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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef ContentDecryptionModuleResultPromise_h
#define ContentDecryptionModuleResultPromise_h
#include "bindings/core/v8/ScriptPromiseResolver.h"
#include "core/dom/ExceptionCode.h"
#include "platform/ContentDecryptionModuleResult.h"
namespace blink {
ExceptionCode WebCdmExceptionToExceptionCode(
// This class wraps the promise resolver to simplify creation of
// ContentDecryptionModuleResult objects. The default implementations of the
// complete(), completeWithSession(), etc. methods will reject the promise
// with an error. It needs to be subclassed and the appropriate complete()
// method overridden to resolve the promise as needed.
// Subclasses need to keep a Member<> to the object that created them so
// that the creator remains around as long as this promise is pending. This
// promise is not referenced by the object that created it (e.g MediaKeys,
// MediaKeySession, Navigator.requestMediaKeySystemAccess), so this promise
// may be cleaned up before or after it's creator once both become unreachable.
// If it is after, the destruction of the creator may trigger this promise,
// so use isValidToFulfillPromise() to verify that it is safe to fulfill
// the promise.
class ContentDecryptionModuleResultPromise
: public ContentDecryptionModuleResult {
~ContentDecryptionModuleResultPromise() override;
// ContentDecryptionModuleResult implementation.
void complete() override;
void completeWithContentDecryptionModule(
WebContentDecryptionModule*) override;
void completeWithSession(
WebContentDecryptionModuleResult::SessionStatus) override;
void completeWithError(WebContentDecryptionModuleException,
unsigned long systemCode,
const WebString&) override;
// It is only valid to call this before completion.
ScriptPromise promise();
explicit ContentDecryptionModuleResultPromise(ScriptState*);
// Resolves the promise with |value|. Used by subclasses to resolve the
// promise.
template <typename... T>
void resolve(T... value) {
// Rejects the promise with a DOMException.
void reject(ExceptionCode, const String& errorMessage);
ExecutionContext* getExecutionContext() const;
// Determine if it's OK to resolve/reject this promise.
bool isValidToFulfillPromise();
Member<ScriptPromiseResolver> m_resolver;
} // namespace blink
#endif // ContentDecryptionModuleResultPromise_h