineWidth); }
double lineWidth() const { return m_strokePaint.getStrokeWidth(); }
void setLineCap(LineCap lineCap) { m_strokePaint.setStrokeCap(static_cast<SkPaint::Cap>(lineCap)); }
LineCap getLineCap() const { return static_cast<LineCap>(m_strokePaint.getStrokeCap()); }
void setLineJoin(LineJoin lineJoin) { m_strokePaint.setStrokeJoin(static_cast<SkPaint::Join>(lineJoin)); }
LineJoin getLineJoin() const { return static_cast<LineJoin>(m_strokePaint.getStrokeJoin()); }
void setMiterLimit(double miterLimit) { m_strokePaint.setStrokeMiter(miterLimit); }
double miterLimit() const { return m_strokePaint.getStrokeMiter(); }
void setShadowOffsetX(double);
void setShadowOffsetY(double);
const FloatSize& shadowOffset() const { return m_shadowOffset; }
void setShadowBlur(double);
double shadowBlur() const { return m_shadowBlur; }
void setShadowColor(SkColor);
SkColor shadowColor() const { return m_shadowColor; }
void setGlobalAlpha(double);
double globalAlpha() const { return m_globalAlpha; }
void setGlobalComposite(SkXfermode::Mode);
SkXfermode::Mode globalComposite() const;
void setImageSmoothingEnabled(bool);
bool imageSmoothingEnabled() const;
void setImageSmoothingQuality(const String&);
String imageSmoothingQuality() const;
void setUnparsedStrokeColor(const String& color) { m_unparsedStrokeColor = color; }
const String& unparsedStrokeColor() const { return m_unparsedStrokeColor; }
void setUnparsedFillColor(const String& color) { m_unparsedFillColor = color; }
const String& unparsedFillColor() const { return m_unparsedFillColor; }
bool shouldDrawShadows() const;
enum ImageType {
// If paint will not be used for painting a bitmap, set bitmapOpacity to Opaque
const SkPaint* getPaint(PaintType, ShadowMode, ImageType = NoImage) const;
CanvasRenderingContext2DState(const CanvasRenderingContext2DState&, ClipListCopyMode);
void updateLineDash() const;
void updateStrokeStyle() const;
void updateFillStyle() const;
void updateFilterQuality() const;
void updateFilterQualityWithSkFilterQuality(const SkFilterQuality&) const;
void shadowParameterChanged();
SkDrawLooper* emptyDrawLooper() const;
SkDrawLooper* shadowOnlyDrawLooper() const;
SkDrawLooper* shadowAndForegroundDrawLooper() const;
SkImageFilter* shadowOnlyImageFilter() const;
SkImageFilter* shadowAndForegroundImageFilter() const;
unsigned m_unrealizedSaveCount;
String m_unparsedStrokeColor;
String m_unparsedFillColor;
Member<CanvasStyle> m_strokeStyle;
Member<CanvasStyle> m_fillStyle;
mutable SkPaint m_strokePaint;
mutable SkPaint m_fillPaint;
mutable SkPaint m_imagePaint;
FloatSize m_shadowOffset;
double m_shadowBlur;
SkColor m_shadowColor;
mutable RefPtr<SkDrawLooper> m_emptyDrawLooper;
mutable RefPtr<SkDrawLooper> m_shadowOnlyDrawLooper;
mutable RefPtr<SkDrawLooper> m_shadowAndForegroundDrawLooper;
mutable sk_sp<SkImageFilter> m_shadowOnlyImageFilter;
mutable sk_sp<SkImageFilter> m_shadowAndForegroundImageFilter;
double m_globalAlpha;
AffineTransform m_transform;
Vector<double> m_lineDash;
double m_lineDashOffset;
String m_unparsedFont;
Font m_font;
Font m_fontForFilter;
String m_unparsedFilter;
Member<const CSSValue> m_filterValue;
mutable sk_sp<SkImageFilter> m_resolvedFilter;
// Text state.
TextAlign m_textAlign;
TextBaseline m_textBaseline;
Direction m_direction;
bool m_realizedFont : 1;
bool m_isTransformInvertible : 1;
bool m_hasClip : 1;
bool m_hasComplexClip : 1;
mutable bool m_fillStyleDirty : 1;
mutable bool m_strokeStyleDirty : 1;
mutable bool m_lineDashDirty : 1;
bool m_imageSmoothingEnabled;
SkFilterQuality m_imageSmoothingQuality;
ClipList m_clipList;
} // namespace blink