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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "chrome/browser/ui/profile_chooser_constants.h"
#include "url/gurl.h"
class Browser;
class SigninViewControllerDelegate;
namespace content {
class WebContents;
namespace login_ui_test_utils {
class SigninViewControllerTestUtil;
namespace signin_metrics {
enum class AccessPoint;
enum class PromoAction;
enum class Reason;
} // namespace signin_metrics
// Class responsible for showing and hiding all sign-in related UIs
// (modal sign-in, DICE full-tab sign-in page, sync confirmation dialog, sign-in
// error dialog).
// This is only used on desktop platforms, not used on Android and ChromeOS.
class SigninViewController {
virtual ~SigninViewController();
// Returns true if the signin flow should be shown for |mode|.
static bool ShouldShowSigninForMode(profiles::BubbleViewMode mode);
// Shows the signin attached to |browser|'s active web contents.
// |access_point| indicates the access point used to open the Gaia sign in
// page.
// DEPRECATED: Use ShowDiceEnableSyncTab instead.
void ShowSignin(profiles::BubbleViewMode mode,
Browser* browser,
signin_metrics::AccessPoint access_point,
const GURL& redirect_url = GURL::EmptyGURL());
// Shows a Chrome Sync signin tab. |email_hint| may be empty.
// Note: If the user has already set a primary account, then this is
// considered a reauth of the primary account, and |email_hint| is ignored.
void ShowDiceEnableSyncTab(Browser* browser,
signin_metrics::AccessPoint access_point,
signin_metrics::PromoAction promo_action,
const std::string& email_hint);
// Shows the Dice "add account" tab, which adds an account to the browser but
// does not turn sync on. |email_hint| may be empty.
void ShowDiceAddAccountTab(Browser* browser,
signin_metrics::AccessPoint access_point,
const std::string& email_hint);
// Shows the modal sync confirmation dialog as a browser-modal dialog on top
// of the |browser|'s window.
void ShowModalSyncConfirmationDialog(Browser* browser);
// Shows the modal sign-in error dialog as a browser-modal dialog on top of
// the |browser|'s window.
void ShowModalSigninErrorDialog(Browser* browser);
// Returns true if the modal dialog is shown.
bool ShowsModalDialog();
// Closes the tab-modal signin flow previously shown using this
// SigninViewController, if one exists. Does nothing otherwise.
void CloseModalSignin();
// Sets the height of the modal signin dialog.
void SetModalSigninHeight(int height);
// Notifies this object that it's |delegate_| member has become invalid.
void ResetModalSigninDelegate();
// Shows the DICE-specific sign-in flow: opens a Gaia sign-in webpage in a new
// tab attached to |browser|. |email_hint| may be empty.
void ShowDiceSigninTab(Browser* browser,
signin_metrics::Reason signin_reason,
signin_metrics::AccessPoint access_point,
signin_metrics::PromoAction promo_action,
const std::string& email_hint,
const GURL& redirect_url = GURL::EmptyGURL());
friend class login_ui_test_utils::SigninViewControllerTestUtil;
// Returns the web contents of the modal dialog.
content::WebContents* GetModalDialogWebContentsForTesting();
SigninViewControllerDelegate* delegate_;