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# NOTE: Do not use the above owners when you're in a subdirectory that has
# OWNERS file. Prefer these instead as these OWNERS will be more familiar, and
# to load balance. Only use the above for subdirectories when doing refactorings
# that touch all the platforms.
# This is for the common case of adding or renaming files. If you're doing
# structural changes, use usual OWNERS rules.
per-file tab_helpers.*
# Instant/Search files.
per-file browser_instant_controller*=file://chrome/browser/search/OWNERS
# Signin and avatars.
per-file avatar_*=file://components/signin/OWNERS
per-file signin_*=file://components/signin/OWNERS
per-file settings_window_manager*chromeos*=file://chrome/browser/ui/ash/OWNERS