Revert "Add fake typed TRACE_EVENT macros for IOS and NACL builds."

This reverts commit 60dfcf2f8893e3fbffddf3a7bad5cc7ce341390e.

Reason for revert:

../../third_party/perfetto/src/protozero/ error: expected '(' for function-style cast or type construction
        MessageHandle<FakeRootMessage> handle(msg);
        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^
../../third_party/perfetto/src/base/test/utils.h:34:30: note: expanded from macro 'EXPECT_DCHECK_DEATH'
1 error generated.

Original change's description:
> Add fake typed TRACE_EVENT macros for IOS and NACL builds.
> This allows users to not care if tracing is supported on their system.
> Bug: 916074
> Change-Id: I69aa8178bb19f1a65186a2aba4f08699b6ba6ee3
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Bug: 916074
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