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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include "base/values.h"
// Class used to store common test data used to validate the functioning of the
// credential provider sign in dialog. This class stores the expected login
// complte information that the dialog is supposed to received from the gaia
// sign in as well as the expected values for any additional token / info
// fetches needed to complete the sign in using the credential provider.
// On a successful sign in result, we expect the final json result to match
// the json result generated from the internal expected_success_result_
// value.
class CredentialProviderSigninDialogTestDataStorage {
static base::Value MakeSignInResponseValue(
const std::string& id = std::string(),
const std::string& password = std::string(),
const std::string& email = std::string(),
const std::string& access_token = std::string(),
const std::string& refresh_token = std::string());
base::Value MakeValidSignInResponseValue() const;
void SetSigninPassword(const std::string& password);
std::string GetSuccessId() const {
return expected_success_signin_result_.FindKey("id")->GetString();
std::string GetSuccessPassword() const {
return expected_success_signin_result_.FindKey("password")->GetString();
std::string GetSuccessEmail() const {
return expected_success_signin_result_.FindKey("email")->GetString();
std::string GetSuccessAccessToken() const {
return expected_success_signin_result_.FindKey("access_token")->GetString();
std::string GetSuccessRefreshToken() const {
return expected_success_signin_result_.FindKey("refresh_token")
std::string GetSuccessTokenHandle() const {
return expected_success_fetch_result_.FindKey("token_handle")->GetString();
std::string GetSuccessMdmIdToken() const {
return expected_success_fetch_result_.FindKey("mdm_id_token")->GetString();
std::string GetSuccessFullName() const {
return expected_success_fetch_result_.FindKey("full_name")->GetString();
const base::Value& expected_signin_result() const {
return expected_success_signin_result_;
const base::Value& expected_success_fetch_result() const {
return expected_success_fetch_result_;
const base::Value& expected_full_result() const {
return expected_success_full_result_;
bool EqualsSuccessfulSigninResult(const base::Value& result_value) const {
return EqualsEncodedValue(expected_signin_result(), result_value);
bool EqualsSccessfulFetchResult(const base::Value& result_value) const {
return EqualsEncodedValue(expected_success_fetch_result(), result_value);
std::string GetSuccessfulSigninResult() const;
std::string GetSuccessfulSigninTokenFetchResult() const;
std::string GetSuccessfulMdmTokenFetchResult() const;
std::string GetSuccessfulTokenInfoFetchResult() const;
std::string GetSuccessfulUserInfoFetchResult() const;
static const char kInvalidTokenInfoResponse[];
static const char kInvalidUserInfoResponse[];
static const char kInvalidTokenFetchResponse[];
static const char kInvalidEmailForSignin[];
bool EqualsEncodedValue(const base::Value& success_value,
const base::Value& result_value) const {
return result_value == success_value;
// An expected successful result from chrome://inline-signin.
base::Value expected_success_signin_result_;
// An expected successful result from oauth2 fetches for user info, token
// handle, and id token.
base::Value expected_success_fetch_result_;
// An expected successful full result sent to the credential provider from
// GLS.
base::Value expected_success_full_result_;